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County Galway
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Letters regarding admissions to the Society of Jesus

Letters to the Irish Fr Provincial from possible candidates and various parish priests seeking information on and interviews to discuss, the possibility of entrance into the Society of Jesus. Also includes applications to join the Society; letters from those who have been accepted and letters concerning financial support from novices’ families.

Walsh, William Joseph, 1841-1921, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin

Information compiled by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the following parishes in the Diocese of Tuam, County Galway

A file containing information compiled by Fr James Rabbitte SJ on the following parishes in the Diocese of Tuam, County Galway:
Killursa & Killower (Headford);
Templetoher and

and the following parishes in county Roscommon: Kiltullagh and Moone/Clarinborean.

Retreat and sermon notes attributed to Fr William Flynn SJ

Retreat and sermon notes attributed to Fr William Flynn SJ in the main. One document refers to Easter Sunday, 1 April 1866, [Fr.] James Butler [SJ]. References to sermons at St Beuno's, Wales, Mungret, St Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Galway.

Handwritten notes by Fr John O'Brien SJ

Handwritten notes by Fr John O'Brien SJ on subjects such as:

  • Illuminated Manuscripts, including letters from Edward Sullivan (23 January 1917), Thomas William Lyster, Librarian, the National Library of Ireland (19 June 1917) and William Alexander Henderson, National Literary Society, 6 St Stephen's Green, Dublin (nd.).

  • notes on notable individuals born in Galway, statements on imports and exports and net tonnage of sailing and steam vessels to/from the Port of Galway (1906-10, with letter from the Superintendent of Statistics and Intelligence Branch, Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland, Dublin (1 March 1912) to Fr John O'Brien SJ and pamphlet with the title ‘Good facts about Galway’ with information on ‘The Honourable Past; The Present: Achievements and resources; Some distinguished Galway men’ produced by St Ignatius College, Galway. Written by Fr James Rabbitte SJ. See SC/GALW/3

  • Supplement entitled Galway as a Transatlantic Port’ reprinted from The Financial Times (16 February 1912).

Notes on Dominic Kirwan SJ

Biographical notes on Fr Dominic Kirwan SJ compiled by Fr Fergal McGrath SJ. Includes extract from 'Les Monasteres d’Ursulines sous l’Ancien Régime, 1612 – 1788' by M.M. de Chantal Gueudré, O.S.M. (Paris, 1960) with reference to Fr Kirwan (Quiravan) (2pp).

McGrath, Fergal P, 1895-1988, Jesuit priest

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Material relating to the Jesuit presence in Galway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Includes:

  • letter from Fr James Rabbitte SJ to Fr John MacErlean SJ, concerning Galway records and Jesuit chalices (1 December 1935, 2pp);
  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the chalice of the Galway Jesuits (n.d., 1p.) and drafts of a typescript article by [Fr Francis Finegan SJ] on the Centenary of St Ignatius’ Galway, recalling the history of the Jesuits in the city in the seventeenth century (1963, 8pp and 9pp);
  • copybook by Fr John MacErlean SJ on the Jesuits in Galway using James Hardiman's version of 1651 map, and his history of Galway [1905], (71pp). Includes letter from Fr John MacErlean SJ, University College, St Stephen's Green, Dublin to Fr William Byrne SJ, St Ignatius, Galway on townlands (19 September 1905).

Centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College, Galway

Documents relating to events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes programme of events; ‘the Men’s Sodality of Our Lady and The Jesuits in Galway’; menus; concert programmes, messages from Dr Michael Browne, Bishop of Galway, Kilmacduagh and Kilfenora and Father General John Janssens SJ; letter from Fr Francis Finegan SJ to Rector, Fr Pearse O'Higgins SJ, St Ignatius College, Galway on a centenary brochure (2 November 1963); list of principal events of contrary celebrations (1963); rough plan of church placings; ‘Ceiliuradh Cead - Bliana Cholaside Iognáid. Deire Fomhir 1963’; ‘Cuirm Ceoil St Ignatius Centenary Celebrations 1863 - 1963 Concert’ and notes.

‘Record of 25 years of Weekly Offices etc…and some accounts’ at St Ignatius, Galway

Handwritten register of the dates, times and names of priest who offered Mass at St Ignatius Church, Galway. Includes accounts for St Ignatius Church, ‘received and payments’, which includes, for example, entries under the following headings; alms; stipends; collections; grants; cash for cheques; food; lights; travel; stationary.

Sacristan notes at St Ignatius, Galway

Notebook with handwritten entries of sacristan notes form St Ignatius Church, Galway. Each entry is headed with the date and feast day, ‘Easter Sunday, 17 April 1938’, and contains announcements in relation to preparations, celebrants and times of masses. Includes index for 1936 - 1939 and procedures for certain feast days.