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Irish Mission of the Society of Jesus, 1542-1773 Dublin City Historical events
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The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626

M.A. thesis by James J Corboy SJ, entitled 'The Jesuit Mission to Ireland 1596-1626' at the faculty of Modern History, UCD (2 copies, 248pp each) (1941) with separate bibliography and index (34pp). Also includes letter from Dr R Dudley Edwards, UCD and Fr Jerome Mahony SJ concerning ‘Lord Justice Loftus’ and ‘Carew’ (5pp) (21 June 1954), and letter from Fr Jerome Mahony SJ to Fr Roland Burke Savage SJ that he has completed Menelogy up to 1800 (13 February 1956).

Corboy, James, 1916-2004, Jesuit priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Monze

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Includes:

  • letter from Fr James Rabbitte SJ to Fr John MacErlean SJ, concerning Galway records and Jesuit chalices (1 December 1935, 2pp);
  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the chalice of the Galway Jesuits (n.d., 1p.) and drafts of a typescript article by [Fr Francis Finegan SJ] on the Centenary of St Ignatius’ Galway, recalling the history of the Jesuits in the city in the seventeenth century (1963, 8pp and 9pp);
  • copybook by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the Jesuits in Galway using James Hardiman's version of 1651 map, and his history of Galway [1905], (71pp). Includes letter from Fr John MacErlean SJ, University College, St Stephen's Green, Dublin to Fr William Byrne SJ, St Ignatius, Galway on townlands (19 September 1905).

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr John MacErlean SJ on various matters

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr John MacErlean SJ on various matters including:
– Fr MacErlean’s censure on a Society Appeal for Funds;
– the progress of his historical research, news from Rome and news about the Society in Australia;
– the establishment of the Society in Ireland including a ‘list of whatever documents exist to my knowledge regarding the establishment of the Society in Ireland…What exactly the establishment of the Society in Ireland means I do not know. It may be a question for a canonist to solve. The canonical succession of the New Society to the Old is disputed, and Rome has never decided the point’;
– the proposed purchase of a volume consisting of ‘the indexes of the first eleven volumes of the Bollandist Acta Sanctorum down to the 3rd volume of April’ and the binding which is ‘much older than the contents…the binding of a Missal that was presented to Father (Nicholas) Leynach in 1613 - 14 by Francis Bray, at a time when Fr Leynach was trying to establish a chapel or oratory of the Society in Clonmel’;
– the Irish College in Rome;
– lists of books the Province could present to ‘the library to be established for the use of the Coll(egium) Scriptorum and a ‘list of those members of our Province who might now or hereafter be fit to cooperate with the Collegium Scriptorum in the production of works’ and a
– ‘Brief Sketch of the Work of the Irish Jesuits from the foundation to the Suppression of the Society 1540 – 1773’ (11pp).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin

Material relating to the Jesuits in Dublin. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ, on Dublin Jesuits and their activities from 1592 to 1800 [1910]-[1950] (180pp);
  • typescript extract from the 1766 South Dublin Religious Census (5pp);
  • photocopies of newspaper articles on Jesuits in Dublin (18[ ], 1961, 1962, 3pp);
  • copy of John Speed’s plan of Dublin, 1610, showing Back Lane (Jesuit residence in the 1620s) (1p.);
  • book, 'The Jesuits in Dublin, or Brief Biographical Sketches of those Deceased Members of the Society of Jesus, who were Born or who Laboured in the Irish Metropolis; with an Account of the Parish of St Michan, their Ancient Residence' by William J Battersby (John Fowler, 3 Crow Street, Dame Street, Dublin, 1854) (124pp);
  • pamphlet 'The Parish of St Michan' by Very Rev. Myles Ronan, (Dollard, Printinghouse Ltd., Dublin, 19[48]). Presented to Fr Charles Scantlebury SJ by the author. (c.30pp);
  • booklet 'The History of the Roman Catholic Church and Parish of St Michan, Dublin' (Office of ‘The Irish Builder’, Dublin, 1892). Includes references to Jesuits, p.19 - 23 and p.27 - 29 (34pp);
  • reprint from 'Archivium Hibernicum', Vol. XXIV, 1970, entitled 'Letters from a Jesuit in Dublin on the Confraternity of the Holy Name, 1747 - 1748 (Documents from the archives of the Irish College, Rome)', edited by Hugh Fenning, O.P., p.133 - 154 (22pp);
  • extract from 'Reportorium Novum' entitled 'The Jesuits in Dublin (1660 - 1760)' by Fr Francis Finegan SJ, p.43 – 100 (58pp);
  • extracts from 'Interfuse', No. 18, Christmas 1981 and No. 19, February 1982, entitled 'Old Dublin S.J.' and 'Jesuit Dublin' by Eddie O'Donnell, on the various Old Society Jesuit residences in Dublin (2 items, both 11pp) and
  • pamphlet 'Roman Catholic Chapels in Dublin AD 1749' with an introduction by Most Rev. N. Donnelly, Bishop of Canea, (Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, Dublin, 1907) (40pp).