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Irish Jesuit Missions Finance
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Account for the Melbourne Mission

Account for the Melbourne Mission, total receipts and expenses in Australia, '3 students and one teacher were fed daily'.

Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia, 1865-1931

Bound volume of the accounts of the Australian Mission in account with the Irish Province

Bound volume of the accounts of the Australian Mission in account with the Irish Province. Includes Robert Little Estate (23 March 1922 - 25 February 1926, pp. 246 - 247), Fr Joseph Canavan's Estate (1 March 1924, p. 399), Half Year's Contribution (25 March 1884 - 29 September 1884 pp. 401 - 402).

Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia, 1865-1931

Correspondence between Mission Office & Zambia

File of correspondence relating to finance between Frs Thomas J. Martin SJ and Vincent Murphy SJ, Mission Office, Dublin and Irish Jesuits in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) including Jesuits William Lee, Joseph Gill, Daniel Byrne, Louis Meagher, Tom Cooney, Des O'Loghlen, James Carroll, John J. O'Leary, Eddie Murphy and John Counihan concerning finance (1951-1978). Includes notes concerning statement of Principal Expenses (1949-1954); annual accounts (1951-1952; 1956-1957; 1965-1966) of Northern Rhodesia / Zambia; contents and financial details of material (trunks) sent to Zambia and procedure for travelling to Northern Rhodesia / Zambia (1956-1963); list of Jesuits who departed for Zambia (1965-1966); Zambia Province Fund (1986).

Correspondence from Archbishop Adam Kozlowiecki (1955-1972)

File of correspondence between Fr Thomas J. Martin SJ, Dublin, Ireland and Monsignor Adam Kozlowiecki SJ (at various times Vicar Apostolic of Lusaka, Archbishop of Lusaka and Cardinal) Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia / Zambia. Includes letters from Fr Paddy Walsh SJ; signed postcard and photograph by Archbishop Kozlowiecki; correspondence on fundraising issues and finance.

Kozłowiecki, Adam, 1911-2007, Archbishop of Lusaka

Letters from Irish Jesuits in Zambia to the Mission Office, Ireland

File of correspondence from Irish Jesuits mainly in Chikuni and Choma, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) to Fr Thomas J. Martin SJ, Mission Office, Milltown Park (later Upper Sherrard Street), Dublin concerning the Chikuni Mission (administration, building plans, school life, finance, requests for supplies and general life there). Includes letters from Frs Dan Byrne, Arthur Clarke, Bernard Collins, Tom Cooney, Joseph Mary Gill, William Lee, Joe McCarthy, Tom McGivern, Louis Meagher, Des O'Loghlen, Charles O'Connor and Brian Sharkey.

  • letter from Fr Joseph Mary Gill SJ indicating the work he has to do as a teacher as well as been Mission Procurator '...the farm is a big worry. There is something wrong with the cattle and five have just died and a number of the others are sick' (12 October 1950);
  • statement by Fr Brian Sharkey SJ entitled 'Some highlights in missionary life for me' which outlines his time at the Chikuni Mission [1951];
  • letter from Fr Tom Cooney SJ in which he describes the plant needed from Bord na Mona, 'the 60 K.V.A. would be rather large for Chikuni' (16 September 1953); - Chikuni Mission statistics for the year ending 31st December 1953; - letter from Fr Thomas McGivern SJ which includes plan of a map of the buildings at Chikuni (1 January 1954);
  • letter in which Fr Louis Meagher SJ is frustrated with the lack of skills of those been sent out to the mission, 'Could it not be possible to arrange that the brother in Tullabeg be detailed off to give lesson to the scholastics once their names are made known for the missions' (29 September 1956);
  • letter from Fr Des O'Loghlen SJ, Choma, Northern Rhodesia informing of the death of Fr Danny Byrne SJ (6 May 1964);
  • account of the death of Fr Arthur Cox (11 June 1965).

Letters from John Duff, Castletown, Isle of Man to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ

Letters from John Duff, Castletown, Isle of Man to Fr Matthew Gahan SJ.[Douglas, Isle of Man]. The first letter thanks Fr Gahan for officiating at his marriage. The second letter refers to a debt of money due to Fr Gahan. Remarks that he is not pleased with the tone of Fr Gahan's letter in which he requests repayment. Remarks that he is not liable for the debt and advises Fr Gahan to contact Robert Duff of the late firm owned by Robert and John Duff for repayment of the debt.

Duff, John