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Nine photographic albums belonging to Fr Frank Browne SJ containing positives (his own)

Nine photographic albums belonging to Fr Frank Browne SJ containing positives (his own). Fr Browne has captioned some of the albums:

  1. Crosses of Ireland: 94 photographs.
  2. English churches: 197 photographs.
  3. “People I have seen in many lands”: Scotland, Australia, Africa, Egypt, Tipperary, Ireland, Australia, Ceylon, South Africa. 95 photographs, captioned.
  4. Rock of Cashel, Moyne Abbey, Murrisk Abbey, Buttevant Abbey, Kells, Urlaur, Ardmore. 95 photographs, captioned.
  5. Ardfert Cathedral, Athassel Priory, Ballysadare, Boyle Abbey, Cashel, Claregalway Friary, Crevalea Friary, Kilconell Friary. 1925-29, 96 photographs, captioned.
  6. Religious sites in Clare: Clare Abbey, Ennis, Killaloe, Killone, Quin St Flannan and St Molua. 15-16 August 1930, 96 photographs, captioned.
  7. Prehistoric antiquities around Ireland (ringforts, standing stones, ogham stones, dolmens, Grianán Ailigh). 96 photographs.
  8. Cistercian Abbeys of Ireland: Volume 1. Mellifont, Boyle, Jerpoint, Holy Cross, Dunbrody, Graiguenamanagh, Tracton, Hore. 1929-1930, 179 photographs, captioned.
  9. Cistercian Abbeys of Ireland: Volume 2. Bective, Assaroe, Inniscourey, Tintern, Knockmoy, Kilcooley, Mount St Joseph Roscrea. 1930-1931, 132 photographs, captioned.

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

'The Ignatian'

Photocopy of pages of the 'The Ignatian' 1929 - 30; 1979-80'; which contains an article by Fr Liam Greene SJ on the history of Coláiste Iognáid and sketches and photographs of the 'Jes' and the students of the school, circa 1910 - 1918.

Greene, Liam F, 1942-2008, Jesuit priest

Notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the history of the Jesuits in Galway

Volumes of handwritten notes by Fr James Rabbitte SJ charting the history of the Jesuits in Galway: ‘The fragments gathered in this book deal with the Society in Galway. 1: From the time Fr Holywood was appointed Superior of the Irish Mission in 1598 down to the Suppression of the Soc[iety]. 2: From the coming of Fr Haly as Superior of a Residence and School to Galway in 1859.’ Includes inserts of hand drawn maps of Galway; local history notes; photographs and newspaper clippings; Fr Rabbitte traces the history of the Jesuits in Galway through the use of primary material which are quoted and his knowledge of Jesuit history. Details Superiors of the College and Residence in Galway; Directors of the Confra[ternity] of the Sacred Heart; list of priests educated at St Ignatius College, Galway. Early photograph of St Ignatius Church, Galway and St Ignatius College Athletic Sports at Merlin Park.

Rabbitte, James, 1857-1940, Jesuit priest

Piscatorial School, Galway

Enquiry by Walter T. Murphy, Michigan, USA to Fr John Humphreys SJ relating to the supposed Jesuit involvement in a piscatorial school in Galway. Includes letters between Fr Humphreys and Padraig Folen, and Fr Humphreys response to Mr Murphy, with a copy of an article by Luke J. Tanney, O.P in which the Piscatorial School in Galway was a Dominican foundation and not a foundation of the Jesuits.

Murphy, Walter T.

Galway in 1645

Note on what happened in Galway in 1645 - marriage stone of Thomas Lynch who married J. Browne by G. Quinn P. P.

Irish Province News, Galway

Photocopies of entries for the Jesuit community at Galway and at St Ignatius College, contained in the Jesuit publication, the Irish Province News.

Album to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College

Photographic album mainly related to the events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes photographs of: Jesuit residences; the President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera with members of the Jesuit community; photocopies of photograph of the Hurling team and Irish Speakers in 1904 taken from ‘The Ignatian’; Fr Patrick O'Kelly SJ; pasted inserts of receipts from 1879 to 1895 for cleaning, stained glass windows of 2 lights and tracery and missal stand; group photograph of the St Ignatius Gaelic Football team of 1935-1936.

Connacht Tribune, newspaper

The Elements of Euclid Explain’d

‘The Elements of Euclid Explain’d, in a new, but most easie method.’3rd Edition by Fr Claude Millet de Chales SJ, published in Oxford, 1700. Printed by L.L. for M. Gillyflower at the Spread-Eagle in Westminister–Hall and W. Freeman at the Bible over against the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street, 1700.

With inscriptions, ‘1703 Dec 23 Mr Phil[bishop] E[x] lib Jno (John) Ellis’, stamp of ‘N Riordan’ and ‘Edwin Barton from his father’
Presented to Fr Fergal McGrath SJ by Frances Riordan, 23 St Clements Rd, Harrogate, England (March 1953).

Dechales, Claude François Milliet, 1621-1678, Jesuit priest and mathematician

Sherwood Fields, Galway

Copy of draft deed related to lands in Sherwood Fields, Rahoon, Galway deposited with the Sisters of Mercy, 'This Indenture made the 23 day of May 1864 Between Joseph Lentaigne of Upper Gardiner Street in the City of Dublin and Fr Stephen A Farrell SJ of the Town of Galway...John William Whaley of Hardwick Street'. Written on a copy of the register of persons entitled to vote for the election of MP's of the Barony of Kilconnell, County Galway, 30 November 1861 - 1 December 1862.

Lentaigne, Joseph, 1805-1884, Jesuit priest

Property at Renmore, Galway

File relating to the land at Renmore belonging to the Jesuit Fathers at St Ignatius’ Galway. Includes précis of evidence between the Jesuit Fathers and Galway Corporation and correspondence between W.B Gavin & Co. Solicitors, Fr Robert McGoran SJ, Galway and Donal O’ Buachall & Co. Ltd.

McGoran, Robert O, 1920-2007, Jesuit priest

Nuttall’s Garden, Raleigh Row, Galway

File of correspondence related to the valuation and purchase of plot know as Nuttall’s Garden, Raleigh Row between Fr O’ Connor SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway and Joyce, Mackie & Lougheed, Auctioneers, 34 Eyre Square, Galway, Ambrose J. Roche, Auctioneer, 8 Forster Street, Galway, Richard G. Emerson, Solicitor, 22 Eyre Square, Galway. Includes valuation for purchase purposes of the value of a building site belonging to Messrs. McNamara, Maxwell & Co. Ltd.

Estate map for the ‘Galway Estate of John Whaley Esq[ui]re’

Estate map for the ‘Galway Estate of John Whaley Esq[ui]re’ which details the land held in Kilcorkey and Lenaboy, Galway. Outlines of 36 sites are marked by black borders and identified with numbers. The main concentration of sites is around Newcastle Road and Shantalla Road to the north, Sea Road and Shell Lane in the centre and Salt Hill to the south. The southern area is bordered by Galway Bay, indicated by the word ‘SAND’ and dots. Man made features include dwellings, roads and filed boundaries. Orientation is given by a compass. Surveyor: Allan MacDonald.

1 Ordnance Survey of Ireland map of Galway, Sheet 105 (1925). Includes key, scale of one inch to a statute mile, coordinates and distance to other towns.

MacDonald, Allan, surveyor and architect

Pupil fees for St Ignatius College, Galway

Bound register of payment of fees by pupils of St Ignatius College, Galway, (1888 - 1904; 1903 - 1940). Contains handwritten information under the following typewritten headings; name; class; birth date; address; remarks and rate of payment of fees. Arranged chronologically and alphabetically.

Primary and secondary education in Galway

File of material related to the primary school and secondary school in Galway and school policies. Includes details of lectures, lecture notes and reports entitled 'Developing Education in the Seventies'; 'Risking a Lost Culture'; 'Church and State in Secondary Education' (Autumn 1968); the Jesuits and education in Galway; statement of policy for Coláiste Iognáid; 'Scoil Naisiunta'; 'Problems of a minority language in Education (31 October 1971). In Irish and English.

Primary and secondary school calendars

‘Féilire 1936 - 1937 Coláiste Iognáid, S.J., Gallimh’. Calendar for Coláiste Iognáid which details the primary school (bun - scoil) and secondary school (meán scoil), school fees (táillí scoile), list of teachers and calendar of events (In Irish). On the penultimate page, details information re. the College, including the departments (preparatory and intermediate) courses followed, reports, terms, school fees, lunch, discount on fees for brothers subjects taught, extra-curricular activities, discipline, fees, school regulations etc. On reverse, ‘Coisreacad Staidear’ as Gaelige.

Calendar for Coláiste Iognáid

‘Féilire 1956 – 57’; ‘Féilire 1958 - 59’; Coláiste Iognáid, S.J., Gallimh’. Calendar for Coláiste Iognáid which details the forthcoming events during the year (In Irish).

The Ignatian

A school journal edited by the students of St Ignatius College SJ, Galway. Two copies for for Xmas 1903. Vol. 1, No. 1; Four copies for Easter, 1904. Vol. 1, No. ii. Contains news from the College, including sporting achievements, theatrical productions, academic prizes, debates, outings etc. Also includes a tongue in cheek ‘Letters to the Editor’, from students at St Ignatius College. Includes photographs of theatrical groups and sporting activities.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway

School diary for St Ignatius College, Galway. Gives introductory notes for school procedures such as: attendance times; prayer times; class times and duration; study hall; sodality; cleaning of classrooms; books; confessions. Includes details such as list of holidays and religious observance; examinations; results; mass times; school events; retreats; order of time; school inspections; attendances; staff; hours of teaching; sports day; rugby. Includes insert note by Fr Brian Mac Cuarta SJ (3 July 1985), who writes that Fr Conor Naughton SJ, a schoolboy at St Ignatius, Galway (1917-1925) recalls William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) ‘a year ahead of him, was leader of British scouts in school ...Joyce brought a mills bomb into school one day; Ned O'Hanlon brought a revolver ...Joyce played chess with Conor in Naughtons’ (3 July 1985); insert of absence and awards card from Ignatius College, Galway and history of Irish at St Ignatius College, Galway.

The Connacht Tribune and The Connacht Sentinel

Newspaper clippings from the Connacht Tribune and the Connacht Sentinel relating to the Jesuits in Galway; the past pupil union and centenary ceremonies of St Ignatius Church and College in Galway; the building of an extension to Coláiste Iognáid.

The Connacht Sentinel, newspaper

Typewritten newsletters entitled Scoil Iris and Scoil Iris II

Typewritten newsletters produced by pupils of Coláiste Iognáid, with the title ‘Scoil Iris’ and ‘Scoil Iris II’. Includes short pieces by members of the class, including Ivor Ó Fachtna, Liam Ó Dochartaigh on memories of the past year, class activities, sports and trip to Germany. Also contains poems, jokes and music reviews. In Irish.

Ó Fachtna, Ivor

Newsletter entitled 'The Classical Caper'

Typewritten and handwritten newsletter (1961-1963) and printed publication produced in commemoration of the centenary celebrations of the school (1963) by the students of Coláiste Iognáid. Includes articles by pupils on school activities including: sports, theatricals, clubs, societies, quizzes, letters to the editor, editorial, book and film reviews, poetry, jokes, postbag and current affairs. In Irish and English.

School newspaper entitled 'Monitor'

School paper entitled ‘Monitor’ written by the students of Coláiste Iognáid. Includes articles by pupils on school activities such as rowing, school council, quizzes, debating, puzzles, jokes, survey. Editorial and society pages. In Irish and English.

Characters scripts from the play ‘Crossroads’

Characters scripts from the play ‘Crossroads’ performed at St Ignatius College, Galway. Includes characters ‘Marnell’, ‘Carragher’, ‘Duggan’, ‘O’ Cuiv’, ‘Jennings’, ‘McGrath’,‘Whelan’, ‘Flanagan’, ‘MacDonagh’ and ‘Captain Lockard’. Note on front cover, 'Is it by T Sheridan SJ?'.

Programme for the Celebrity Concert sponsored by St Ignatius’ College Past Pupils Union

Programmes for the Celebrity Concert sponsored by St Ignatius’ College P[ast] P[upils] U[nion] presenting Artane Boys’ Band in Seapoint Ballroom on Sunday, March 24th and Monday, March 25th, 1963. Programme contains advertisements and timetable of the event with details of the Artane School Band, Ignatian Choral Group and Peter Joyce’s Dancing Troupe.

School group of St Ignatius College, Galway

School group of St. Ignatius College, Galway. With two Jesuit priests (possibly Fr Henry Foley SJ). In four rows, taken outdoors. Includes two pupils who became Jesuit priests, Daniel Reidy and Gerald Keary. Photographs are taken seconds apart. One has handwritten names.

St Ignatius’ College, Galway, group of several classes

Group of several classes from the school, arranged in 5 rows and taken outdoors with a statute of [St Aloysius Gonzaga] in the centre. (Accompanied by an incomplete handwritten note which identifies Gerald Keary and Fr Henry Foley SJ). Scribbled caption for Fr Henry Foley SJ.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, school group, with three Jesuit priests

School group and three Jesuit priests of St Ignatius College, Galway, taken outdoors (photographer, Clement J. Leaper, 6 Nuns' Island, Galway). One individual is looking out the window. With Vice-Rector, Fr John MacSheahan SJ (centre), Fr Richard Gallagher SJ (left) and Fr Michael Fitzgibbon SJ (right). Names of pupils are handwritten on the mounted board.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, junior group

School group in four rows and five Jesuit priests of St Ignatius College, Galway, taken outdoors (photographer, Clement J. Leaper, Nuns' Island, Galway). With Jesuits Bartholomew Coghlan ,Michael Fitzgibbon, John MacSheahan (Vice-Rector), Richard Gallagher and John A Byrne.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, classrooms

Photographs of students in class at St Ignatius College, Galway. The doors interconnecting the classrooms are open therefore you can view different classes. A Jesuit is standing in both photographs.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, students at play

Black and white photographic album of boys at St Ignatius College, Galway. Includes brief index to the photographs at the front and rear, by way of number on reverse of photograph. Photographs include boys playing Gaelic football, hurling, swimming, physical education, playing in the snow, conker playing, group photographs, individual portraits and school sports day. Two loose photographs are in colour.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, senior rugby team

Group photograph of the St Ignatius College rugby team, Galway. In three rows, taken outdoors, with Fr Richard Gallagher SJ. In the middle is a cup. [Kit is maroon shirt with white horizontal band, white shorts and maroon and white hooped socks].

St Ignatius' College, Galway, senior rugby team

Group photograph of the St Ignatius College senior rugby team, Galway. In three rows, taken outdoors under the goalpost. Names are attached to one mounted photogrph. Two mounted photographs of the same scene include a Jesuit priest and another individual, one with the imprint of Clement J. Leaper, Nuns' Island, Galway.

Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club Rule book

Details the history and rules of the club and has photograph of clubhouse on the front and back covers. St Ignatius Rowing Club was located to the right of the Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club and they used to borrow boats in the past.

Coláiste Iognáid school play

Group photograph of students of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway, on stage during a play. Students are dressed as woman, a gardai, a prisoner and an archbishop - ‘This troupe, having won the Schools Competition in Connaught, went on to win the National Competition in Dublin’. Names are printed on mounted photograph. Includes Peader Feeney, later to become a Jesuit. Taken by photographer, Dowler, Presentation Road, Galway.

Letters to Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ from Dr George Maguire

  • IE IJA J/10/32
  • File
  • 16 October-2 November 1971
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters to Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ from Dr George Maguire concerning his late brother Conor, and a Fr Peter Golding, an Irish teacher at Clongowes Wood College (Dr. Maguire went to Clongowes from 1902 to 1907; Fr Gwynn from 1903 to 1908). Fr Richard Golding SJ taught Irish at CWC. Dr Maguire writes that his father taught Fr Golding Irish when he was living in Cong.

Maguire, George, doctor

Domestic arrangements for the Jesuit community in Galway

File of material related to domestic arrangements for the Jesuit community in Galway. Items include: customs regarding the use of intoxicating liquors (May 1959); General Chapter notices which comment on issues in the house such as the lack of punctuality for dinner; ‘Order of Time’ (1969); notice for all visitors; appointment of House Consultors (26 August 1969); how to facilitate the smooth operation of accounts (16 April 1970), domestic arrangements for community and visitors (November 1971); record of Christmas gifts and cards received by the community, church services over Christmas and Christmas Day menu (1968-1971).

Female students from UCG attend Mass and the Children of Mary Sodality at St Ignatius, Galway

Correspondence between Fr John MacSheahan SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Galway and Fr James O’Dea, Dean, University College Galway over concerns of Fr O’Dea, that pressure was applied to female students to attend Mass and attend the Children of Mary Sodality at St Ignatius Church, instead of the university, ultra vires the authority of St Ignatius Church.

MacSheahan, John, 1885-1956, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Coláiste Iognáid Booklet - Deed of Covenant

Leaflet outlining the history and developments of the Jesuits in Galway and of Coláiste Iognáid, with a request and information for parental funding in the form of a direct cash gift or deed of covenant. Includes details of covenant benefits, sketch map of school are and proposed development programme.

Ministers' Journals for St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks with handwritten entries. Each journal covers a period of between 7 and 15 years.
(1) 1902 - 05; 1920 - 1924; 1932 - 1933
(2) 13 November 1904 - 28 December 1906 (Includes in same volume handwritten accounts from 2 January 1907-30 September 1911)
(3) September 1933 - March 1959
(4) July 1959 - April 1965
(5) 1 May 1965 - 31 December 1969
(6) January 1970 - 1983

The entries relate to Church, community and school matters and events. The comings and goings of various members of the community are recorded, as is their state of health. Visits by bishops, the Father Provincial and other guests are also reported. Arrangements regarding meals and the consumption of alcohol (wine and punch) are dealt with extensively, and references to the ‘Long Table’ appear often. There are also references to the cost of provisions, including food and cigarettes and the weather. Building work, maintenance and repairs are recorded. Monies received for masses and donations are recorded. Many entries relate to feast days and special periods in the Church calendar, e.g. Holy Week and Christmas, and include information such as arrangements made for Masses, other ceremonies and confessions for the public and the community. In relation to the school, entries cover term dates, timetables, holidays, half days, examinations and results, retreats, school tours, sports fixtures and results, sports days theatricals, concerts, debates, sodalities etc. Of the many insertions in these journals, some are glued in and some are loose, and they relate to, amongst other subjects, distribution of holy communion, timetables for the celebration of Mass, novenas, Holy Week arrangements, concert programmes etc. Contemporary national and worldwide events are sometimes reported, e.g., ‘assassination of President Kennedy at about 6.30 p.m Irish time. World stunned’ and ‘British soldiers shot thirteen people at Civil Rights march in Derry. Sharp reaction’. Includes list of students 1919 - 1920; 1920 - 1921

‘Mass Intention Book’ for St Ignatius, Galway

Ledger style notebooks with printed headings and tables and handwritten entries for Mass Intentions, St Ignatius, Galway. Divided by month. The tables detail those for whom the Masses are said; the priest who said the Masses in each case, the amount of money received, and remarks.

Altar notices at St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks and journals with handwritten entries for notices to be read out at Sunday Mass at St Ignatius, Galway. Each entry is headed with the relevant Sunday’s Title, such as the ‘Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost’, the ‘First Sunday of Lent’ etc, or the name of the relevant Feast, ‘Palm Sunday’. Each volume contains announcements in relation to rosaries, benedictions, devotions, novenas, confessions, Mass times, arrangements for Feast Days. There are also announcements in relation to recent deaths in the parish, and requests for prayers for the repose of the souls of those recently deceased and of those whose anniversaries occur. Insert letter, incomplete, in 1912-1914 journal, from an Ursuline nun [Sullivan], and referencing Fr Robert giving a mission in Queenstown (21 August 1862).

2 July 1905 - 12 May 1907;
31 May 1908 - 13 February 1910;
4 August 1912 - 13 December 1914;
20 December 1914 - 16 July 1916;
23 July 1916 - 6 May 1917;
13 May 1917 - 9 February 1919;
16 February 1919 - 2 March 1922;
26 March 1922 - 15 August 1924;
7 September 1924 - 8 January 1928;

Visiting priests at St Ignatius, Galway

Handwritten lined register of visiting priests to St Ignatius Church, Galway. Each entry has the following headings: date; name; address; position in diocese or religious institute. Includes an insert which forbids attendance by the clergy of plays in the 'Taibhdhearc', and by order of the Bishop Galway, ‘visiting priests refrain from smoking in public and from going bare headed in the streets of Galway, or on the promenade at Salthill’ (15 July 1957).

‘Record of 25 years of Weekly Offices etc…and some accounts’ at St Ignatius, Galway

Handwritten register of the dates, times and names of priest who offered Mass at St Ignatius Church, Galway. Includes accounts for St Ignatius Church, ‘received and payments’, which includes, for example, entries under the following headings; alms; stipends; collections; grants; cash for cheques; food; lights; travel; stationary.

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Conor Naughton SJ written during his time as a chaplain

Letters and telegrams to the Irish Fr Provincial from Fr Conor Naughton SJ written during his time as a chaplain with the 10th Rifle Brigade in Saffron Walden, Essex; in Hadleigh Militia Camp, Chapel Lane, Hadleigh (an Anti-Aircraft unit); in Stoke Military Hospital, North Bovey, Devon; based in St Michael’s House, Stanhope Lines, Aldershot, Hants.; Richmond Arms Hotel, Goodwood, Sussex; 47th General Hospital, Mhow, Central India; with 2nd Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment in India; in No. 3 Indian British General Hospital, Poona, India; Combined Military Hospital, Wāltair R.S. and with 14th Battalion, [Durham Light Infantry] in Drake West Camp, Dorset. Fr Naughton took his final vows in Manresa House (England) on 4 February 1942. Includes letter to Irish Fr Provincial from T. Naughton (Fr Naughton’s [father]) (27 July 1942, 1p.) and numerous references to Fr John Hayes SJ (See CHP2/18).

Naughton, Conor I, 1907-1992, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Biographical information and military documents concerning Fr Cyril Perrott SJ

Biographical information, obituaries and memorial card of Fr Cyril Perrott SJ (4 items). Military file 3601/CH(RC) which contains various documents belonging to Fr Cyril Perrott taken from Irish Provincialate (2010). Includes:

  • 6 black and white photographs of unknown people (perhaps niece and brother who lived in Western Australia, and brother who was a Jesuit in Western Australia);
  • details of his successful application for rate of pay increase;
  • release certificate;
  • details of medical prescription;
  • receipt for demand for civilian clothing;
  • document outlining principles and priestly duties;
  • tax requests;
  • request and reply for contingency allowance;
  • documents outlining ration cards and national registration on return to the United Kingdom and instructions to personnel released or invalided during release period to Eire who are granted leave with pay and who are eligible for medical attendance etc, under army regulations (1945/46);
  • claim for award of 1939/45 Star/Burma Star/Defence Medal;
  • obituary (1952);
  • card to be shown by celebret whenever a Chaplain wishes to say Mass;
  • officers’ kit insurance;
  • copy of gospel in funeral Mass and
  • letters from Captain George P. Grossmith.

Perrott, Cyril, 1904-1952, Jesuit priest and chaplain

Newspaper entitled 'Tuairim'

Newspaper by the students of Coláiste Iognáid entitled ‘Tuairim’, Vol.1,2 and Vol. 2, 1. The cover of April 1969 (3 copies) has an image of Che Guevara on its front cover. Articles relate to the stories of students attending Coláiste Iognáid and their interpretation at current local, national and world events. Includes articles on the debating society, quiz, editorial, basketball, judo, football, Marxism and poetry. It appears 'Tuairim' issue for November was not published, and was banned.

Magazine entitled 'Cnó'

Magazine by the students of Coláiste Iognáid entitled ‘Cnó’. Articles relate to the Irish club at Coláiste Iognáid, jokes, quizzes, Galway, history and sport. In Irish.

Newspaper for Coláiste Iognáid entitled ‘Scorcher’

School paper for the Bun-Scoil and Mean-Scoil, Coláiste Iognáid, entitled ‘Scorcher’ written by pupils from Bun-Rang 6 of the primary school. Articles relate to Harry Roberts, council of Bun-Rang, sport, space, music, reflection on the 1960’s, Vietnam, poetry and quizzes. Refers to the banning of ‘Tuairim’ and Scorcher is the only paper now ‘published in St Ignatius College Secondary School or Primary School’.

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