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Text of radio appeals by Fr Tim Mulcahy SJ

Text of radio appeals by Fr Tim Mulcahy SJ, on the occasion of World Sodality Day, on behalf of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (4th November [ ]) and High Park Convent, Drumcondra, Dublin (10 September [ ]).

'The Acharnians of Aristophanes'

'The Acharnians of Aristophanes' translated into English Verse by Robert Yelverton Tyrrell (Dublin: Hodges Figgis & Co., Dublin University Press Series). With author’s dedication inside front cover ‘Gerard Hopkins from R Y Tyrell.’ With stamp of St. Ignatius’ College S.J. Dublin.

Tyrrell, Robert Yelverton, 1844-1914, Irish classical scholar

The Belvedere community at Carrauntoohil, Kerry

The Belvedere community at Carrauntoohil, Kerry.

  1. Atop Carrauntoohil.
  2. Resting on Carrauntoohil.
  3. On hillside, Killarney, with lakes in background.
  4. On horse at the Gap of Dunloe
  5. Same as No.1

The book of almanacs

The book of almanacs with an index of reference, by which the almanac may be found for every year, whether in old style or new, from any epoch, ancient or modern, up to A.D. 2000. With means of finding the day of any new or full moon from B.C. 2000 to A.D. 2000.
Author:Augustus De Morgan
Edition:2d ed View all formats and editions
Publisher: J. Walton, London, 1871

'The Chikuni Mission. How it Came to be Started in 1905'

Three typed copies of a manuscript by Fr.Joseph Moreau SJ entitled 'The Chikuni Mission. How it Came to be Started in 1905' (31pp & 3pp notes. The fourth copy, has on the title page '(not to be published whole or in parts without Fr Moreau's consent.) + approbation!.' (36pp). This copy has handwritten translations of words on reverse page.

Moreau, Joseph, 1864-1949, Jesuit priest and missioner

'The Church and Anti-Clericalism'

Pamphlet entitled 'The Church and Anti-Clericalism' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Social Action Series No. 16, Dublin. Two editions: 1st edition (n.d., 16pp) and 2nd edition (1919, 16pp).

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

'The Church and her marriage laws'

Pamphlet ''The Church and her marriage laws'' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Series, Dublin.

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

'The Church and secular education'

Pamphlet 'The Church and secular education' by Fr Peter Finlay SJ. Irish Messenger Series, Dublin.

Finlay, Peter, 1851-1929, Jesuit priest and theologian

The Connacht Tribune and The Connacht Sentinel

Newspaper clippings from the Connacht Tribune and the Connacht Sentinel relating to the Jesuits in Galway; the past pupil union and centenary ceremonies of St Ignatius Church and College in Galway; the building of an extension to Coláiste Iognáid.

The Connacht Sentinel, newspaper

'The Day Before Yesterday - Father Browne's Dublin

Invitation and booklet on an exhibition entitled, 'The Day Before Yesterday - Father Browne's Dublin, 1922-1949', curated by Peter Walsh, at the Guinness Hop Store, Dublin. Includes catalogue to 174 photographs exhibited. 'The Day Before Yesterday' became a six-part series which traced the origins of the Irish state through the photographs of Fr Browne. It was made by Promedia for RTÉ Television. The first episode was broadcast on 6 April 1994.

Guinness, 1759-

The Elements of Euclid Explain’d

‘The Elements of Euclid Explain’d, in a new, but most easie method.’3rd Edition by Fr Claude Millet de Chales SJ, published in Oxford, 1700. Printed by L.L. for M. Gillyflower at the Spread-Eagle in Westminister–Hall and W. Freeman at the Bible over against the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street, 1700.

With inscriptions, ‘1703 Dec 23 Mr Phil[bishop] E[x] lib Jno (John) Ellis’, stamp of ‘N Riordan’ and ‘Edwin Barton from his father’
Presented to Fr Fergal McGrath SJ by Frances Riordan, 23 St Clements Rd, Harrogate, England (March 1953).

Dechales, Claude François Milliet, 1621-1678, Jesuit priest and mathematician

The estate of Catherine Cleary and litigation

A file relating to the estate of Catherine Cleary and litigation between Raphael Ambrose Biale, Plaintiff and Frs Timothy Kenny, Alfred Murphy and Christina Hodgens, Alice Chamberlain, Anne Healy, Mary Lentaigne, Emily O'Brien, Mary Anne Cleary and Jane Denehey.

'The History of Tacitus According to the Text of Drelli. Books III, IV, V.'

'The History of Tacitus According to the Text of Drelli. Books III, IV, V.' by W.H. Simcox M.A. (ed.) (London: Rivingtons). With typed note by Fr Anthony Bischoff SJ (7 June 1947): ‘Marginal notes in Hopkins’s hand on pp. [1], 6 – 7, 19, 41, 49, 59, 88, 94, 96, 118, 125, 133, 135, 140, 161, [220]. These are significant mainly as examples of his textual conjectures.’ With a University College, St. Stephen’s Green stamp on first page.

The Ignatian

A school journal edited by the students of St Ignatius College SJ, Galway. Two copies for for Xmas 1903. Vol. 1, No. 1; Four copies for Easter, 1904. Vol. 1, No. ii. Contains news from the College, including sporting achievements, theatrical productions, academic prizes, debates, outings etc. Also includes a tongue in cheek ‘Letters to the Editor’, from students at St Ignatius College. Includes photographs of theatrical groups and sporting activities.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-

'The Ignatian'

Photocopy of pages of the 'The Ignatian' 1929 - 30; 1979-80'; which contains an article by Fr Liam Greene SJ on the history of Coláiste Iognáid and sketches and photographs of the 'Jes' and the students of the school, circa 1910 - 1918.

Greene, Liam F, 1942-2008, Jesuit priest

'The Irish Monthly'

Fr Matthew Russell SJ (1834-1912) intended to found a devotional magazine with the name Catholic Ireland in 1873, but it emerged as a literary journal named 'The Irish Monthly'. Russell, who edited the magazine until his death, had a great talent for friendship, so people of many different backgrounds and beliefs wrote for him. He treated authors as members of a family circle and encouraged many women to write. He published W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Hillaire Belloc, Katherine Tynan and Dora Sigerson Shorter, amongst many others. The success of the Irish Monthly was remarkable at a time when the average Irish magazine had a five-year life span.

Fr Lambert McKenna SJ (1870-1956) was the next Editor. He had a great interest in the Irish language, so the journal published many unpublished Irish bardic poems. He changed the emphasis from a literary journal to concentrate on Catholic social and educational thought.

By 1933, the Monthly was in financial trouble, but efforts were made to revive it. With a circulation of about 600, it was in competition with Studies, the quarterly review published by Irish Jesuits since 1912. Given Ireland's small size and, therefore, small subscription base, in 1954 the Irish Monthly ceased.

1873- 1912 Matthew Russell (1834-1912)
Based at Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin, 1913-1933
1913 - Thomas Wheeler (1848-1913)
1914 - 1916 John F.X. O'Brien (1873-1920)
1917 - Lambert McKenna (1870-1956)
1918 - Lambert McKenna (1870-1956)
1919 - John F.X. O'Brien (1873-1920)
1920 - John F.X. O'Brien (1873-1920)
1921 - Joseph Darlington (1850-1939)
1922 - Joseph Darlington (1850-1939)
1923 - 1930 Lambert McKenna (1870-1956)
1931 - 1933 John Joy (1884-1950)
1934 - 1947 Timothy Mulcahy (1898-1962) (Belvedere College)
1948 - 1950 Roland Burke Savage (1912-1998) (35 Lower Leeson Street)
1951 - Edmund Keane (1916-2000) (35 Lower Leeson Street)
1952 - Michael Moloney (1913-1984) (35 Lower Leeson Street)
1953 - Michael Moloney (35 Lower Leeson Street)

The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626

M.A. thesis by James J Corboy SJ, entitled 'The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626' at the faculty of Modern History, UCD (2 copies, 248pp each) (1941) with separate bibliography and index (34pp). Also includes letter from Dr R Dudley Edwards, UCD and Fr Jerome Mahony SJ concerning ‘Lord Justice Loftus’ and ‘Carew’ (5pp) (21 June 1954), and letter from Fr Jerome Mahony SJ to Fr Roland Burke Savage SJ that he has completed Menelogy up to 1800 (13 February 1956).

Corboy, James, 1916-2004, Jesuit priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Monze

The Jesuits in Dublin

'The Jesuits in Dublin; or Brief Biographical Sketches of those Deceased Members of the Society of Jesus, who were Born or who Laboured in the Irish Metropolis; with an Account of the Parish of St Michan, their Ancient Residence' by William J Battersby (Printer: John Fowler, 3 Crow Street, Dame Street, Dublin, 1854).

Battersby, William Joseph, 1794/5-1873, catholic bookseller and writer

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