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Booklet entitled “Fr. Willie”

Booklet entitled “Fr. Willie”; part of the Irish Messenger series. Subtitled ‘His world-wide appeal and favours attributed to his intercession’. Contains a short reflection on his life and a list of reports from around the world of how Fr Doyle’s intercession, when invoked, benefited those who sought it.

Irish Messenger Office, 1888-

Booklets by Fr Albert Power SJ

Booklets entitled 'Problems which Christ alone can solve: IV The flame of passion V. The tyranny of pain' (1925); 'The Inspiration of the Bible' (1945) and ‘The Great Quest and Other Papers’ by Fr Albert Power SJ.

Power, Albert, 1870-1948, Jesuit priest

Coláiste Iognáid Booklet - Deed of Covenant

Leaflet outlining the history and developments of the Jesuits in Galway and of Coláiste Iognáid, with a request and information for parental funding in the form of a direct cash gift or deed of covenant. Includes details of covenant benefits, sketch map of school are and proposed development programme.

Correspondence between Jesuits in Nothern Rhodesia and the Irish Fr Provincial during the year 1962

A file of letters written during the year 1962 relating to the Chikuni Mission, Northern Rhodesia.

  • Includes a letter from Fr Patrick Cummins SJ, Mater Dei Church, Box 11, Kalomo, Northern Rhodesia to Irish Fr Provincial Charles O'Conor SJ concerning the ongoing difficulty in choosing an Ecclesiastical Superior (4 January 1962, 2pp).
  • Includes a letter from Fr Daniel Meagher SJ, Superior of the Mission, Kasiya Mission, PO Box 54, Pemba to Irish Fr Provincial (Fr. expressing his delight at the appointment of the Ecclesiastical Superior - Fr James Corboy SJ (consecrated on 24 June 1962) (2 May 1962, 2pp).
  • Includes a souvenir booklet of the consecration of the Right Reverend James Corboy SJ at Chikuni (24 June 1962, 1 item).
  • Includes an extract from a letter written by Irish Fr Provincial Charles O'Conor SJ on the occasion of the consecration of Bishop Corboy (26 June 1962, 1p).

Kozłowiecki, Adam, 1911-2007, Archbishop of Lusaka

Extracts from the booklet 'The Irish College Rome'

Photocopies of extracts from the booklet 'The Irish College Rome' (The Irish Heritage Series: 64, 1989) showing a map of the college's various locations and a list of Rectors (1628 to the present day). Note: The college was under the control of the Society of Jesus from 1635 - 1773.

Hanly, John J., -2016, priest and historian

'Irish Jesuits Among the Mild Batonga'

Booklet entitled 'Irish Jesuits Among the Mild Batonga' by Rev Joseph McSweeney SJ published by the Irish Messenger Office.

McSweeney, Joseph, 1909-1982, Jesuit priest, chaplian and missioner

'Irish Jesuits in Northern Rhodesia'

Booklet entitled 'Irish Jesuits in Northern Rhodesia' by Rev Joseph McSweeney SJ published by the Irish Messenger Office.

McSweeney, Joseph, 1909-1982, Jesuit priest, chaplian and missioner

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ, on Dublin Jesuits and their activities from 1592 to 1800 [1910]-[1950] (180pp);
  • typescript extract from the 1766 South Dublin Religious Census (5pp);
  • photocopies of newspaper articles on Jesuits in Dublin (18[ ], 1961, 1962, 3pp);
  • copy of John Speed’s plan of Dublin, 1610, showing Back Lane (Jesuit residence in the 1620s) (1p.);
  • booklet 'The Jesuits in Dublin, or Brief Biographical Sketches of those Deceased Members of the Society of Jesus, who were Born or who Laboured in the Irish Metropolis; with an Account of the Parish of St Michan, their Ancient Residence' by William J Battersby (John Fowler, 3 Crow Street, Dame Street, Dublin, 1854) (124pp);
  • pamphlet 'The Parish of St Michan' by Very Rev. Myles Ronan, (Dollard, Printinghouse Ltd., Dublin, 19[48]). Presented to Fr Charles Scantlebury SJ by the author. (c.30pp);
  • booklet 'The History of the Roman Catholic Church and Parish of St Michan, Dublin' (Office of ‘The Irish Builder’, Dublin, 1892). Includes references to Jesuits, p.19 - 23 and p.27 - 29 (34pp);
  • reprint from 'Archivium Hibernicum', Vol. XXIV, 1970, entitled 'Letters from a Jesuit in Dublin on the Confraternity of the Holy Name, 1747 - 1748 (Documents from the archives of the Irish College, Rome)', edited by Hugh Fenning, O.P., p.133 - 154 (22pp);
  • extract from 'Reportorium Novum' entitled 'The Jesuits in Dublin (1660 - 1760)' by Fr Francis Finegan SJ, p.43 – 100 (58pp);
  • extracts from 'Interfuse', No. 18, Christmas 1981 and No. 19, February 1982, entitled 'Old Dublin S.J.' and 'Jesuit Dublin' by Eddie O'Donnell, on the various Old Society Jesuit residences in Dublin (2 items, both 11pp) and
  • pamphlet 'Roman Catholic Chapels in Dublin AD 1749' with an introduction by Most Rev. N. Donnelly, Bishop of Canea, (Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, Dublin, 1907) (40pp).

Miscellaneous items belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ

Miscellaneous items belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ. Includes:

  • photograph (8½cm x 13½cm) of Fr Michael Morrison SJ, (1945-1955);
  • group photograph (8½cm x 6cm) of Jesuits including: back, l-r, Michael O’Grady, [Frank Finegan], Michael Morrison, J. Kelly, Maurice Dowling, Conal Murphy, Sydney Lennon. Front, l-r: Perrott, John McAvoy and Michael O'Meara;
  • pouch containing various documents belonging to Fr Michael Morrison SJ such as: British Forces Identification Card (with photograph); Chaplains’ Identification Cards; Officer’s Ration Card; War Department Driving Permit; British Red Cross Identity Certificate; travel permit, ‘Authorisation for Travel To and From Eire by Personnel During Release Leave’; Services Clothing Coupon Sheet; details of his eyesight from Davidson & Regenstreif ‘Ophthalmic Opticians’ in Cairo and ‘Most Secret’ list of ‘Unit Vehicle Numbers’ of the First Armoured Division (194[1]-194[6], 12 items);
  • leather cover (9cm x 14½cm) for the identity card of Fr Michael Morrison SJ;
  • ‘Field Service Pocket Book. Part I – Pamphlet No. 13. Discipline, Office Work, Pay, and Burial Parties’ (June 1943, 25pp);
  • booklet entitled ‘Infantry Training. Part I – The Infantry Battalion' (1943, 54pp);
  • booklet entitled ‘Memorandum for Catholic Army Chaplains and Officiating Chaplains to the Forces’. With annotations by Fr Morrison (1941, 59pp);
  • signed photograph (10cm x 7cm) of five girls/woman, dated ‘Belsen 24-8-45’ [24 August 1945], [Eva Nuosnovicz], Geūia Freūkiel, with my friendship [Feuier], Best regards from Cecilia, Best wishes [ ]';
  • typescript account of the ‘Chaplains’ Work in Belsen’ by Fr Michael Morrison SJ (1947, 3pp);
  • illustrated booklet ‘The Story of Belsen’ written by Captain Andrew Pares, Adjutant of the 113 L.A.A. Regiment, R.A. (D.L.I.) T.A.. (Cover is detached) (n.d., 12pp);
  • medals belonging Fr Michael Morrison SJ. Includes ‘The 1939-1945 Star’; ‘The France and Germany Star’; ‘The Africa Star’; ‘The Defence Medal’ and a medal for serving from ‘1939-1945’. Includes original box in which the medals were sent to Fr Morrison in Australia in March 1950 by the War Office (6 items, 1950) and
  • file relating to the exhibition in Belvedere College of two cases of material from the Fr Michael Morrison SJ collection as part of a commemoration ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. Includes a copy of the labels used for the exhibition, a programme of events for the commemoration ceremony and copies of photographic slides taken from the Imperial War Museum of Belsen concentration camp (April 2005, 5 items).

Morrison, Michael, 1908-1973, Jesuit priest and chaplain

'Our Australian Missions', 1886 & 1898

Copies of a publication entitled 'Our Australian Missions', 31 July 1896 (2 copies) and 1 September 1898

Australian Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1931-

'Scruples and their Treatment'

Booklet 'Scruples and their Treatment' (Adapted from the French). Found among the papers of the late Fr Wm. Doyle, S.J. ‘Irish Messenger’ Series, ‘5th Edition – 50th Thousand’ (1932) and ‘9th Edition – 90th Thousand’ (1943).

Doyle, Willie, 1873-1917, Jesuit priest and chaplain

'The Day Before Yesterday - Father Browne’s Dublin

Invitation and booklet on an exhibition entitled, 'The Day Before Yesterday - Father Browne’s Dublin, 1922-1949', curated by Peter Walsh, at the Guinness Hop Store, Dublin. Includes catalogue to 174 photographs exhibited. 'The Day Before Yesterday' became a six-part series which traced the origins of the Irish state through the photographs of Fr Browne. It was made by Promedia for RTÉ Television. The first episode was broadcast on 6 April 1994.

Guinness, 1759-