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Irish Jesuit Missions Ryan, John, 1849-1922, Jesuit priest Chaplains
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Chaplains for Australian troops fighting in the war

A file relating to an urgent request for chaplains for Australian troops fighting in the war. Includes letter from Dr Thomas Carr, D.D., Archbishop of Melbourne, St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne to Fr John Ryan SJ (Superior of the Mission) asking Fr Ryan to spare a priest to become a chaplain; telegrams and application by Fr Patrick Tighe SJ to serve.

Carr, Thomas Joseph, 1839-1917, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne

Letters from Fr John Ryan SJ to Irish Fr Provincial concerning the Mission in Australia

An extensive file of letters from Fr John Ryan SJ to Irish Fr Provincial. As Superior of the Mission (11 February 1901 - 14 June 1908 & 9 April 1913 - 24 October 1917), Fr Ryan wrote to his superior, the Irish Fr Provincial on all matters concerning the administration (including visitations he made to the various communities) of the Mission and members of the Society living and working in see also Australia. Includes a letter to Fr J. Murphy SJ concerning Fr John O'Neill's health. Remarks '...there is only one proper course open to us viz. to send Fr O'Neill to Europe where he will have, at least, a chance of recovery...He is a source of constant anxiety, and we have no institution in Australia where we can put him, except the public Lunatic Asylum.' Remarks that following discussion with his Consultors he has decided to send Fr O'Neill home. (8 December 1902, 2pp). Includes a memorandum concerning the mission of the Jesuit Fathers in North Sydney. (5 March 1912, 7pp). Includes a letter concerning the Sydney Synod. Remarks 'It seems the secular clergy are urging His Grace to dock more and more the missionary districts of Regulars and apparently he means to satisfy them as much as possible.' (6 August 1913, 2pp). Includes a letter discussing the proposed additions to St. Aloysius College (6 August 1913, 5pp). Includes a letter referring to the war and the difficulty of sending letters. Remarks '…it is a blessing that so far none of our mail boats have been sunk'. Refers to Sevenhills and remarks that he will do his best '…to work up the Altar Wine Industry which I hope will be of great help to Loyola. And I do hope you will succeed in getting some Bros. That understand the making of wine.' Concludes by remarking that more chaplains are needed by the Military Authorities and remarks that he cannot supply even one Father. Refers to Fr Hearne SJ, at the front and remarks '…everyone who has met him is loud in his praises.' (9 February 1914, 2pp). Includes a letter concerning a loan for Riverview (a second mortgage on the property) (18 February 1914, 3pp). Includes a letter regarding the reopening of the Novitiate at Loyola (18 February 1914, 4pp). Includes a letter concerning the proposed administration of St. John's College in the University of Sydney by the Jesuit Fathers (23 - 25 February 1914, 3pp). Includes a letter (with rough drawings) regarding the alterations made at Loyola for the reopening of the Novitiate (16 June 1914, 3pp). Includes a letter referring to a statement sent to Fr General concerning the lax discipline at Riverview. Remarks that the statements made by Fr General were too sweeping (1 September 1915, 2pp). Includes letters concerning an offer made by Archbishop Dunne (Archbishop of Brisbane), Toowong Parochial District, Brisbane. In a letter from Fr Ryan to Fr Thomas V Nolan SJ he remarks that Toowong would be the most suitable district in Brisbane for the work of the Jesuits (29 August 1915 - 18 June 1916, 9 items). Includes letters see also concerning the property Ellangowan (Adelaide) and the desire of the Society of Jesus to secure the property (9 March 1916, 3pp). Includes a number of letters concerning a new Superior for Norwood and problems with Fr McCurtin over the matter (8 March 1916 - 27 March 1916, 6 items). Includes a letter expressing his surprise at the employment of female cooks at Xavier College, Kew, Melbourne. Remarks that he challenged Fr O'Dwyer SJ (Rector) about it at once as 'It was well known that I would not consent without referring the matter to Your Reverence.' Includes a letter from Fr O'Dwyer to Fr Ryan explaining the reasons why he employed female cooks (1 April 1917 & 2 April 1917, 2 items). Includes a memorandum concerning the sending of Juniors to Ireland and opposition of the Consultors to sending them to Ireland. Outlines various reasons why the Consultors are opposed to this (2 May 1917, 1p). Includes a letter referring to a meeting with the Consultors at which the question of a Juniorate in Australia was fully discussed (30 October 1917, 1p).

Ryan, John, 1849-1922, Jesuit priest