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Articles on the history of the Jesuit mission to Australia, includes articles on Ireland

Series of articles bound into book format concerning the history of the Jesuit mission to Australia:

  • 'The Woodstock Letters'. Vol. XXXVII. No. 3 'The Society of Jesus in Australia' pp303-318; Vol. XXXVIII. No. 1 pp1-9; Vol. XXXVIII. No. 2 pp161-176; Vol. XXXVIII. ? pp341-349; Vol. XXXIX. No. 2 pp145-160; Vol. XXXIX. No. 3 pp304-318; Vol. XL. No. 1 pp1-16; Vol. XL. No. 2 pp145-160; Vol. XL. No. 3 pp274-288; Vol. XLI. No. 1 pp1-6;

  • catalogue of the Adelaide residence of the Australian Mission (1862; 1869-1870; 1874; 1877; 1880; 1886; 1889) and the Australian Mission (1887; 1893; 1902; 1912);

  • contemporary newspaper clippings of Jesuit houses in Australia;

  • copy of 'Edmund Campion’s History of Ireland' by the Rev. John Hungerford Pollen SJ with an inscription to Fr John Conmee SJ by J. H. Pollen SJ reprinted from ‘The Month’, December, 1905, and February, 1906.

  • articles by Fr Matthew Devitt SJ on 'Summerhill, County Meath and its neighbourhood', published in Kildare Archaeological Society;

  • 'Irish University Education: A plea for Fair Play' by Fr William Delany SJ (1904);

  • 'Brief memoir of Fr Patrick Duffy SJ' (1904);

  • 'The Annual Report of the Apostolic School of Ireland' (Society of Jesus) 1884-1885, 1886, 1895;

  • extracts from the diary of Mungret College (1884-1885);

  • copy letters from Rev. F. Ronan to the Fathers and Students of Mungret College during the journey through the United States (September 1884- Christmas 1885).

Fr James T Casey SJ

A file relating to Fr James T Casey SJ including biographical information.

Casey, James Thomas, 1907-1985, Jesuit priest

Fr Mortimer Glynn SJ

Catalogue entry and material on the health of Fr Mortimer Glynn SJ.

Glynn, Mortimer, 1891-1966, Jesuit priest

Fr Patrick Coffey SJ

A file relating to Fr Patrick Coffey SJ. Includes biographical information, correspondence, concerning his health during his early years in the Society and correspondence during his time in England working in parishes in Birmingham and London.

Coffey, Patrick, 1909-1983, Jesuit priest

Fr William Hogan SJ

  • IE IJA J/186
  • File
  • 12 August 1930 - 24 February 1978
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Material relating to Fr William Hogan SJ, including admission details, catalogue entry, and correspondence with Irish Fr Provincial.

Hogan, William, 1912-1978, Jesuit priest

Material relating to Fr Maurice F Headon SJ from the Irish Jesuit Missions Office

  • IE IJA J/181/2
  • File
  • 7 December 1949 - 28 July 1961
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File of material relating to Fr Maurice F Headon SJ from the Irish Jesuit Missions Office. Includes passport photograph; mortuary card; personal record; and correspondence between Fr Headon SJ and Fr Thomas J. Martin SJ, Irish Jesuit Missions Office, Dublin. Also includes letters from former students of Fr Headon.

Material relating to Fr Thomas Hurley SJ

  • IE IJA J/188/1
  • File
  • 18 November 1924 - 2 July 1976
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Material relating to Fr Thomas Hurley SJ, including correspondence with the Irish Fr Provincial, items relating to his health and catalog entry