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Article by Terence P. McCaughey: ‘Andrew Sall (1624-82) Textual Editor and Facilitator of the Irish Translation of the Old Testament’

Article by Terence P. McCaughey: ‘Andrew Sall (1624-82) Textual Editor and Facilitator of the Irish Translation of the Old Testament’. Delivered as an O’Donnell Lecture in Trinity College Dublin in 1995, and published in its present form in an unknown publication. (McCaughey (Terence): Andrew Sall (1624–82): textual editor and facilitator of the Irish translation of the Old Testament. In Unity in diversity (2004), pp. 153–171.

McCaughey, Terence Patrick, 1933-2016, Presbyterian minister, academic and social justice advocate

Article containing references to ‘Fr Prout’ by ‘Oliver Yorke’

Article (containing references to ‘Fr. Prout’) by ‘Oliver Yorke’ sent to ‘James Frazer publisher, 215 Regent St.’ London with note on first page ‘Send this to printers. I will be in town Monday evening.’ Includes note by ‘Francis Mahony’ stating ‘I will be in London on Monday in time to finish this – Send it to the printers. I sent a proof yesterday…I leave Paris this evening with Wright.’

Mahony, Francis Sylvester, 1804-1866, priest and humorist

Article entitled ‘Cross-roads in China’

Article entitled ‘Cross-roads in China’ by Fr Thomas Ryan SJ, which discusses the transformation in Chinese society, pre and post war, missionaries, Catholicism and schools.

Ryan, Thomas F, 1889-1971, Jesuit priest

Article entitled ‘Father and Son’

Photocopied extract from Trinity: A College Record, of an article entitled ‘Father and Son’ which reproduces extracts from the Rev. Stephen Gwynne’s Dublin Journal, on the occasion of visiting Dublin for the purpose of entering his son John at Trinity College.

Trinity College Dublin, 1592-

Article in 'The Commonweal'

Article from The Commonweal entitled ‘Father William Doyle, S.J.’ by Henry Longan Stuart.

Society of Jesus, 1540-

Article on Kenneth Flood

Article on Kenneth Flood taken from ‘Ten More Priests’ by Fr Robert Nash SJ, pp222 - 243.

Nash, Robert, 1902-1989, Jesuit priest and writer

Article on the illness and death of Gerard Manley Hopkins by Kenneth M. Flegel, M.D.

Photocopy of an article from 'The Lancet' (Vol. 349) entitled 'My winter world: the illness of Gerard Manley Hopkins' by Kenneth M. Flegel, M.D. which concludes that 'inflammatory bowel disease, particularly Crohn's disease of the colon, provides a better explanation of Hopkins illness, accounting for recurring diarrhoea with haemorrhoids, fever, progressive weight loss, and profound fatigue'.

Articles by Fr Kevin Laheen SJ entitled ‘The Jesuit Connection’ and ‘Sacred Heart Statute’

Articles by Fr Kevin Laheen SJ entitled ‘The Jesuit Connection’ and ‘Sacred Heart Statute’ which describes the statute by Albert Power of the Sacred Heart in the grounds of the parish church in Knock, County Mayo which had previously been situated in Rathfarnham Castle. Guinness workers who attended weekend retreats at the Castle paid for the statute. See Irish Province News, September 1931 as statute erected in June 1931.

Laheen, Kevin A, 1919-2019, Jesuit priest

Articles from Studies on Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ

Photocopies of articles from Studies, Winter 1992, Vol. See also 81, No. 324, on Fr Aubrey Gwynn SJ , published on the centenary of his birth: ‘Aubrey Gwynn; The Person’ by Prof. Geoffrey Hand; ‘Aubrey Gwynn: The Scholar’ by Prof. Katherine Walsh and Aubrey Gwynn: The Jesuit’ by Fr Fergus O’Donoghue SJ (pp. 375 – 398).

Studies, 1912-

Articles on the history of the Jesuit mission to Australia, includes articles on Ireland

Series of articles bound into book format concerning the history of the Jesuit mission to Australia:

  • 'The Woodstock Letters'. Vol. XXXVII. No. 3 'The Society of Jesus in Australia' pp303-318; Vol. XXXVIII. No. 1 pp1-9; Vol. XXXVIII. No. 2 pp161-176; Vol. XXXVIII. ? pp341-349; Vol. XXXIX. No. 2 pp145-160; Vol. XXXIX. No. 3 pp304-318; Vol. XL. No. 1 pp1-16; Vol. XL. No. 2 pp145-160; Vol. XL. No. 3 pp274-288; Vol. XLI. No. 1 pp1-6;

  • catalogue of the Adelaide residence of the Australian Mission (1862; 1869-1870; 1874; 1877; 1880; 1886; 1889) and the Australian Mission (1887; 1893; 1902; 1912);

  • contemporary newspaper clippings of Jesuit houses in Australia;

  • copy of 'Edmund Campion’s History of Ireland' by the Rev. John Hungerford Pollen SJ with an inscription to Fr John Conmee SJ by J. H. Pollen SJ reprinted from ‘The Month’, December, 1905, and February, 1906.

  • articles by Fr Matthew Devitt SJ on 'Summerhill, County Meath and its neighbourhood', published in Kildare Archaeological Society;

  • 'Irish University Education: A plea for Fair Play' by Fr William Delany SJ (1904);

  • 'Brief memoir of Fr Patrick Duffy SJ' (1904);

  • 'The Annual Report of the Apostolic School of Ireland' (Society of Jesus) 1884-1885, 1886, 1895;

  • extracts from the diary of Mungret College (1884-1885);

  • copy letters from Rev. F. Ronan to the Fathers and Students of Mungret College during the journey through the United States (September 1884- Christmas 1885).

Assignment for lands of Newtown, Castlebancroft and Fazakerlys, County Dublin

Anne Archbold, Elizabeth Archbold, Mary Archbold, Spinsters, City of Dublin of the first part, Sarah Kavanagh, Widow of the second part and Gerald Archbold and Michael Hanrahan of the third part.

Lands of Newtown, Castlebancroft and Fazakerlys, County Dublin.

Terms & Conditions:
To secure a payment of £1,600.

Signed and sealed.

Assignment for premises in Drogheda

Rev. John Ffrench, S.J., Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin and Rev. Stephen Farrell, S.J., Clongowes Wood, County Kildare of the first part, Charles Kernan Esquire, Lower Dominick Street, Dublin of the second part and Rev. Joseph Lentaigne, S.J. and Rev. Stephen Farrell, S.J., Clongowes Wood of the third part

Premises in Drogheda

Terms & Conditions:
To be held in trust to the use of Rev. Joseph Lentaigne, S.J. and Rev. Stephen Farrell, S.J. forever.

Signed and sealed by Rev. John Ffrench, S.J. and Charles Kernan.

Assignment for premises in Drogheda and lands of Ballyboggan

Rev Bartholomew Esmonde SJ, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, Rev. John Ffrench SJ, Tullabeg, County Offaly and Rev. Stephen Farrell SJ, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin.

Premises in Drogheda and lands of Ballyboggan

Terms and Conditions:
Payment of rent and performance of the convents to which the premises are subject and liable.

Signed and sealed by Rev Bartholomew Esmonde SJ

Assignment for property known as The Derries, Ballycowan, County Offaly

Fr William Delany SJ, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly, Fr Nicholas Walsh, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin and Fr Sylvester O'Callaghan SJ, Milltown Park, Dublin.

The Derries, barony of Ballycowan, County Offaly, 61 acres late plantation measure

Terms and Conditions:
300 years from 29 September 1873

Signed and sealed by Fr William Delany SJ

Assignment, not executed, for property at Tullabeg, County Offaly, the Bog of Newtown and the bog of Newbridge

Rev. John Curtis SJ., Rev. Michael Kavanagh SJ, Rev. John Ffrench SJ and Rev. Robert Haly SJ, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin of the first part and Charles Kernan, Lower Dominick Street, Dublin of the second part and Rev. Joseph Lentaigne SJ, Clongowes Wood, County Kildare, Rev. John Curtis SJ, Rev. Michael Kavanagh SJ and Rev. Robert Haly SJ of the third part.

Tullabeg, Parish of Rahan, Barony of Ballycowan, County Offaly containing 62 acres and 10 perches and 8 acres of the Bog of Newtown and 8 acres of the bog of Newbridge adjoining the lands of Tullabeg.

Terms &Conditions:
Yearly rent of £15.10.4 to be paid in two equal payments on 1 May and 1 November.

Assortment of Martin and Browne family photographs, taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ

Assortment of Martin and Browne family photographs, taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ.

  1. Clifford Browne, aged 1, son of James Browne M.D., and nephew of Fr Frank Browne SJ, in studio photograph (c.1908);
  2. [Clifford Browne], [c.1911];
  3. Studio portrait of Robert (Bertie) Joseph Francis Martin, aged 14. (November 1913);
  4. Child recuperating in hospital bed, ‘3 days after’;
  5. Woman with laughing child [Clifford Browne's wife with daughter);
  6. Outside Fort Villas, Cork;
  7. Unknown woman with cat;
  8. [Ursula Martin] with child. Method of photograph on reverse;
  9. Unknown woman with chick on her shoulder – insignia on sleeve;
  10. Unknown child;
  11. Unknown woman;
  12. Unknown woman;
  13. Three children playing;
  14. [John Martin], [c.1956];
  15. Ursula Martin on her wedding day, [c.1946];

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Attendance registers for guilds associated with, St Ignatius, Galway

Copy book attendance registers, with Fr Peader O'Higgins SJ as master. Includes aspirant names for the Sacred Heart Guild, Blessed Virgin Mary Guild, Mary Immaculate Guild, Realt na Maidne Guild, Mother of Good Counsel Guild, Mother of Christ Guild, Our Lady of the Rosary Guild, Our Lady of the Wayside Guild, Star of the Sea Guild, Our Lady of Lourdes Guild, Mother of Mercy Guild, St Aloysius Guild, Our Lady of the Perpetual Succour Guild, Holy Name of Jesus Guild, St Francis Xavier Guild, St Ignatius Guild, St John Guild, Seat of Wisdom Guild, St Nicholas Guild, St Patrick Guild, Queen of Heaven Guild, Good Shepherd Guild, St Brigid Guild.

Aubrey Gwynn asking his father to become a Jesuit

Letter from Aubrey Gwynn to his father asking for leave to become a Jesuit ([June 1910], 4pp) and his father’s reply, urging him to wait at least until Aubrey reaches twenty-one before he makes such a momentous decision (20 June [1910], 4pp).

Gwynn, Aubrey, 1892-1983, Jesuit priest and academic

Australian Mission

The Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia was initiated due to the will of Fr John Joseph Therry (1790-1864), who named the Irish Jesuits as beneficiaries to his property in Australia, and by an invitation to the Irish Province by James Alipius Goold, Bishop of Melbourne (later Archbishop) (1812-1886) to set-up a mission in his diocese. The first two Irish Jesuits, Frs William Lentaigne (1805-1884) and William Kelly (1823-1909), arrived in Melbourne in September 1865. Previously, two Austrian Jesuits, Frs. Kranewitter (1817-1880) and Klinkowstroem (1819-1896) had arrived in 1848 after Jesuit expulsion from Austria. The Austrian Mission centred on South Australia and the Northern Territory. In 1901, the Austrian and Irish missions amalgamated. Australia was made a Vice-Province in 1931 and Fr Austin Kelly SJ (1891-1978) was named the first Provincial of the Australian Province in 1950.

The papers of the Australian Mission provide a comprehensive history of the Irish Jesuit Mission, concentrating on the years 1865-1931. The Irish Jesuits worked as missionaries, educators, writers, chaplains, theologians, scientists, pastors and directors of retreats, mainly in the urban communities of eastern Australia.

Subjects touched upon include: agreements with Archbishops in establishing Jesuit houses in a particular diocese; reflections on the journey to and from Australia; administration of schools, colleges, universities and Jesuit residences - (St Patrick’s, Melbourne; St Francis Xavier College, Kew, Melbourne; St Aloysius, Dunedin (NZ); St Aloysius College, Sydney ; St Ignatius College, Riverview, Sydney; St Louis, Claremont, Western Australia; Newman College, University of Melbourne); parishes - (Norwood and Sevenhills in South Australia; Invercargill (NZ); Melbourne; Sydney; Toowong and Indooroopilly in Queensland); financial documents; expansion of the Mission; and correspondence between Father Provincial in Ireland and Jesuits in Australia. By far the greatest number of letters sent to Father Provincial in Ireland was from Fr John Ryan SJ (1849-1922) (Superior of the Mission from 11 February 1901-14 June 1908; 9 April 1913-24 October 1917). Until the creation of the Australian Mission as a Vice-Province, the Irish Provincial was kept informed of every minor detail about the Mission and often decision making in Australia was delayed until approval from Dublin was given.

Although this collection provides a comprehensive history of the Australian Mission, there are some gaps. For example, the collection does not contain any deeds or other legal documents relating to property obtained by the Society of Jesus in Australia and it is presumed that these documents would have been kept by the Superior of the Mission and later the Vice-Provincial of the Vice-Province in Australia, where they remain today.

Superiors of the Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia (1865-1931)
Fr Joseph Lentaigne SJ 1865-1866
Fr Joseph Dalton SJ 1866-1872
Fr Thomas Cahill SJ 1872-1879
Fr Joseph Dalton SJ 1879-2 September 1883
Fr Aloysius Sturzo SJ 2 September 1883-5 April 1890
Fr Patrick Keating SJ 5 April 1890-1 February 1895
Fr Timothy Kenny SJ 1 February 1895-11 February 1901
Fr John Ryan SJ 11 February 1901-14 June 1908
Fr Thomas Brown SJ 14 June 1908-9 April 1913
Fr John Ryan SJ 9 April 1913-24 October 1917
Fr William Lockington SJ 24 October 1917-20 June 1923
Fr Jeremiah Sullivan SJ 20 June 1923-19 March 1931

Vice-Provincials of the Vice-Province of Australian (1931-1950)
Fr John Fahy SJ 19 March 1931-25 August 1939
Fr John Meagher SJ 25 August 1939-1 October 1947
Fr Austin Kelly SJ 1 October 1947-1 November 1950

Irish Vice-Province of the Society of Jesus, 1830-

Balance sheets for the Australian Mission

A file of balance sheets for the following:
Richmond Residence
Richmond Parish
Sevenhill Residence
Sevenhill Parish
Norwood Residence
Norwood Parish
St Patrick's College, Melbourne
Xavier College, Kew
Hawthorn Parish
Hawthorn Residence
Riverview College, Sydney
St Aloysius College, North Sydney
Loyola College, Sydney

Irish Jesuit Mission to Australia, 1865-1931

Bankbooks for St Ignatius Church and Jesuit community, Galway

Record of all transactions involving St Ignatius Church and Jesuit community Galway. Describes transactions such as ‘Electric’, giving date and amount, (11 April 1910). Handwritten entries detail lodgements and expenses such as: choir, whiskey, stationary, clothing, electric light, rates, books, shoemaker, furniture, painting, plumber, printing, chemist etc…

Beadle's journal for St Mary's, Emo

Beadle's journal for St Mary's, Emo. The Beadle was the head novice and kept a record of the daily activities of the novices. The Beadle was normally appointed for a three month period. A list of beadles is given on inside page. In the English Province the Beadle was known as the Novice's Porter.

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