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Volume entitled ‘O'Connell's Letter 1833’ presented to ‘the Jesuit Fathers of St. Francis Xavier’s Upper Gardiner Street...'

Specially bound volume entitled ‘O'Connell's Letter 1833’ presented to ‘the Jesuit Fathers of St. Francis Xavier’s Upper Gardiner Street For their Library. In grateful memory of much kindness received from them for nearly forty years’ from ‘W.L.' '. Includes colour poster of Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847) and O'Connell's name and address (written in his own hand) attached to the frontispiece. Contains two letters:

4 April 1833
Letter from Daniel O'Connell, London to Richard Barrett, editor of the 'Pilot' newspaper, Suffolk Street, Dublin, to be published as an open letter to the people of Ireland. ‘This is the first of a series of Letters which I intend to publish on the present state and future prospects of our Country including the best suggestions I can give for regulating your conduct in the manner most calculated to mitigate the evils of the one and to insure the amelioration of the other.’ (Letter is divided into five envelopes, each containing nine pages. Franked 6 April 1833.) 45pp

Richard Barrett, editor of the Pilot was prosecuted by the government for having published on 8 April 1833, the last letter. He was tried and found guilty, imprisoned for six months and fined £100. During his imprisonment, O'Connell paid Barrett a total of £656, consisting of his £100 fine, £150 in American subscriptions and weekly sums amounting to £406.

18 February 1840
Private letter from Daniel O'Connell, 16 Pall Mall, London, to David R. Pigot, Solicitor General, concerning the Municipal Reform Bill. Letter published in full in Maurice R. O'Connell’s (ed.) 'The Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell, Vol. VI, 1837-1840' (Blackwater Dublin for the Irish Manuscripts Commission, 1977) p.308/9 (2687a), where the source is given as ‘Jesuit Fathers, Gardiner Street, Dublin.’

Volumes relating to the Irish College in Lisbon

Two volumes, one bound, relating to the Irish College in Lisbon. The volumes contain various papers bound together. The first volume relates to the foundation of the college (485ff). The second volume consists of six sections: Accounts of the college; Ordinances from Rome; Custom book of college life; Statutes and customs; Mass and Orders book; The narration of the imprisonment and expulsion of Fr Dionysius Charti. Note by Fr Francis Finegan SJ on provenance of volumes - that Fr Manuel Gonçalves da Costa SJ visited Milltown Park in 1948, consulted volumes which in custody of Fr John MacErlean SJ (1981), and translation by Fr Fergus O'Donoghue SJ (5 February 1987).

Whole school group of St Ignatius College, Galway

School group of St Ignatius College, Galway, 1911-1912, in five rows with Fr Henry Foley SJ, Fr John Egan SJ and Fr Andrew Macardle SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Galway. Taken outdoors by C.J. Leaper, Galway, with list of names

Leaper, C.J., photographer

Will and grant of Teresa Doran

Copy will and grant of Teresa Doran, 51C Dawson Street, Dublin and Howth View, Blackrock, County Dublin, Spinster. Bequeaths money to the Jesuit fathers, Milltown Park, Dublin for educational purposes.

Will and testament of Ignatius John English

Will and testament of Ignatius John English, 27 Bayview Avenue, North Strand in the county of Dublin in which he bequeaths property, goods and chalets, money and policy of insurance to his sister Mary Agnes English. Signed and sealed. Includes probate of will of Ignatius John English (deceased, 20 October 1885).

Will of Anna Maria Dennis

A file relating to the will of Anna Maria Dennis and a bequest made by her in her will to the Society of Jesus. Includes a file of letters relating to the bequest which was a matter of dispute between the Society of Jesus and the Archbishop of Dublin (27 April 1876 - 24 January 1891, 4 items).

Will of Charles Kennedy

File containing extensive documentation concerning the will of Charles Kennedy and his bequest to the Society of Jesus. The Society used the proceeds from this bequest to construct University Hall, Hatch Street. The extent of the file can be explained by the numerous properties owned by Charles Kennedy and the necessary documentation that inevitably accompanies ownership of property, receipts and vouchers from professional companies involved in the construction of University Hall and the fact that the will of Charles Kennedy was contested by his brother Frank Kennedy. His legal action was unsuccessful (29 January 1909 & 30 January 1909 & 30 May 1912, 3 items).

Will of Elizabeth Cahill

A file relating to the will of Elizabeth Cahill, Hill View, Meath Road, Bray, County Wicklow and the estates of both Elizabeth Cahill and James Healy. Elizabeth Cahill bequeathed the residue of her estate to Fr Kirwan SJ, Superior of Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin for the charitable purposes of the Jesuit Fathers.

Will of Ellen Colgan

Copy will of Ellen Colgan, 33 Great Charles Street, Dublin. Bequeaths the residue of her estate to her brother Rev. John Colgan SJ and Rev. Thomas Vincent Nolan SJ, Rev. Michael Browne SJ and Rev. James Bury SJ, St Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin.

Will of Fr John Joseph Therry

A file relating to the will of Rev. John Joseph Therry. The Irish Jesuits are named as beneficiaries. He bequeathed the management of his entire property in Australia to the Irish Jesuits for religious, charitable and educational purposes.

Therry, John Joseph, 1790-1864, Roman Catholic priest

Will of Jessie Maguire

A file relating to the will of Jessie Maguire. Appoints Fr Thomas V. Nolan SJ and Fr James Fottrell SJ, St Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin as executors. They are also named amongst the beneficiaries.

Will of John C. Mackey

A file relating to the will of John C. Mackey, Nenagh, County Tipperary, father of Fr Ernest Mackey SJ in which he names his son as one of his beneficiaries (one fifth of his property).

Will of John Timothy Donnelly

A file relating to the will of John Timothy Donnelly, Denmark Street, Dublin in which he bequeathed the residue of his estate, amongst others to Rev. Robert Haly SJ and Rev. Henry Joseph Rorke SJ, Clongowes, County Kildare and appoints Rev. Robert Haly SJ, as one of his executors.

Will of Joseph Hannan

Will of Joseph Hannan, Caherelly Castle, County Limerick. Bequeaths a portion of his estate to the Irish Provincial of the Society of Jesus so that masses can be offered for his soul. Instructs that £52 that he borrowed from the Society of Jesus be returned.

Will of Joseph Ryan

A file relating to the will of Joseph Ryan, 81 Hollybank Road, Drumcondra, Dublin in which he bequeathed £25 to the Irish Fr Provincial Laurence Kieran SJ, St. Francis Xavier's, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin.

Will of Joseph Smyth

A file relating to the will of Joseph Smyth, Greenaun Gowra, County Kildare in which he bequeathed his house and lands to be held in trust and sold by the trustees of Clongowes Wood College, county Kildare.

Will of Laurence Brady

Probate of the will of Laurence Brady, Lynch Park, County Dublin. Bequeaths his property to Rev. John S. Conmee SJ and Rev. George Kelly SJ, Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare as joint tenants. Appoints Conmee and Kelly, Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare as joint tenants and as executors of his will.

Will of Matilda O'Donnell

A file relating to the will of Matilda O'Donnell in which she bequeathed the residue of her property to her trustees and executors, Fr. Thomas V. Nolan SJ and Fr Michael Browne SJ, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin. The file contains extensive background material that appears to have little to do with the Society of Jesus and their bequest. However, as Frs. Nolan and Browne were appointed as trustees and executors of the will it may have been necessary to acquaint themselves fully with Miss Matilda O'Donnell's affairs.

Will of Miss Margaret Maxwell

Will of Miss Margaret Maxwell, 22 Dawson Street, Dublin in which she bequeathed her estate to Fr Nicholas Walsh SJ, Fr Thomas Wheeler SJ and Fr Peter Finlay SJ, Milltown Park, Dublin for masses to be said for her soul and the souls of her parents.

Will of Mr Andrew Moore

Letter from W. P. Kelly and Walker, Athlone, County Galway to Irish Fr Provincial Thomas V. Nolan SJ, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin concerning the will of Mr. Andrew Moore and a legacy of £500 to the Society of Jesus.

Will of Mr Arthur McCann

A file relating to Mrs Louisa McCann (sister of Fr Laurence Kieran SJ) and the will of her late husband Mr Arthur McCann. The file relates to the financial difficulties experienced by Louisa McCann following the death of her husband, due in part, to the failure of the trustees of her marriage settlement to ensure that £20,000 was put in trust for her widowhood. Her brother Robert Kieran acted as her solicitor. However, it would appear from correspondence between Louisa and her brother Robert and Fr Kieran SJ that Louisa and Robert fell out with each other and she eventually asked Fr Kieran SJ to act as mediator and to look after the legalities of the estate. Includes a letter from Louisa McCann, Teltown, Donaghpatrick, Navan, County Meath to Fr Kieran, S.J. Remarks '...Bob's behaviour has certainly been awful and his letters all trumped up nonsense...he knows my unfortunate position and is taking advantage of it...I could not have believed he would have turned on me as he has done...I have you at any rate - otherwise I am really a very desolate creature now - struggling hard to pull along and trying not to be a burden on anyone.' (15 June 1938, 2pp). Includes a copy letter from Fr Kieran SJ, Clongowes Wood College, county Kildare to his brother Robert Kieran concerning the disagreement that has arisen between Louisa and Robert. Remarks 'I have often asked you to control your temper and your nerves - you have not done so; on the contrary, I regret to say you are getting steadily worse; so much so that I have often asked myself in sorrow where it is all going to end. Are you any the better now do you think for having inflicted this pain upon one who is poor, defenceless and alone in the world, and do you really believe that in doing this act you have given good example to your children?' (19 June 1938, 2pp). Includes a copy letter from Louisa McCann to her brother, Robert Kieran. Remarks 'I appreciate that you have had no end of trouble or worry over the McCann estate...but your recent attitude and behaviour towards me has made it impossible for me to approach you any further - I am sending the documents to Lal (Fr L Kieran SJ)...I have every confidence in him and shall be directed by what he advises...' (n.d., 2pp).

Will of Mr Denis Kehoe

A file relating to the will of Mr Denis Kehoe. Includes a copy of the will (13 November 1831, 7pp). Includes a letter from Thomas Leland, [Solicitor], Fitzwilliam Square to Fr Esmonde concerning the appointment by Mr Denis Kehoe of Fr Esmonde SJ and Fr John O'Connor SJ as guardians of his son and daughter (24 February 1832, 3pp).

Will of Mr Patrick Matthews

Letter from John Cavanagh, Solicitor, 13 College Green, Dublin to Rev. Eugene Browne SJ concerning the will of Mr Patrick Matthews in which he bequeathed the annual dividends or interest of 74 shares of Drogheda Steam Packet company to his nephew Rev. John Stanley Matthews SJ.

Will of Nicholas John O'Neill

Copy will of Nicholas John O'Neill, 4 Belleview Terrace, Limerick in which he bequeathed £2,700 to the Apostolic School at Mungret, County Limerick, the money to be used to educate Irish boys who would not be able to afford the expense of their maintenance and education for the priesthood.

Will of Philip Francis Little

A file relating to the will of Philip Francis Little. Bequeaths £50 to the Society of Jesus. Includes a copy of the will. Remarks in a postscript 'I do not include my dear brother the Rev. Robert J. Little SJ under any benefit in my will. Professing as he does the holy virtue of poverty, it is useless conferring benefit upon Robert of which he can not avail. (23 September 1916, 3pp). Includes a letter from Patrick J. Little, executor of his brother's will. Enquires '...I would like to know whether a claim would be advanced on behalf of Father Robert to a share on technical grounds.' (27 January 1927, 2pp).

Will of Ruby M. B. Lynch

A file relating to the will of Ruby M. B. Lynch, Walton Lodge, Ballysheen, Sixmilebridge, County Clare and her bequest to the Society of Jesus of her property to be used to educate members of the order or as a place of retreat.

Will of Vincent Bede Shiel, Catholic priest

Will of Vincent Bede Shiel, Catholic priest, late of No. 14 Oxford Street, Rozelle, Sydeny, Australia, but now residing in Dublin (1942), found in the papers of Fr Leonard Sheil SJ. Connection unknown 'Left by L Sheil nothing to do with house property P Kenny SJ, however, the will is witnessed by Fr Kevin O'Sullivan SJ and Fr Pádraic Ó Brolcháin SJ, Milltown Park, Dublin.

Wish by Baghdad College, Iraq to move the body of Fr Jeremiah Austin Hartigan SJ

  • IE IJA J/177/1
  • File
  • 1916; 14 - 21 June 1953
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File relating to the wish by Baghdad College, Iraq to move the body of Fr Jeremiah Austin Hartigan SJ from the war cemetery at Amara, to their own cemetery in the college grounds. Information from the Commonwealth War Grave Commission suggests this never happened. Includes birth certificate for Jeremiah Austin Hartigan.

Work of Fr Harold E Craig SJ in China and India

  • IE IJA J/106/1
  • File
  • 4 November 1933 - 31 December 1946
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File relating to the work of Fr Harold E Craig SJ in China and India. Includes correspondence concerning difficulties with Fr Craig in both missions and his recall to Ireland.

Works in progress by various Irish Jesuits on the 'Fourth Centenary of the Foundation of the Society of Jesus'

Documents, mainly letters to Irish Fr Provincial reporting on works in progress by various Jesuits, to be published during the fourth centenary year of the foundation of the Society. Includes letters from Frs John Ryan, Timothy Mulcahy, Charles Scantlebury, Henry Gill, Joseph Canavan, Michael McGrath, Patrick Gannon, Stephen Brown, Arthur Little, John MacErlean, Edward Coyne (See also ADMN/3/37; 39; 42; 57), Timothy Corcoran, Aubrey Gwynn and Seán Ó Catháin. Also includes lists of titles and authors and a memorandum on historical publications of the Irish Province by Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ (See also ADMN/3/18; 37; 40).

Zambian Mission

Since the formation of the Irish Province in 1860, Irish Jesuits have undertaken three main overseas missions (Australia, Hong Kong and Zambia). More than 120 Irish Jesuits have worked in Zambia. The Vice-Province of Zambia was formed in 1969 and the Province of Zambia and Malawi was established in 1992. The Irish Jesuits' work in Zambia is complemented by other Jesuit Provinces such as: Canada; Croatia; Oregon; Poland and Slovenia. The papers of the Zambian Mission chronicle the life and work of Irish Jesuits since their arrival, in what was then Northern Rhodesia, in 1946. The files of correspondence between Irish Jesuits working in Zambia and their Irish Provincials in Dublin illustrate the areas of work that they laboured in: parish work, education and development. Geographically, this took place in the southern part of the country and in the capital, Lusaka. The impact of the Irish presence is seen especially in Canisius High School and Charles Lwanga College of Education in Chikuni, the parishes in the Monze Diocese, and development projects around the diocese.

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

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