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Br James Kavanagh SJ

  • IE IJA J/196
  • File
  • 28 May 1932 - 14 March 1982
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Material relating to Br James Kavanagh SJ including admission details, catalogue entry, correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials and mortuary card.

Kavanagh, James, 1910-1982, Jesuit brother

Correspondence with Dr John Charles McQuaid, Archbishop of Dublin

Correspondence with Dr John Charles McQuaid, Archbishop of Dublin (mostly holograph letters from the Archbishop and copies of Fr. Provincial’s replies) on various matters. Includes letters concerning:

  • the purchase of additional land from Mr Bewley adjoining Milltown Park, on which to build a secondary school (See also 1940s correspondence with Archbishop McQuaid);
  • the question of the payment of workers for work on parochial and ecclesiastical buildings on Holy Days of Obligation;
  • the Statement issued on behalf of the Hierarchy with regard to ‘the raising of military forces and the waging of war’ (persuading ‘young men not to join the new I.R.A. and kindred groups, or if they have joined, to disassociate themselves from such groups’);
  • the proposed acquisition of new buildings on Eglinton Road (now the Province Curia, No. 87 Eglinton Road) for the Society to ‘relieve a certain congestion we are experiencing at present in our Dublin Houses’;
  • the appointment of Jesuits to various ecclesiastical offices;
  • the Commission considering the question of Licensing Laws;
  • Jesuit Missions to the Irish in Britain (see also ADMN/3/62);
  • the Technical Schools – ‘It is not in any sense an exaggeration to say that the assistance of the Society has made possible the establishment of a firm system of Religious Instruction, for the first time, in the Vocational and Technical Schools’ (letter of Archbishop McQuaid to Fr Provincial, 8 June 1959, 1p.) (see also ADMN/3/61);
  • the formation of a committee to select candidates for beatification among the Irish martyrs (see also ADMN/3/24; 43; 48 and 49);
  • the publication of spiritual books in Irish by the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary attached to Gardiner Street Church (see also ADMN/3/59 and 65);
  • the appointment of Jesuit lecturers in University College Dublin;
  • the proposal to establish a federation of the Sodalities of Our Lady in the Dublin Diocese.
    Also includes covering letter and copy of the minutes of the General Meeting of the Irish Actors’ Equity Association held on 27 April 1958.

McQuaid, John Charles, 1895-1973, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin

File relating to Fr Peter M Troddyn SJ

  • IE IJA J/421/1
  • File
  • 15 September 1933-27 November 1982
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

A file relating to Fr Peter M Troddyn SJ. Includes correspondence concerning his appointment as acting editor of 'Studies' following advice to Fr Roland Burke Savage SJ from his doctor to be relieved of this position (20 - 22 December 1967, 2 items). Includes correspondence concerning the publication of a manuscript by Fr Francis Finegan SJ 'The Jesuits in Ireland 1598-1773 (17 December 1973-13 December 1974, 6 items, and 6-15 March 1976, 3 items), correspondence concerning a memorial fund in honour of Dan Chambers, and ex pupil of Mungret who died in a car accident (December 1977 - 16 January 1978, 4 items). Including application to join the Society, correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials, memorial card and catalogue entries.

Fr Donal B Mulcahy SJ

File containing Donal Mulcahy’s admission papers and correspondence with provincials concerning his renunciation of property and his years of work at Tullabeg, Gonzaga College and the Milltown Institute.

Mulcahy, Donal B, 1912-1994, Jesuit priest

Fr Joseph Kavanagh SJ

  • IE IJA J/197
  • File
  • 19 October 1939 - 30 July 1987
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File of materiel relating to Fr Joseph Kavanagh SJ including: correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials; his work at St Joseph's East Wall and St Kevin's, Harrington Street, Dublin: catalogue entry: obituary and correspondence relating to his death in a motorcycle accident.

Kavanagh, Joseph, 1913-1982, Jesuit priest

Fr Kyran J Fitzgerald SJ

  • IE IJA J/504
  • File
  • 15 July 1940 - 7 May 1997
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Material relating to Kyran Fitzgerald's admission to the Society; his final illness and some subsequent correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials.

Fitzgerald, Kyran J, 1922-1997, Jesuit priest

Fr Redmond F Roche SJ

File relating to Fr Redmond F Roche SJ, including application to join the Society, correspondence with Irish Fr Provincials, catalogue entries, memorial card and (57) photographs of Jesuits, on holiday, plays, and outdoor scenes (some of the same photographs are in the papers of Fr William R Prendergast SJ, IE IJA J/365).

Roche, Redmond F, 1904-1983, Jesuit priest

Fr Richard H Brenan SJ

  • IE IJA J/495
  • Subfonds
  • 10 August 1936 - 31 December 1995
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File relating to the admission of Richard Brenan to the Society of Jesus and subsequent professional life including correspondence relating to retreat work and from a sabbatical year at the École S. Louis de Gonzague, 12 rue Franklin, 75016, Paris.

Brenan, Richard Henry, 1918-1995, Jesuit priest

Gonzaga College SJ

In 1947, the decision to open a Jesuit school on the south side of Dublin was taken. The purchase in 1949 of Sandford Lodge and Sandford Hill belonging to the Bewley Estate consisted of 15 acres in Ranelagh, two miles south of Dublin city centre. The college opened on 8 September 1950, with 52 boys registering. The founding Jesuit Superior (and later first Rector) was Fr Charles O'Conor SJ (The O' Conor Don) (1906-1981), and the first Prefect of Studies was Fr Bill White SJ (1912-1988).

The papers of Gonzaga College consist mainly of letters relating to: the foundation of the College (1950); prospectus and rules (1950); annual financial statements and accounts of the school and community (1958-1979); correspondence between the Rectors of Gonzaga College and Irish Jesuit Provincials concerning school and community matters, such as finance, staffing and building (1960-1980); school administration (1970-1988); planning and development (1972-1977); building and renovations (1963-1981); educational affairs such as the teaching of physics, chemistry and religious education (1966-1975). There are only a few early photographs of Gonzaga College (1950-1970).

Letter from Sr Beatrice [ ] Delahunt, St Joseph's, Carmelite Convent, Ranelagh to Fr [ ] concerning a book on Devotion to St Joseph

Letter from Sr Beatrice [ ] Delahunt, St Joseph's, Carmelite Convent, Ranelagh to Fr [ ] concerning a book on Devotion to St. Joseph translated by some members of the order. Asks for Fr [ ]'s sanction for the book. Remarks that they are waiting for the Cardinal's imprimatur for the book.

Photographs taken by Fr Richard Brenan SJ of Fr Frank Browne SJ

Negatives taken by Fr Richard Brenan SJ of:

  1. Fr Frank Browne SJ at desk;
  2. Mr Maurice Leahy SJ, Fr William White SJ and Fr Frank Browne SJ at breakfast at Gonzaga College;
  3. students playing rugby at Gonzaga College.

Positive photograph of Mr Maurice Leahy SJ, Fr William White SJ and Fr Frank Browne SJ at breakfast.

Brenan, Richard Henry, 1918-1995, Jesuit priest