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Colman, Michael P, 1858-1920, Jesuit priest
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Letters from Fr William G. Lockington SJ to Irish Fr Provincial concerning the Mission in Australia

A file of letters from Fr William G. Lockington SJ to Irish Fr Provincial concerning the Mission in Australia. Includes a letter written on board the "Resaro" between Naples and Palermo concerning his success at obtaining two Italian Fathers for the parish of Richmond during a visit to Italy. (nd, 4pp). Includes a letter seeking permission to secure extra ground adjoining St. James' Church in Richmond (23 December 1914, 2pp). Includes a letter summarising points raised at meetings discussing the management of Newman College and the appointment of a Rector. Remarks that Dr. Mannix would like to see Fr Albert Power SJ appointed to the position. Refers to Fr Michael Colman SJ and the problems he is causing for the mission. Remarks that he was the source of much concern while serving as a Military Chaplain. (29 May 1918, 6pp). Includes a letter referring to the purchase of a Catholic paper 'The Advocate' by Dr Mannix. Remarks that the Archbishop (of Melbourne) wishes a Jesuit to become the editor and manager (10 January 1919, 3pp). Includes a report on the Juniorate in Australia by Fr Lockington (23 September 1919, 10pp). Includes a letter referring to the Irish-Australasian Convention to be held in Australia. Remarks that approximately 200,000 people are expected (29 October [1919], 1p). Includes a letter referring to an offer of St. Leo's University to the Jesuits by Dr Duhig, Archbishop of Brisbane. (19 November 1919, 3pp). Includes letters concerning the possibility of Australia becoming an independent mission. Remarks 'There is a very strong feeling of love for Ireland among ours out here and regrets would be keen if a separation came about. Of course all realize that with growth such is the natural course of things but I for one would always be in favour of sending Ours to Ireland for theology. This is a Protestant country with a Protestant atmosphere and a breath of the Catholic atmosphere of Ireland is the best antidote to that I know.' ([1] February 1923, 2pp & 5 October 1924, 4pp).

Lockington, William, 1871-1948, Jesuit priest

Possibility of removing Fr Michael Colman SJ from Australia

Note written by Fr [ ] SJ on Fr Michael Colman SJ advising his removal from Australia. Details various incidents and refers to the problems he created while serving as a military chaplain. Remarks 'Fr J. Ryan says that neither he nor Fr T. Browne could [do] anything with him and he thinks that his mind is affected.'

Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia, 1865-1931