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Eustace, Thomas, 1636-1700, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1261
  • Person
  • 25 November 1638-30 January 1700

Born: 25 November 1638, Craddockstown, County Kildare
Entered: 01 December 1658, St Andrea, Rome, Italy - Romanae Province (ROM)
Ordained: 1669, Palermo, Sicily
Final Vows: 02 February 1676
Died: 30 January 1700, Irish College, Rome, Italy - Romanae Province (ROM)

1675-1686 at Fermo College (ROM) teaching Philosophy and Grammar - and 1681 teaching Theology at Macerata College
1693-1700 At Irish College in Rome taught Theology, Philosophy and Humanities : Rector 1695-1698

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1692-1695 Rector at Rome. While there in 1692, he received letters from Fathers Relly and Wesly at Poitiers. He sought and procured for the “meritorious and afflicted Irish Mission” 50,000 reales from Fr Emmanuel de Sylva SJ, Lisbon. In 1693 he received a further letter from Father Relly, which was directed to the Greek College, Rome. On 05 February 1695, he received from Father Ininger of Ingolstadt, 500 scudi, or 1,000 florins for the Irish Mission.
In 1690 he was at Poitiers when his nephew William, a lieutenant Sir Maurice Eustace’s infantry writes to tell him that his brother has been killed at the siege of Limerick, “riding as a volunteer”. He also asks him to get him transferred into Tyrconnell’s Horse, in which regiment he would have less work and more pay.
1697 There is a petition against him by his sister-in-law, Mrs Eustace at Craddockstown.

◆ Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Son of William and Jane née Whyte (daughter of Nicholas Whyte at Leixlip)
Had already studied Philosophy at Antwerp before Ent 02 December 1658 Rome
After First Vows he was sent for Regency at Fermo, and then studied Theology at Palermo where he was Ordained c 1669
1669-1671 Sent teaching at Ascoli
1671-1672 Tertianship at Florence
1672-1678 Taught Philosophy and Theology at Fermo, and also spent one year during that time as Penitentiary at Loreto
1679-1681 Sent to Macerata College to teach Philosophy
1681-1683 Sent to Irish College Rome as Prefect of Studies
1683-1684 Sent to Fermo College again to teach Dogmatic Theology
1684-1690 Sent to Ireland and was appointed Superior of the Dublin Residence and school, and was also made a Consultor of the Mission, and was though to be a very suitable candidate for Mission Superior. He remained there until the Williamite conquest, and the Mission Superior Lynch sent him to Rome as Procurator of the Irish Mission. On the way he spent a year at Poitiers to attend to urgent financial business of the Mission in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Dublin.
1691 Arrived in Rome and proved himself a tower of strength of the mission during the darkening years that preceded the penal times acting as procurator of the Irish Mission.
1694 Appointed Rector of Irish College Rome 10 October 1694 and died in office 30 January 1700.

Hamlin, Bartholomew, 1590-1649, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1405
  • Person
  • 24 August 1590-15 August 1649

Born: 24 August 1590, County Meath
Entered: 14 November 1609, St Andrea, Rome, Italy - Romanae Province (ROM)
Ordained: c 1614, Rome, Italy
Professed: 1625
Died: 15 August 1649, County Wexford

Has studied Philosophy and Theology at Rome
1611 In Roman College
1616 Catalogue At College of Ascoli Piceno (ROM) Talent good - ability for Missions above average. Taught Humanities
1619 Not in Catalogue
1621 Catalogue On the Mission 4 years. Strong, good talent and judgement, not so prudent. Is beginning to preach and this gives satisfaction.
1622 Catalogue Is in Leinster
1636 Catalogue Good in all, choleric, a preacher
1639 at Tournai (Tertianship?)
1642 At Mons College

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
He was Professor of Rhetoric and a man of ability; A great Preacher in Wexford;
Born in Drogheda according to one account
1617 Came to Ireland and attached to Dublin or Meath Residence (cf Foley’s "Collectanea")

◆ Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Had already studied at Douai before Ent 14 November 1609 Rome
After First Vows he resumed studies at the Roman College and was Ordained c 1614
Sent to teach at Ascoli he was then sent to Ireland 1616/7. Henry Fitzsimon had proposed that he should be appointed Procurator of Irish affairs in Rome, but the General was unwilling due to his short number of years in the Society.
1616/7 Sent to Ireland and to Dublin Residence. He taught Humanities at Back Lane.
1630 Fr General ordered the Mission Superior to admit Fr Hamlin to Final Vows, but in 1639 he was still a “scholastic”. It is likely that he met with the disapproval of the Anglo-Irish Consultors of the Provincial.
1639 Sent to Belgium with no reference to the General, who demanded an explanation. There was correspondence between the General and the Mission Superior for a time.
1644 Fr General ordered that Fr Hamlin be sent back to Ireland. He was sent to teach at the Wexford school.
1649 Verdure’s Visitation reported that he was a good teacher but that “he spoke out rather too freely in favour of the Nuncio, so that the Supreme Council was for putting him in prison”. He died in Wexford 15 August 1649

◆ George Oliver Towards Illustrating the Biography of the Scotch, English and Irish Members SJ
HAMLIN, BARTHOLOMEW, was a Sexagenarian at Wexford, in 1649, but in full vigour, teaching Rhetoric with great spirit, and meriting the reputation of an excellent and fearless preacher.

Nowlan, Henry Stanislaus, 1718-1791, Jesuit priest

  • IE IJA J/1836
  • Person
  • Born 11 April 1718-03 December 1791

Born: 11 April 1718, Dublin
Entered: 30 July 1746, St Andrea, Rome, Italy (ROM)
Ordained: 30 July 1744, Rome, Italy - pre Entry
Final Vows: 15 August 1756
Died: 03 December 1791, Townsend St, Dublin

Had been a student of the Irish College Rome before Ent and Ordained in 1744
1760-1766 Rector Irish College Rome - in 1762 was Irish Agent in Rome and in communication with Fr Ricci (cf Fr Ward letter to Fr Betagh)
1766 Living outside ROM

◆ Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
1757 he was no doubt the “Enrico Nolan” who preached before the Pope (cf de Backer “Biblioth. des Écrivains SJ” under “Rome”) This view is confirmed by the fact that he was a friend of Father Thorpe, who went to Rome in 1756,
1773 In Dublin at the time of the Suppression, and one of the fifteen Irish Professed Fathers who signed an agreement on the Feast of Aloysius, 1776, to preserve the Mission funds for the Society, which they hoped to see restored.
1784 On 31/07/1754 he along with Richard O’Callaghan and Paul Power were named legatees and executors in John Fullam’s will.
1785 An Irish convert and friend of his, Thomas Smyth, writes from Angers to the “Rev H Nowlan, 20 Fleet St , Dublin” and says he “had a letter from father Thorpe, nothing new, ad if any thing, will let him know”. He writes again in 1788 to “Rev H Nowlan, 122 Townsend St, Dublin”, and says “Mr Thorpe was well when I heard. My children are at the Academy of Liège (probably Charles and Harry Smyth - cf “Records SJ”, Intro, Vol vii, p li and lii). My brother has a leaning towards Catholicity and wants me to join him in selling our property in Ireland and settling here. Please get my Pedigree done, as my son is going to be a Chevalier de Malte”.
1789 On 20/01/1789 - Henry Stanislaus Nowlan, of Townsend St in the city of Dublin, gent, in his will desires to be buried in his family burial place in St Peter’s Churchyard” and leaved his property to Father O’Halloran )ex-Jesuit) and Mr O’Callaghan, flour merchant, and brother of the Jesuit, no doubt for the Societatis Ressurrectura. (From HIB Archives and Bracken’s “Memoirs of the Suppression”)
Fr Betagh wrote to Father Stone that all the fathers in Ireland at the time of the Suppression were Professed, so I had put Father Nowland down as such, as he was in Ireland 1768 and 1772 (Hogan’s note)

◆ Fr Francis Finegan SJ :
Had studied at Irish College in Rome and was Ordained there 30 July 1744
1748-1752 After First Vows he was sent for Regency to Ascoli teaching Humanities
1752-1754 He was sent to hold a Chair of Philosophy at Ancona
1754-1757 Sent to Rome as Prefect of Studies at the Irish College, and a year later appointed to teach Philosophy at the Roman College
1757-1759 He was sent to the English College as Prefect of Studies
1759-1766 Rector Irish College Rome on 16 September 1759
1766 Hard to determine his movements. It was said in ROM Catalogue that he was in England, but this is questionable. He was back in Ireland at the time of the Suppression, and was one of the ex-Jesuit signatories who accepted on this on 07 January 1774 At the Dublin brief.
1774 He was then incardinated in the Dublin diocese where he served successively as Curate at Mary's Lane and Townsend Street Chapels. He died at the latter sometime between 20th January and 27th June 1789
Up to the time of his death he took an active part in the discussions and resolutions of the Dublin ex-Jesuits concerning the funds of the former Society which they administered in trust against the hoped-for day of the 'Society's Restoration

◆ James B Stephenson SJ Menologies 1973
Father Henry Nowlan SJ 1715-1791
Fr Henry Nowlan was one of the trustees of the Mission Funds after the Suppression.

He worked as a secular priest in St Michan’s Dublin and died in Townsend Street Dublin in 1791.

◆ MacErlean Cat Miss HIB SJ 1670-1770
Loose Note : Henry Nowlan
Those marked with
were working in Dublin when on 07 February 1774 they subscribed their submission to the Brief of Suppression
John Ward was unavoidably absent and subscribed later
Michael Fitzgerald, John St Leger and Paul Power were stationed at Waterford
Nicholas Barron and Joseph Morony were stationed at Cork
Edward Keating was then PP in Wexford