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‘Map of St. Patrick’s Chapel’, Galway

The area of the map which illustrates the chapel is bordered by a red line: ‘Contents Stat[u]t[e] Measure, 0 a[cres[ 1 r[ood] 6 p[erches]. Written on the rear ‘Plans for original College’. The names of individuals living adjacent to the chapel are given as are main routes: to the north, Ropewalk, Mrs Henry, Mrs Clare; to the south’ Costello’s lane, Mr Patrick Nugent, Johh O’ Shaughnessy, J[oh]n O’ Flaherty; to the west: College road; the east: Mr Forbes. Man made features include dwellings shaded in light blue, ruins, roads and a stable. Orientation is given by a compass. 1 inch to 20 feet. Colour washes on paper.

Account of Turas Na Sóisear, bicycle outings, Galway

Handwritten bound account entitled ‘Turas Na Sóisear’ which details Irish speaking cycling club for pupils at Coláiste Iognáid, Galway in the Galway area. Includes name of route, distance covered, account of route, names of party and hand drawn map. Inserts of pasted newspaper clippings. In Irish.

Estate map for the ‘Galway Estate of John Whaley Esq[ui]re’

Estate map for the ‘Galway Estate of John Whaley Esq[ui]re’ which details the land held in Kilcorkey and Lenaboy, Galway. Outlines of 36 sites are marked by black borders and identified with numbers. The main concentration of sites is around Newcastle Road and Shantalla Road to the north, Sea Road and Shell Lane in the centre and Salt Hill to the south. The southern area is bordered by Galway Bay, indicated by the word ‘SAND’ and dots. Man made features include dwellings, roads and filed boundaries. Orientation is given by a compass. Surveyor: Allan MacDonald.

1 Ordnance Survey of Ireland map of Galway, Sheet 105 (1925). Includes key, scale of one inch to a statute mile, coordinates and distance to other towns.

MacDonald, Allan, surveyor and architect

Map of North Sydney and Mosman

Maps of North Sydney and Mosman (Robinson Street Directory) with Jesuit properties marked in red: St Aloysius College, Lavender Bay Church and residence, St Mary’s, Loyola.

Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia, 1865-1931

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Includes:

  • letter from Fr James Rabbitte SJ to Fr John MacErlean SJ, concerning Galway records and Jesuit chalices (1 December 1935, 2pp);
  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the chalice of the Galway Jesuits (n.d., 1p.) and drafts of a typescript article by [Fr Francis Finegan SJ] on the Centenary of St Ignatius’ Galway, recalling the history of the Jesuits in the city in the seventeenth century (1963, 8pp and 9pp);
  • copybook by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the Jesuits in Galway using James Hardiman's version of 1651 map, and his history of Galway [1905], (71pp). Includes letter from Fr John MacErlean SJ, University College, St Stephen's Green, Dublin to Fr William Byrne SJ, St Ignatius, Galway on townlands (19 September 1905).

Material relating to the Jesuits in Limerick in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries

Material relating to the Jesuits in Limerick in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. Includes:

  • tracing of a map of Limerick from John Speed’s map of Munster, 1610, reproduced in 'Pacata Hibernia, Dublin', 1810 (21cm x 14cm);
  • notes by Fr Francis Finegan SJ and Fr John MacErlean SJ;
  • tracing of a map entitled ‘Limerick circa 1590, Copy feb 1903. Thos. Westropp’ (22 1/2 cm x 15cm) and
  • tracing entitled ‘Plan of Limerick castle’ (circa 1611), (141/2cm x 24cm). All tracings signed by ‘A. Cox’

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Sketch map of the Clochar, Emo

Sketch map of the Clochar. Shows the layout of the gardens and the species of trees and plants. The Clochar (or Clucker) comes from the Irish word for convent. 'There is also a story that this part of the garden was where the maids in the house were allowed to come to gossip and relax – hens clucking!'

Small Crane, William Street West, Galway

Sketch maps of plot of ground at ‘Small Crane’, William Street West, Galway. Details location in relation to Galway city and St Ignatius Catholic Church in colour and a more detailed perimeter of plot of land is illustrated. Scale is given. Includes a letter from Ed. Ralph Ryan, Chartered Engineer, 1 Montpellier Terrace, Galway to Fr Pearse O'Higgins SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Galway referring to the site map. A note by Fr Tom Scully SJ indicates the total area excluding and including the walls in perches.

O'Higgins, Pearse, 1916-1976, Jesuit priest