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Finlay, Thomas A, 1848-1940, Jesuit priest and economist Lower Leeson Street
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Certified copies of deed appointing trustees, Rev. Thomas A. Finlay

Rev. Thomas A. Finlay, 35 Lower Leeson Street, city of Dublin (the Settlor); 1st part.
Rev. Thomas A. Finlay, George O'Brien, 40 Northumberland Road, county Dublin, Doctor of Letters and Joseph Hugh Murray, 40 St. Kevin’s Park, Dartry Road, County Dublin, Esquire (the Trustees); 2nd part.

Fr Finlay is entitled to several sums of £1,075 and £1,228.10s 5% state-guaranteed mortgage bonds of the Agricultural Credit Corporation with which he wishes to establish a Rural Industrial Trust Fund.

Fr Finlay transfers the money with a view to the formation of the Trust Fund, to the Trustees subject to a number of clauses, including that the Trustees apply the annual income arising from the bonds ‘in aiding or assisting in such manner as they shall consider most beneficial the poorer workers in Rural Industries…in any part of Ireland including Northern Ireland.’

Finlay, Thomas A, 1848-1940, Jesuit priest and economist