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“Father Willie” (Father Willie Doyle, SJ) as part of the “Irish Messenger Series”

  • IE IJA J/2/99
  • File
  • [1949-1970]; 11 July 1977
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

“Father Willie” (Father Willie Doyle, SJ) as part of the “Irish Messenger Series” published by the Irish Messenger Office. Includes a note from Diarmuid [ ], Fitzpatrick’s Book Shop, 12 Cathedral Street, Upper O’ Connell Street, Dublin to Fr Fergal [McGrath] SJ in which he refers to a reprint of an insert letter by T. Cain, 22 Limetree Crescent, Cockermouth, Cumberland which corrects Fr Doyle’s date of death.

Irish Messenger Office, 1888-

‘Memorandum of the Irish Medical Guild of St. Luke, S.S. Cosmas & Damien'

Copy of ‘Memorandum of the Irish Medical Guild of St. Luke, S.S. Cosmas & Damien. The Proposed Reorganisation of Irish Hospitals. Grave Problems for Catholics’ sent to Fr Thomas A. Finlay SJ:. ‘This memorandum on the state of the Hospitals is the work of a special Committee of the Guild of St. Luke set up to investigate the hospital-problem from the stand-point of Catholic interests’ (11pp). Encloses two explanatory charts (1p.).

‘The Irish Digest’

  • IE IJA J/7/183
  • File
  • December 1954-January 1955
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

‘The Irish Digest’, with condensed articles which Fr Frank Browne SJ has marked, Howth, p.69 and Glaslough, p.34.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

‘The Manuscripts of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ by Fr Anthony Bischoff SJ

Photocopy of an article ‘The Manuscripts of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ by Fr Anthony Bischoff SJ, from 'Thought', (Vol. 26, No. 103, Winter 1951 - 2) supplied by Dr Norman White (English Department, U.C.D.) on 9 February 1989, pp.551- 580.

Bischoff, Anthony, 1910-1993, Jesuit priest and academic

'A Diary or Jottings' by Fr James F. Murphy SJ

  • IE IJA J/15/1
  • Item
  • 25 December 1889 - 1 November 1892
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

'A Diary or Jottings, from day to day of events, especially 1 Nov. 1892 regarding the Society and, in particular, this (Irish) Province, which may prove interesting &, perhaps, even useful when The Writer shall be many years dead and gone.’ Found enclosed is a typed note (n.d., 2pp) by an unknown Jesuit (possibly Fr Fergal McGrath SJ, Irish Province Archivist 1975-1986) giving brief biographical details of Fr Murphy. Also comments on the contents of the diary, ‘Some interesting things recorded are: the initial history of all the houses of the province: the story of the setting up of Milltown as a Coll. Max.: the dispute with the Bishop of Meath (Dr Nulty) over faculties for fathers at Tullabeg: the biographies of various S.J.s (and, e.g., reference to W. Coyne, later father of Fr Eddie Coyne and to Charles Kennedy a benefactor of the province): the account of the great storm of 1890/1 and of the influenza epidemic which swept over Europe from Russia. Minutiae of the day-to-day life, customs, studies and so on, and the final account of the Provincial Congregation (June 1892) after Fr General’s (Anderledy) death are also of interest and some historical value.’ Enclosures includes extracts from diary kept in Tullabeg, 1856 (9pp).

Abandonment of a procession that was due to take place to celebrate St Patrick's day in Galway

A file relating to the abandonment of a procession that was due to take place to celebrate St Patrick's day in Galway. The decision was made to abandon the procession after it became apparent that the IRA had been invited to take part. Includes a lengthy letter from Fr John Joy SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway to Irish Fr Provincial Laurence Kieran SJ concerning the situation. Remarks that Fr O'Farrell, SJ, as President of the Gaelic League, was invited to be Chief Marshal and became very upset when he discovered that the IRA were to take part. Remarks that he (Fr Joy) had an interview with the Bishop who was very angry. Explains how it was decided to abandon the procession (13 March 1933, 12pp).

Account book for Dublin Food Supply Society Ltd

Account book for Dublin Food Supply Society (DFSS), a society with which Fr Thomas Finlay SJ was associated and whose object was the supply of cheap food to the poor of Dublin in difficulties due to either the Great War or the ‘local Irish situation’.

Dublin Food Supply Society, 1916-1926

Account book for Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin

Account book for Rathfarnham Castle. Entries are divided into Ordinary Receipts and Ordinary Payments and Extraordinary Receipts and Extraordinary Payments into pre-printed columns. Extra details are handwritten. Each page is signed by the Superior of Rathfarnham Castle at the time, Fr J Keane SJ, T Nolan SJ, Fr P Kennedy SJ, Fr H Kelly SJ. The annual Balance Sheet indicates liabilities and assets and observations on the financial year are written. Includes some loose page inserts of accounts.

Account book for University College, Dublin

Account book for University College, Dublin. Details expenditure on newspapers, advertisements, postage, furniture, monthly food bills, wines and whiskey, clothes, books, stationery, wages, rents, taxes, travelling expenses for the community. Includes a reference to Gerard Manley Hopkins under community travelling expenses. (2 April 1883, 3 January 1884, 24 December 1885, pp. 70 -71). Includes an alphabetical index to the accounts.

University College Dublin, 1854-

Account book of the Irish Jesuit Province

Account book containing various financial details including general account, receipts and expenditure, Noviceship account, education money. Includes details of legacies, requests for masses, loans by the Society and to the Society.

Account book relating to the expenditure on the extension to the presbytery at St Francis Xavier's

Account book relating to the expenditure on the extension to the presbytery at St Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin. With note from Willam Patrick Ryan, 1, Albemarle Street, London explaining that he found it in his father's effects (the late John Ryan, architect) (3 May 1919).

Accounts of Irish Jesuit Provinces and Missions abroad

Account book containing the accounts of Irish Jesuit Provinces and Missions abroad in account with the Irish Province. Includes the Provinces of Portugal, Mexico England, New Orleans Mission, Mission of Canada, Includes details of the Bellew Bequest and Charity (pp. 49 - 52), and individual contributions to families of Jesuits in training.

'Actus Generalis ex Universa Theologia'

Actus Generalis ex Universa Theologia, die 30 Junii 1893, (defendet P. Josephus Jouanen). Defence by Josephus Jouanen of his theological studies. at the Aula Maxima, University College. Includes letters to Fr Peter Finlay SJ concerning his organisation of the ‘Grand Act’ (a theological debate) which took place in the Aula Maxima of University College, Stephen’s Green on 30 June 1893 (4 May-16 July 1893, 9 items) and newspaper extracts concerning ‘The Grand Act’ (29 June-1 July 1893, 3 items).

Jouanen, Joseph, 1860-1952, Jesuit priest

Addresses of members and minutes of meetings of the Academy of St Thomas Aquinas, University College, Dublin

Addresses of members and minutes of meetings of the Academy of St Thomas Aquinas held in University College, Dublin. Includes the minutes of the inaugural meeting and a summary of the inaugural address entitled “A note on the Philosophy of a Supposition” delivered by Mr William Jeffrey White (27 November, 1901, pp 99 - 100).

University College Dublin, 1854-

'Aeschylus – Choephoroi'

'Aeschylus – Choephoroi' by Arthur Sidgwick, M.A. (Oxford: Clarendon Press). With note by Fr Anthony Bischoff SJ (7 June 1947) ‘Copiously annotated in red ink in G.M. Hopkins’s hand on pp. 4 – 6, 14 – 21, 23, 25, 26 – 29, 31 – 34, 38 – 40. Other annotations are in another hand. This book is valuable as an example of Hopkins’s textual criticism.’

Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters

Album compiled by Fr Henry Gill SJ containing newspaper clippings, photographs and letters. Includes:
– newspaper clipping referring to a meeting of the Royal Dublin Society before which a paper by Fr Gill entitled ‘The Theory of the Stratified Discharge in Geissler Tubes’ was communicated by the Registrar Mr. Moss (n.d., 1p.);
– letter from Prof Charles J. Joly, D.Sc., F.R.S., Dunsink Observatory, Co. Dublin (Honorary Secretary of the R.D.S.) stating ‘Your beautiful illustration of precession and nutation is quite new to me and I think you should certainly send it to 'Nature'. I am keeping the figures as you kindly say I may’ (24 March 1903, 1p.);
– black and white photograph of the hunt at Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare ([1903?], 1p.) and note to Fr Gill from the “Proprietors of ‘The Badminton Magazine’ enclosing a cheque for £1.1s as a prize in their photograph competition (27 April 1903, 1p.);
– clipping from a magazine/newspaper concerning the marriage of his sister, Miss Mary Catherine Gill, only daughter of Mr Henry J. Gill, M.A., J.P., of Roebuck House, Clonskeagh, Dublin with Mr. William Harrington, of Cherryfield, Templeogue on 16 June 19?? . Also includes two photographs of the room with the table laid out for the wedding breakfast (16 June 19??, 4 items);
– newspaper report on a lecture given by Fr Gill before the Royal Dublin Society on ‘a possible connection between the recent disturbances at Vesuvius and San Francisco’ ([June 1906], 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' referring to Fr Gill’s theory ‘according to which earthquakes and such like disturbances at one place may, under certain conditions, give rise to corresponding shocks in other places’ (24 August 1906, 1p.);
– clipping on the opening of a new wing of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge by Lord Rayleigh. Includes reference to Mr H. V. Gill’s experiments with spinning tops to illustrate earthquake reactions (19 June 1908, 2pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' containing the following reference to Fr Gill in its University Notes, ‘…we must congratulate the Rev. H. V. Gill, of St Edmund House, upon his Research Degree won by a Thesis on ‘A New Glow in Vacuum Tubes.’ Father Gill has exhibited his apparatus before the Royal Society, and was also invited to exhibit it by the Royal Institution.’ (see also J17/29) (26 June 1909, 2pp);
– notice advertising Fr Gill’s ‘Earthquake Top…with handle for spinning, and lead bullets’ for 7s.6d. (n.d., 1p.);
– clipping from the 'Freeman’s Journal' on a lecture on ‘Wireless Telegraphy’ given by Fr. Gill in Belvedere College on 6 May 1912 (7 May 1912, 4pp);
– extract from 'The Tablet' of an article entitled ‘The Cardinal at Cambridge A Representative University Gathering’ containing the following reference to Fr Gill, ‘Sir J.J. Thomson, F.R.S., who responded for science, said that this was not the first time that he had had the pleasure of meeting and working with members of that Society. One of them, Father Gill, worked in his laboratory and did extremely valuable and able work, and developed a great power of dealing with physical problems’ (18 May 1912, 3pp);
– photograph of a physics laboratory (possibly one of the labs at Clongowes Wood College) (n.d., 1 item)
– photographs relating to Fr Gill’s research work (n.d., 5 items).

'Alphabetum divini amoris'

Book taken from the Cruise Library, St Francis Xavier Community, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin entitled 'Alphabetum divini amoris'. With note by Sir Francis R. Cruise 'This book was kindly given to me by my friend Mr Wm Watson - It is a slighlty modified version of an essay [wrongly] attributed to John Gerson - See Vol III. page 770. of his works. Dated. 1706.' (26 April 1897). Cruise Collect C. I.

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland, 1884 - 1885. Contains a sketch of the organisation of the Apostolic school, various extracts from the school diary and letters from the Rev. W. Ronan SJ to the fathers and students of Mungret College.

René, Jean-Baptist, 1841-1916, Jesuit priest

Appointment of Fr Frank Browne SJ as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class

  • IE IJA J/7/8
  • File
  • 14 March & 25 August 1919; 14 September 1921
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Documents found among the papers of Fr Willie Doyle SJ (with whom Fr Browne briefly served as chaplain), collated by Fr Charles Doyle SJ, concerning Fr Frank Browne SJ. Includes telegrams to Robert Browne, Bishop of Cloyne (14 March & 25 August 1919) concerning Fr Browne & circular letter from the War Office to Fr Browne, St Francis Xavier’s, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, informing him of his appointment as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class ‘as from 1st Sept. 1921 on which date your commission as a temporary Chaplain to the Forces ceased to have effect.’ (14 September 1921).

British Army, 1660-

Appointment of Spiritual Directors for 'An Ríoghacht' study circles

Correspondence concerning the appointment of Spiritual Directors for 'An Ríoghacht' study circles. Includes circulars explaining the foundation and objectives of 'An Ríoghacht'. Also includes circulars seeking donations to raise a Fr Edward Cahill SJ memorial fund which will be used to establish a burse in Mungret Apostolic College for the education of future missionary priests (n.d., 2 items).

Appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ

Original and copies of appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ including letters from General Sir William Bernard Hickie, 16th Division, Hugh Doyle Esq., Melrose, Dalkey, Dublin (15 December 1917) and to Fr Charles Doyle SJ (14 October 1924); Private M. Murphy, France, (Fr Willie Doyle’s orderly) (22 August 1917).

Hickie, Sir, William Bernard, 1865-1950, Major General in the British Army

Article by Fr Arthur Little SJ rejected by the censors

A file relating to an article by Fr Arthur Little SJ rejected by the censors. Includes a letter from Fr Arthur Little SJ, St Stanislaus College, Tullamore, County Offaly to Irish Fr Provincial stating that he wishes the article to be sent for censorship to Rome ‘I have no desire to get anyone into trouble so I shall only communicate with the English Assistant. If he upholds the censors having read their remarks I can only apologise for taking badly what turns out to be a fair verdict.’ (4 September 1938, 3pp).

Article by Fr Gerald Kennedy SJ on China

A file relating to an article by Fr Gerald Kennedy SJ on China. Includes the MS of the article (92pp) and censor's reports on the article - relates to Fr Kennesy's voyage to Hong Kong,and travelogue about Rotterdam, Germany, Colombo and Manila.

Kennedy, Gerald L, 1889-1949, Jesuit priest and medical doctor

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