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Beadle's journal for St Mary's, Emo

Beadle's journal for St Mary's, Emo. The Beadle was the head novice and kept a record of the daily activities of the novices. The Beadle was normally appointed for a three month period. A list of beadles is given on inside page. In the English Province the Beadle was known as the Novice's Porter.

Copy of 'The Irish Monthly’

Copy of ‘The Irish Monthly’, No. 174, Vol. XV,December 1887 published by M.H Gill & Son, with insert pp716-717 - letter from R M Levey, Violet Hill, Vico Road, Dalkey, Dublin to Dr Francis Cruise refering to Cruise's book on 'Thomas A Kempis' (14 May 1895), reviewed in said issue of ‘The Irish Monthly’. Dr Cruise name wriiten on front of ‘The Irish Monthly’.

Ministers' Journals for St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks with handwritten entries. Each journal covers a period of between 7 and 15 years.
(1) 1902 - 05; 1920 - 1924; 1932 - 1933
(2) 13 November 1904 - 28 December 1906 (Includes in same volume handwritten accounts from 2 January 1907-30 September 1911)
(3) September 1933 - March 1959
(4) July 1959 - April 1965
(5) 1 May 1965 - 31 December 1969
(6) January 1970 - 1983

The entries relate to Church, community and school matters and events. The comings and goings of various members of the community are recorded, as is their state of health. Visits by bishops, the Father Provincial and other guests are also reported. Arrangements regarding meals and the consumption of alcohol (wine and punch) are dealt with extensively, and references to the ‘Long Table’ appear often. There are also references to the cost of provisions, including food and cigarettes and the weather. Building work, maintenance and repairs are recorded. Monies received for masses and donations are recorded. Many entries relate to feast days and special periods in the Church calendar, e.g. Holy Week and Christmas, and include information such as arrangements made for Masses, other ceremonies and confessions for the public and the community. In relation to the school, entries cover term dates, timetables, holidays, half days, examinations and results, retreats, school tours, sports fixtures and results, sports days theatricals, concerts, debates, sodalities etc. Of the many insertions in these journals, some are glued in and some are loose, and they relate to, amongst other subjects, distribution of holy communion, timetables for the celebration of Mass, novenas, Holy Week arrangements, concert programmes etc. Contemporary national and worldwide events are sometimes reported, e.g., ‘assassination of President Kennedy at about 6.30 p.m Irish time. World stunned’ and ‘British soldiers shot thirteen people at Civil Rights march in Derry. Sharp reaction’. Includes list of students 1919 - 1920; 1920 - 1921

Photocopy of novice journal which mentions Fr Hopkins at Loyola House, Dromore, County Down

  • IE IJA J/11/60
  • Item
  • 15 & 26 September 1887
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Photocopy of pages from the Novice Journal (Beadle) at Tullabeg (IE IJA FM/TULL/55, early part of journal; deals with Loyola House, Dromore, County Down), which references the arrival at Dromore of Fr Hopkins ‘from Dublin to make his Retreat’ (15 September) and ‘Rev[eren]d Fr Rector came to evening recreation accompanied by Fr Hopkins whom he introduced to the Novices (26 September).