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Notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the history of the Jesuits in Galway

Volumes of handwritten notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ charting the history of the Jesuits in Galway: ‘The fragments gathered in this book deal with the Society in Galway. 1: From the time Fr Holywood was appointed Superior of the Irish Mission in 1598 down to the Suppression of the Soc[iety]. 2: From the coming of Fr Haly as Superior of a Residence and School to Galway in 1859.’ Includes inserts of hand drawn maps of Galway; local history notes; photographs and newspaper clippings; Fr Rabbitte traces the history of the Jesuits in Galway through the use of primary material which are quoted and his knowledge of Jesuit history. Details Superiors of the College and Residence in Galway; Directors of the Confra[ternity] of the Sacred Heart; list of priests educated at St Ignatius College, Galway. Early photograph of St Ignatius Church, Galway and St Ignatius College Athletic Sports at Merlin Park.

Rabbitte, James, 1857-1940, Jesuit priest

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway. Gives introductory notes for school procedures such as: attendance times; prayer times; class times and duration; study hall; sodality; cleaning of classrooms; books; confessions. Includes details such as list of holidays and religious observance; examinations; results; mass times; school events; retreats; order of time; school inspections; attendances; staff; hours of teaching; sports day; rugby. Includes insert note by Fr Brian Mac Cuarta SJ (3 July 1985), who writes that Fr Conor Naughton SJ, a schoolboy at St Ignatius, Galway (1917-1925) recalls William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) ‘a year ahead of him, was leader of British scouts in school ...Joyce brought a mills bomb into school one day; Ned O'Hanlon brought a revolver ...Joyce played chess with Conor in Naughtons’ (3 July 1985); insert of absence and awards card from Ignatius College, Galway and history of Irish at St Ignatius College, Galway.