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'A Diary or Jottings' by Fr James F. Murphy SJ

  • IE IJA J/15/1
  • Item
  • 25 December 1889 - 1 November 1892
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

'A Diary or Jottings, from day to day of events, especially 1 Nov. 1892 regarding the Society and, in particular, this (Irish) Province, which may prove interesting &, perhaps, even useful when The Writer shall be many years dead and gone.’ Found enclosed is a typed note (n.d., 2pp) by an unknown Jesuit (possibly Fr Fergal McGrath SJ, Irish Province Archivist 1975-1986) giving brief biographical details of Fr Murphy. Also comments on the contents of the diary, ‘Some interesting things recorded are: the initial history of all the houses of the province: the story of the setting up of Milltown as a Coll. Max.: the dispute with the Bishop of Meath (Dr Nulty) over faculties for fathers at Tullabeg: the biographies of various S.J.s (and, e.g., reference to W. Coyne, later father of Fr Eddie Coyne and to Charles Kennedy a benefactor of the province): the account of the great storm of 1890/1 and of the influenza epidemic which swept over Europe from Russia. Minutiae of the day-to-day life, customs, studies and so on, and the final account of the Provincial Congregation (June 1892) after Fr General’s (Anderledy) death are also of interest and some historical value.’ Enclosures includes extracts from diary kept in Tullabeg, 1856 (9pp).

Copy of Browne's Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to Arthur C.J. Cox

Copy of Browne’s Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to ‘Arthur C.J. Cox, B.A. Sch. R.U.I & U.C.D.; Fr. Delany Scholar; 1st class Exhibitioner Arts & Law Schools, N.U.I.; Gold silver & bronze medalist etc., etc.. Auditor L. & H. Society. Auditor Solrs. App. Debating Society. M.A.’ Includes:

  • photographs;
  • references to :Home Rule for Ireland and current affairs; various Jesuits especially Aubrey Gwynn SJ; his work and university career; books he is reading and works he has had published; his finances; the activities of the Literary and Society and the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ debating Society; notes on various debates and papers;
  • entrance ticket to ‘an Interdebate To be held between the Representatives of the Law Students’ Debating Society…and of the Literary and Historical Society’ (including Arthur Cox) on 6 February 1913 in the Library, University College, Dublin and report of the debate in cutting from the Freeman’s Journal;
  • memorial card of his Aunt Frances who died on 22 August 1913;
  • newspaper cuttings on his Inaugural Address on ‘The Lawyer in Literature’ at the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ Debating Society on 29 October (2 items);
  • cuttings on the death of his friend Thomas Arkins (29 Nov., 2 Dec., 4 items);
  • list of family birthdays and rough family tree.

Copybooks containing accounts by Lily Doyle on the Doyle family

File includes two copy-books containing handwritten accounts by Lily Doyle. One consists of her memories of the Crescent College (1879-), which was attended by her brothers Charles (Charles), James and Dan (Daniel Simpson). Refers to Charles' academic achievements, to individual Jesuits connected with the college, to pupils, and to important events, such as school theatricals etc. The other consists of four separate pieces on technical education in Limerick, Fr John Gwynn SJ, an altar in the Sacred Heart Church, and the church choir. Also includes an undated newspaper article entitled 'The Last of the Doyle Sisters' relating to Lily Doyle and her family, a copybook containing handwritten essays by James Doyle (1877), and Daniel Simpson Doyle's First Holy Communion certificate from the Church of the Sacred Heart, 15 June 1876.

Diary entitled ‘Impressions of a wanderer over the face of the earth’

Typescript diary entitled ‘Impressions of a wanderer over the face of the earth’ which details Fr John Hannon’s travels around the English speaking world (Gibraltar, South Africa, India, Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Canada) as Visitor for the Irish Christian Brothers. Dated: mentions death of Archbishop of Adelaide, Dr Killian (June 1939). Two of the three books are here. Full typescript (3 volumes) of his memoir, 'Memories of a wanderer over the face of the earth' are in ARSI (Jesuit Archives), Rome, Italy.

Diary kept by Fr Edward Murphy SJ during the voyage to Australia

Diary kept by Fr Edward Murphy SJ during the voyage to Australia. Includes a covering letter from Fr Murphy, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia to Fr Thomas Brown SJ explaining that Fr Sturzo SJ encouraged him to keep the diary and he wishes Fr Provincial to have the account of the journey. Remarks 'On the whole Australia is a delightful mission and what so many object to namely the sea voyage out is positive pleasure - I never enjoyed six weeks more in my life than the "life on the ocean wave" '.

Murphy, Edward, 1829-1886, Jesuit priest

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/4
  • Item
  • 21 September 1880 - 26 May 1881
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary of Fr William A. Sutton SJ. Includes note dated 19 Jan. 1901 on last page which reads ‘Have been reading diary all up to this. Interested & benefited. Plenty to smile at. More than twenty years have passed. I don’t seem to be much better intellectually. Morally & spiritually much the same. I am [ ] better some ways peptically. I am now 53½ years old. I have much more sober & modest notions of myself. What a lot of things happened!’

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/8
  • Item
  • 28 January 1888 - 14 June 1889; 18 September 1894; 22 January 1901; 12 November 1912
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Includes entry dated 18 September 1894 which reads: ‘I have read all diary up to this. It has done me good intellectually and spiritually. I see what kind of life I have led.…Worry, hoping, struggling, trying again, thinking, prayer, trying to be humble, wishing to be holy, compromising or compounding with obstacles, determined to avoid deliberate sin of all kinds with God’s grace,…much to endure mentally & bodily, feel responsibility of office very much, studying same books as well as matters connected with new duties. I suppose such will always be my life’ (1p.).
Also includes entry dated 22 January 1901 which reads, ‘I have read all diaries up to this.…I think I will begin keeping it again. Kept it up to about year ago I think pretty regularly. Life much the same. Health much better.…This is my sixth year as Superior at M(ill)town Park. Hopes it lasts.’
Also includes entry on last page dating to 12 November 1912 which reads ‘Have read D(iary) fr(om) beginning to here.…Had given up keeping diary for years, but last month began again though not on the same lines. My idea was to put down day by day what I had come to, what I thought, what I tried to be, to take stock of myself in all my bearings, as a kind of statement of what all my experiences had made me. I have written more in this kind of diary…since Oct. 1st than perhaps in a whole year of ordinary kind. I began with repugnance, I soon got some facility & even liking for such writing. I have never felt the joy that writers feel so often in using their steel pen, though I have written a good deal.…The eight years I was at Mungret 1903 – 1911 I taught Lat(in), Greek, English, most pass, a good deal honours too of English (I, II Arts) & all the University classes in Latin fr(om) Matric. to B.A. incl..…In the resumed diary I was putting down all about humility etc., etc., as if it were almost something new, a better way etc., & I find I’ve been always at it. But I really think I am better at it now, for I have learnt to recognise that I am all out-of-joint & therefore much better able to get on, feeling how infinitely better off I am than I deserve to be, how others better, how grateful I ought to be (& try to be) to be in God’s house, a member of the Society, how silly to find fault with what wise & holy men have appointed. Health all along much the same, discomfort, no positive pain, at times not easy to be patient or cheery with, but on the whole I am splendidly off here & dont wish ever to be elsewhere.…I think I may say I never was so well off & so peaceful & so come to anchor as I feel here & have felt since coming, but especially this second year & most since I took up D(iary) again.’

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/18
  • Item
  • 20 February - 20 April 1913
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Includes entry on first page which reads ‘Since I took up again to diarykeeping some months ago, I have written what would make a rather larger volume I think if printed. It is not mere diary dottings by any means. It is a kind of record of what I think about myself & my doings & most that concerns me & a sort of summing up of my life previously recorded in a diary of many years duration.…If so, I am writing what would make a large work in print. I may very well be making a fool of myself as the saying is. How many with more ability than I possess, have left a mass of MSS after them & how often no one took the trouble to read the same. In some ways my case is peculiar. I am most willing to concede that I have been very silly & very much every way but what I should have been long ago…’ (20 Feb. 1913)

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/13
  • Item
  • 18 December 1901 - 17 December 1902; 31 August 1909; 1 October 1912 - 20 November 1912
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry dated 31 August 1909 which reads, ‘Since coming here to Mungret six years ago I’ve been struggling on much on the old lines ever seeking peace one way or another…It came upon me quite by surprise to be sent here from M(ill)town Park. I had been told I sh(oul)d be there 10 years (of course not for certain). Any way I made best of it. It was compensation to get away from relatives who had given me awful bother, poor creatures. I came here as Vice Rector & had lots of teaching. I had to study much & got on well enough. I expected to be appointed Rector, but after 2 years ceased to be Superior & felt it someways though I would have chosen it too.…In the matter of Latin it seems to me as if I had never known much about it before & still I am far from being a Latin scholar. This is absolutely true. Last year I had 2nd Arts Pass Greek & learnt a good deal about it too & glad of additional insight.…First year I had 1st Arts English Pass & Honors besides Pass [ ] of B.A. [And] 2nd Arts. Eyes got affected. Two months not allowed to read. Enjoyed the time. This year I had only Lat(in) B.A. & 2nd Arts & so like last year.…For all my reading, writing, thinking, results not much. I have not turned out at all what I expected. Much better so. I have given up thinking I ever shall.…I am now in my 63rd year, old enough to have sense. It is something to know that one has not much sense & never shall. Men are but children of larger growth.…one w(oul)d think I ought to have made more mark. Since I came here six years ago I have never been asked to preach anywhere, not even at the Crescent. I am glad now. I am determined for the future to be absolutely truthful with regard to mental state, & give up all sham.…I have a great deal of the buffoon in me. This vacation I was three weeks away at C.W.C.,…(Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare)…in Dublin & in [...]. All that time I was going about & meeting many. I joked & told stories & made people laugh &…in my own esteem shone & I am sure several thought I was always goodhumoured… the truth is very different.…As I have given up all desire of distinguishing myself, of attracting notice etc. I will try to make diary a companion.…The way to please God is to be as useful & helpful as one can. I must try. Reading & writing may be best for me.’

Diary is resumed after a three year break, on 1st October 1912, in an entry beginning ‘Tullabeg. here since Aug. 24th 1911.’

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/15
  • Item
  • 27 December 1912 – 15 January 1913
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry which states “It seems to me that this Diary would be worth printing after my death. Not all, most of it I think. Readers would profit by it, & ought to be much interested as well as I can judge. In the first place it is no ordinary record of spiritual struggle in one who had much to contend with…but in much has been blessed. This latter part, beginning about last October is a kind of consummation or crowning record in which I have tried to compress results of life struggle. In many ways I seem like one who has safely come into port after long sailing on stormy, dangerous seas in quest of some ‘golden harbour’…In the second place there is a great deal throughout Diary of matter, which is as good & valuable from a literary point of view as anything I ever wrote, & I have been much & sincerely praised by competent critics for much that I have written. All my writings except this Diary have consisted of contributions to magazines, 'Irish Monthly', 'Month', 'New Ireland Review', far the most, but there were good things too from this pen to other Catholic periodicals, 'Lamp', 'Irish Ecc(lesiastica)l Record' (not much; I got £4 at end of one year fr(om) Editor for two or three short articles), 'Ave Maria', dont remember more. To 'Baconiana' I contributed several articles, all very favourably received.”

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/11
  • Item
  • 7 April 1895 - 6 May 1896; 16 December 1902
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry dated 16 December 1902, following his one of his periodic reading of past diaries, which reflects ‘It has been a great help to me to have hit upon a subject of writing and study which is interest(in)g & useful. I have written & studied much about Bacon being Shakespeare. This has done more good than anything in the way of cheering etc., but it is not everything. I can do much for religious truth through this subject too.…This is my seventh year here…(Milltown Park)…as Superior. Present Prov(incia)l has often told me I do excellent work here & that no one else would suit so well. Wonderful. I am not an atom conceited about it. I see well that any good in me or done by me is by God’s help & that my not having any conceit is sole way of continuing’

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/30
  • Item
  • 25 December 1918 - 3 March 1922
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Includes last entry written on 3 March 1922, five weeks before his death, which reads, ‘Couldnt have thought could have endured so much, sometimes pain, others weariness, impatience etc. Get sleep off & on.…Still able to carry on somehow thank God. Every attention 1st rate.…’

Diary of William White as in schoolboy in Mungret College, Limerick

  • IE IJA J/14/3
  • Item
  • 11 January - 3 September 1930
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary of William White as in schoolboy in Mungret College, Limerick. Includes his last entry before leaving to join the Society of Jesus on 3 September 1930 – ‘Fr. Hanrahan Went home on 9 oc Bus I was at 10 oc Mass. Say (sic.) Mrs. Par[le] etc. Mother Paul. Left for Emo at 1.45. Good bye’

Fr Bartholomew Esmonde SJ missionary work in Malta

  • IE IJA J/471/10
  • File
  • 1842 - 22 April 1850
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

A file relating to Fr Bartholomew Esmonde SJ missionary work in Malta. Includes documents relating to religious instruction of Catholics, descriptions of clerical controversy, disputes with Protestants, conversions of Protestants to Catholicism, preaching, Catholic education, addresses presented to the Governor of Malta, Fr Esmonde's Journal describing his time in Malta, correspondence. Letters are addressed to Fr Esmonde at San Calcedonia, outside Valletta. This house belonged to the Sicilian Province and Malta had a close connection with the Sicilian Province. Note: at least 50% of the documents are written in Italian.

Fr Michael McCarthy SJ

Catalogue entry, brief diary and obituary for Fr Michael McCarthy SJ.

McCarthy, Michael, 1905-1956, Jesuit priest

Notebook containing ‘Jottings of my Provincialate

Notebook containing ‘Jottings of my Provincialate’. ‘Feeling inconvenience often caused for want of information as to exact details of certain past events, terms on which money had been given exact terms of agreement about this or that…I have thought well to open a book in which I shall record essential…details of such transactions as may be useful in the future.’ Volume containing details of financial transactions of the Province from 1901 - entries have been continued on into 1923. Includes table of contents (5pp).

Notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the history of the Jesuits in Galway

Volumes of handwritten notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ charting the history of the Jesuits in Galway: ‘The fragments gathered in this book deal with the Society in Galway. 1: From the time Fr Holywood was appointed Superior of the Irish Mission in 1598 down to the Suppression of the Soc[iety]. 2: From the coming of Fr Haly as Superior of a Residence and School to Galway in 1859.’ Includes inserts of hand drawn maps of Galway; local history notes; photographs and newspaper clippings; Fr Rabbitte traces the history of the Jesuits in Galway through the use of primary material which are quoted and his knowledge of Jesuit history. Details Superiors of the College and Residence in Galway; Directors of the Confra[ternity] of the Sacred Heart; list of priests educated at St Ignatius College, Galway. Early photograph of St Ignatius Church, Galway and St Ignatius College Athletic Sports at Merlin Park.

Rabbitte, James, 1857-1940, Jesuit priest

Pilgrimage to Rome by Irish pilgrims in connection with the jubilee of his holiness, Pope Leo XII

Documents and objects relating to a pilgrimage to Rome by Irish pilgrims in connection with the jubilee of his holiness, Pope Leo XIII. Includes travel documents; diary of journey; pilgrim's enrolment certificate for Michael Mulraney, 21 Mid Gardiner Street, Dublin, medals of Pope Leo XIII and green maniple with harps.

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway. Gives introductory notes for school procedures such as: attendance times; prayer times; class times and duration; study hall; sodality; cleaning of classrooms; books; confessions. Includes details such as list of holidays and religious observance; examinations; results; mass times; school events; retreats; order of time; school inspections; attendances; staff; hours of teaching; sports day; rugby. Includes insert note by Fr Brian Mac Cuarta SJ (3 July 1985), who writes that Fr Conor Naughton SJ, a schoolboy at St Ignatius, Galway (1917-1925) recalls William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) ‘a year ahead of him, was leader of British scouts in school ...Joyce brought a mills bomb into school one day; Ned O'Hanlon brought a revolver ...Joyce played chess with Conor in Naughtons’ (3 July 1985); insert of absence and awards card from Ignatius College, Galway and history of Irish at St Ignatius College, Galway.

Scrapbook belonging to Fr William Gleeson SJ

  • IE IJA J/166/2
  • Item
  • 2 October 1884 - March 1896
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Scrapbook belonging to Fr William Gleeson SJ containing poetry, observations on the weather at Milltown Park (1884-[1886]; 1892-1896), the comings and goings at Clongowes Wood College (1887-1892) and general notes. Transcribes letters written and articles from 'The Month'.

Second draft of unpublished manuscript by Fr Henry Gill SJ recording his time as a chaplain

Unpublished manuscript by Fr Henry Gill SJ recording his time as a chaplain, entitled ‘1914 – 1918 As seen by a Chaplain with the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles’. Completed in 1933. Includes newspaper and journal articles and fifteen pages of original photographs. Manuscript appears to be an amended version of CHP1/27.

Gill, Henry V, 1872-1945, Jesuit priest, scientist and chaplain

Typed diary by Fr Joseph McSweeney SJ

  • IE IJA J/297/7
  • Item
  • 1945-1949; 1950; 1970; 1975
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Typed diary by Fr Joseph McSweeney SJ of periods in his life - Chaplain in the R.A.F. (1945-1949), journey to Northern Rhodesia and first impressions (1950), trip to Lourdes, France (July 1970) and Rome, Italy (1975).