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‘Saints and Shrines of Lough Corrib’

Pamphlets ‘Saints and Shrines of Lough Corrib’, Parts 1 and 2, by Fr. Browne, ‘Irish Messenger’ Series.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Biographical information Fr John Ffrench SJ

  • IE IJA J/148/1
  • File
  • 6 February 1854 - 31 May 1878; 20 September 1983
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Biographical information Fr John Ffrench SJ which includes 'A few particulars relative to the Hon. and Rev. John Ffrench SJ', Dolllard, Printinghouse, Dublin (1887), 'Memoirs of Father Ffrench of the Society of Jesus', Manresa Press, Roehampton (1898) and copy of a letter from Fr Ffrench, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly to Mother Ursula Querk, Ursuline Convent, St Joseph's, Sligo concerning his nephew's accident and his cure due to the intercession of (6 February 1854, 4pp), with note from Sr. M. St. Dominic, Ursuline Convent, St Joseph's, Sligo (20 September 1983).

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ

Biographical information on Fr Michael Bergin SJ, M.C., (Province of Lyons) chaplain to Australian forces. Includes:
– extract on Fr Michael Bergin SJ from the Australian Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 7, p.274 (n.d., 1p.);
– pamphlet entitled A Happy Warrior: Being a Sketch of the Life of Father M. Bergin SJ by Patrick J. Gannon SJ (1934, 2 copies, 19pp each);
– letter from Mr Graham Wilson (late of the Australian army) to Fr Stephen Redmond SJ (Assistant Archivist to the Irish Province) on Fr Michael Bergin’s military career and death in action on 12 October 1917, enclosing photocopy of a colour photograph of his grave (25 June 1996, 2 items);
– article on Fr Michael Bergin SJ entitled ‘Trooper Bergin SJ’ by Graham Wilson and Joe Crumlin (1997, 28pp);
– photocopy of obituary and photograph of Fr Bergin from the Irish Press (3 April 1933, 1p.);
– letters from various French and Syrian Jesuits on Fr Bergin and letter from Fr Bergin’s cousin Michael S. Bergin (solicitor) to Fr Farley SJ following his visit to Fr Bergin’s grave. Encloses photograph of grave (23 June 1923, 2 items);
– ‘A son of St. Patrick: memoir of Fr Michael Bergin SJ’ 1933 by Sister Sophie (his sister);
– exhibition curated by the Irish Jesuit Archives on Fr Michael Bergin SJ at Roscrea Library, Tipperary (October 2017) with invite and exhibition panels (by Alan Dunne); comment book; newspaper and website articles; details of Fancroft Mill and Gardens, Roscrea;
– copies of letters sent by Elaine O'Doherty (great grand-niece of Fr Michael Bergin SJ) found in the family’s possession (2017). Note from Fr Michael Bergin SJ to Lill (6 October 1917);
– copy of letter from Senior Australian Chaplain to Sister Madeline Sophie (15 November 1917) and a letter from Fr John Delaney SJ to Sister Madeline Sophie (December 1917).

Gannon, Patrick J, 1879-1953, Jesuit priest

'Conor O'Mahony SJ 1594 – 1656, Separatist' by Francis Finegan SJ

Pamphlet entitled 'Conor O'Mahony SJ 1594 - 1656, Separatist' Paper read at the Easter meeting of the Irish Catholic Historical Committee on 9 April 1970 by Fr Francis Finegan SJ (9pp) and draft typescript of the same paper entitled 'Conor O'Mahony SJ and the Stuart Alliance 1645', on the life of Fr O'Mahony and his book advocating the total separation of Ireland from Britain, 'Disputatio Apologetica, de iure Regni Hiberniae pro Catholicis Hiberniae adversus haereticos Anglos. Auctore C.M. Hiberno, Artium et Sacrae Theologiae Magistro. Accessit eiusdem auctoris ad eosdem Catholicos exhortatio' (1645).

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club Rule book

Details the history and rules of the club and has photograph of clubhouse on the front and back covers. St Ignatius Rowing Club was located to the right of the Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club and they used to borrow boats in the past.

Documents relating to Fr John Gwynn’s service as a chaplain

Documents relating to Fr John Gwynn’s service as a chaplain attached to the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards, B.E.F., France. Includes:
– letters written by Fr John Gwynn volunteering to be a chaplain (23 August – 8 November 1914, 2 items);
– documentation dealing with Fr Gwynn’s appointment as a military chaplain (9 November 1914 – 16 March 1915, 9 items) including the certificate appointing him chaplain to the Forces, 4th Class, Land Forces, (Temporary) (16 March 1915, 1p.);
– certificate of safe conduct with attached photo of Fr Gwynn (4 July 1915, 1p.);
– letters and notes sent to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ (n.d., 3 items);
– official letters sent to the Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ following Fr Gwynn’s death in action on 12 October 1915 (11 October 1915 – 19 September 1921, 23 items);
– pamphlet 'A Great Irish Chaplain: Father John Gwynn, S.J.' by John Bithrey SJ (n.d., 20pp);

  • material on centenary of Fr Gwynn's death - the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton celebrated Mass at the Sacred Heart Church, Caterham, Surrey, England where the Irish Guards have erected a tablet in Fr Gwynn’s memory (11 October 2015).

Gwynn, John, 1866-1915, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Irish Jesuits in Foreign Missions From 1574 to 1773

Pamphlet entitled 'Irish Jesuits in Foreign Missions From 1574 to 1773' by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 14pp) and typescript of same, consisting of brief biographical sketches of the following 41 Irish Jesuits:

Thomas Field (1549 – 1626);
Richard Cary or Carew (1619 – 1696);
Ruperto de Campos (Robert Field) (1637 – 1712);
Thomas Lynch (1685 – 1761);
William Lynch (1712 – 1774);

John William Butler (1703 – ?);

James Grace (1644 – 1673);
Francis Skerret (1683 – 1721);
James Alyward (17?? – 17??)

Michael Wadding (1586 – 1644);
John Vasquez (1631 – 16?);
Stephen Font (de la Fuente) (1631 – 1673);
Cornelius Guillereag (MacGiolla Riabhaigh) (1635 – 1671);
John Munoz (Muñoz de Burgos) (1645 – 1700);
Thomas Butler (1722 – 1790);
Thomas Arsdekin (1721 – 1767);
Joseph Arsdekin (1743 – 1788);

Nuevo Reino:
Francis Lea (1605 – 1675);
Ruperto de Acuna (Kyne?) (1620 – 1675);
Thomas Lewis (1648 – 1721);

Thomas Field (1549 – 1626);
Thomas Browne (1656 – 1717);
William Leny or de Leny (Delaney?) (1692 – 1769);
Thaddeus Enis (? – 1769);
Andrew Stritch (17? – 1773);
Thomas William Browne (? – ?);
Ignatius Walter (1625 – 1672);
Maurice Ophelan (1693 – 1772);
Michael Lynch (1701 – 17??);
John Brand (1712 – 17(62));
James Woulfe (1724 – 1783);

Philippine Islands:
John Baptist (1581 – 1630);
Francis O'Driscoll (1630 – 1682);
Richard O'Callaghan (1728 – 1807);
Charles O’Dwyer (1729 – 1772);

West Indies:
John Stritch (1616 – 1681);
John O'Daly (1663 – 1738);
James Galway (1655 – 1732);
Roger(?) Maguire (Louis de Magloire) (1701 – 17??) and
Philip O'Reilly (1719 – 1775).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

'Is One Religion As Good As Another?'

Pamphlet 'Is One Religion As Good As Another?' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Series, Dublin. ‘10th Edition – 80th Thousand’.

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ, on Dublin Jesuits and their activities from 1592 to 1800 [1910]-[1950] (180pp);
  • typescript extract from the 1766 South Dublin Religious Census (5pp);
  • photocopies of newspaper articles on Jesuits in Dublin (18[ ], 1961, 1962, 3pp);
  • copy of John Speed’s plan of Dublin, 1610, showing Back Lane (Jesuit residence in the 1620s) (1p.);
  • booklet 'The Jesuits in Dublin, or Brief Biographical Sketches of those Deceased Members of the Society of Jesus, who were Born or who Laboured in the Irish Metropolis; with an Account of the Parish of St Michan, their Ancient Residence' by William J Battersby (John Fowler, 3 Crow Street, Dame Street, Dublin, 1854) (124pp);
  • pamphlet 'The Parish of St Michan' by Very Rev. Myles Ronan, (Dollard, Printinghouse Ltd., Dublin, 19[48]). Presented to Fr Charles Scantlebury SJ by the author. (c.30pp);
  • booklet 'The History of the Roman Catholic Church and Parish of St Michan, Dublin' (Office of ‘The Irish Builder’, Dublin, 1892). Includes references to Jesuits, p.19 - 23 and p.27 - 29 (34pp);
  • reprint from 'Archivium Hibernicum', Vol. XXIV, 1970, entitled 'Letters from a Jesuit in Dublin on the Confraternity of the Holy Name, 1747 - 1748 (Documents from the archives of the Irish College, Rome)', edited by Hugh Fenning, O.P., p.133 - 154 (22pp);
  • extract from 'Reportorium Novum' entitled 'The Jesuits in Dublin (1660 - 1760)' by Fr Francis Finegan SJ, p.43 – 100 (58pp);
  • extracts from 'Interfuse', No. 18, Christmas 1981 and No. 19, February 1982, entitled 'Old Dublin S.J.' and 'Jesuit Dublin' by Eddie O'Donnell, on the various Old Society Jesuit residences in Dublin (2 items, both 11pp) and
  • pamphlet 'Roman Catholic Chapels in Dublin AD 1749' with an introduction by Most Rev. N. Donnelly, Bishop of Canea, (Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, Dublin, 1907) (40pp).

Pamphlet containing letters of Fr Edward Masterson SJ

Pamphlet containing letters of Fr Edward Masterson SJ entitled 'The Catholic Protest, Letters by the Rev. E. Masterson SJ on Lying and Mental Restriction in reply to Accusations made by "The Evangelical Council of New South Wales" ',25 February 1901, St Ignatius' College, Riverview, Sydney, Australia an printed in 1931 by 'The Athlone Printing Works Co., Ltd. Athlone.

Masterson, Edward, 1856-1935, Jesuit priest

Pamphlet entitled 'Freedom of Education under the French Republic'

Pamphlet entitled 'Freedom of Education under the French Republic. The Principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Applied to the School' by Fr Thomas A. Finlay SJ. Reprinted from the Month and Catholic Review, with note on cover ‘Kept by E. Hogan, SJ’

Finlay, Thomas A, 1848-1940, Jesuit priest and economist

Red Cross, Irish Civil War and Eoin Mac Neill

File of material found in envelope, entitled Free State papers:

  • copy of a page from The Freeman’s Journal (12 April 1922);

  • newspaper clipping, Bulletin, L’Etat libre d’Irlande (written in French) (9 December 1922);

  • copy of a note from the Red Cross secretary Champain, London (on behalf of Sir Arthur Stanley), acknowledging receipt of your letter (3 December) and in reply ‘I am directed to say…My Society feels that it cannot at the moment take any action in the matter’ on the subject of the treatment of civilians in Ireland (13 December 1922);

  • letters from Madame Chaponniére-Chaix, ex-President, International Council of Woman, Geneva, Switzerland (16 December 1922-26 January 1923) to ‘My dear President’ (of International Council of Woman, Lady Aberdeen, Aboyne, Scotland). The first letter (written in French) comments on the potential for a Red Cross mission to Ireland (16 December 1922). The second letter (written in English), refers to a letter received from Miss O’ Brennan, through the Peace and Freedom League, regarding a visit from the Police at Dr Lynn’s Hospital and the arrest of Miss Mary Comerford. Madame Chaponniére-Chaix doesn’t believe that the time is right for a Red Cross mission to Ireland (26 January 1923);

  • copy of note ‘Projet Hayes Humanity Dublin’ which refers to Madame Chaponniére-Chaix and the establishment of the Red Cross in Ireland (In French), (nd.);

  • leaflet entitled ‘The extreme penalty’ which details the words of Mr Eamon Aylward in relation to his involvement in disturbances in Kilkenny "The extreme penalty”: Mr. Eamon Aylward, in the document with his signature attached which has been found upon an irregular captured by the Kilkenny force, has lighted up, as by a lightning flash, the criminality of the militarist attack upon the people...but that such an order could be issued by a man blaspheming the honourable name of Irish Republican will reveal to the people the tyranny that they have escaped (1922);

  • letter from Richard Mulcahy, Commander-in-Chief, Oglaigh na hEireann, Dublin to Miss Margaret MacNeill, Industrial Schools Office, Government Buildings apologising for keeping ‘those papers so long’ and ‘that the Red Cross people have been suitable replied to’ (25 January 1923);

  • pamphlets to the electors of the National University recommending the candidates Eoin Mac Neill and Patrick McGilligan [1927];

  • handwritten notes on the resignation Eoin Mac Neill from the boundary commission and events surrounding his candidacy for the university election of 1927;

Freeman's Journal, newspaper, 1763-1924

'Sources for the History of the Irish College, Rome'

Article by Rev. John Hanly published in the Proceedings of the Irish Catholic Historical Committee entitled 'Sources for the History of the Irish College, Rome', read at the Conferecne on Diocesan and Local History, Ester 1963, and reprinted from the Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

Hanly, John J., -2016, priest and historian

'The Church and Anti-Clericalism'

Pamphlet entitled 'The Church and Anti-Clericalism' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Social Action Series No. 16, Dublin. Two editions: 1st edition (n.d., 16pp) and 2nd edition (1919, 16pp).

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

'The Church and her marriage laws'

Pamphlet ''The Church and her marriage laws'' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Series, Dublin.

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

'The Church and secular education'

Pamphlet 'The Church and secular education' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Series, Dublin.

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian