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Album to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College

Photographic album mainly related to the events organised in 1963 to celebrate the centenary of the St Ignatius Church and College in Galway. Includes photographs of: Jesuit residences; the President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera with members of the Jesuit community; photocopies of photograph of the Hurling team and Irish Speakers in 1904 taken from ‘The Ignatian’; Fr Patrick O'Kelly SJ; pasted inserts of receipts from 1879 to 1895 for cleaning, stained glass windows of 2 lights and tracery and missal stand; group photograph of the St Ignatius Gaelic Football team of 1935-1936.

Connacht Tribune, newspaper

Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (1897)'

Album, with note on inside ‘Positive pack 1 (2897) Suggest No.2: Menton, France & No.17: Arch of Titus, Rome. Photographs have been removed from the album. Pencil annotations on the album (not in Mr Frank Browne SJ hand) are in written here in italic.

  1. Sister Josephine, Ursuline, b. 1870
  2. Menton (on reverse) ‘Photo taken by Fr Earley. Stormy on the sands at Humewood P.E. Nov – 1902’. (Humewood is a coastal area, Port Elizabeth, South Africa).
  3. Cobh (on reverse) - ‘To dearest Joe With love From Sissie Oct. 31st 1902.
  4. Menton
  5. Rome
  6. Rome
  7. Rome
  8. Fontana de Trevi (Rome)
  9. (Menton, France)
  10. Venice
  11. San Marcs, Venice
  12. Doge’s Palace, Venice
  13. Via Appia
  14. Via Appia
  15. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  16. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  17. Arch of Titus, Rome
  18. Rome
  19. Rome
  20. (Tour of Italy, Greece)
  21. Pompeii?
  22. Pompeii?
  23. Naples
  24. Genoa
  25. Rome
  26. Rome?
  27. (altar)
  28. Venice
  29. Milan
  30. (Switzerland)
  31. (Switzerland?)
  32. (Switzerland?)
  33. (Switzerland?)
  34. (Switzerland?)
  35. (Switzerland?) 35
  36. Menton?
  37. Cork
  38. 1 38 Sheet 2 Cork
  39. 2 39 Timahoe
  40. 3 40 Switzerland
  41. 4 41 Switzerland?
  42. 5 42 Switzerland? Bellanzama?
  43. 7 43
  44. 8 44 Monte Carlo?

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Altar notices at St Ignatius, Galway

Lined notebooks and journals with handwritten entries for notices to be read out at Sunday Mass at St Ignatius, Galway. Each entry is headed with the relevant Sunday’s Title, such as the ‘Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost’, the ‘First Sunday of Lent’ etc, or the name of the relevant Feast, ‘Palm Sunday’. Each volume contains announcements in relation to rosaries, benedictions, devotions, novenas, confessions, Mass times, arrangements for Feast Days. There are also announcements in relation to recent deaths in the parish, and requests for prayers for the repose of the souls of those recently deceased and of those whose anniversaries occur. Insert letter, incomplete, in 1912-1914 journal, from an Ursuline nun [Sullivan], and referencing Fr Robert giving a mission in Queenstown (21 August 1862).

2 July 1905 - 12 May 1907;
31 May 1908 - 13 February 1910;
4 August 1912 - 13 December 1914;
20 December 1914 - 16 July 1916;
23 July 1916 - 6 May 1917;
13 May 1917 - 9 February 1919;
16 February 1919 - 2 March 1922;
26 March 1922 - 15 August 1924;
7 September 1924 - 8 January 1928;

Alterations to the Sacristy, St Ignatius, Galway

Architectural drawings for St. Ignatius Church, Galway which detail alterations to the Sacristy etc. Includes drawings for front elevation, sectional, details of skylight and plan. Scale: 1/8 inch = 1 ft. Notes on the rear that ‘Sacristy and Sodality Room etc. about 1900. Obviously whilst general idea carried out, This plan was not carried out in detail'.

Analysis by Fr Francis Finegan SJ of documents relating to the Irish College in Lisbon

Analysis by [perhaps Fr Frank Finegan SJ, however named on p3] of documents transcribed or listed re the Irish College of St Patrick in Lisbon, [1590-1754]. Refers to Gonçalves da Costa, Manuel (ed.), ‘Fontes inéditas portuguesas para a história de Irlanda’ Braga, (1981). and Collectanea Hibernica (1989). Includes documents (transcripts) examined by Fr Frank Finegan SJ.

Finegan, Francis J, 1909-2011, Jesuit priest

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland

Annual report of the Apostolic School of Ireland, 1884 - 1885. Contains a sketch of the organisation of the Apostolic school, various extracts from the school diary and letters from the Rev. W. Ronan SJ to the fathers and students of Mungret College.

René, Jean-Baptist, 1841-1916, Jesuit priest

Annual report of the Apostolic School, Mungret

Annual report of the Apostolic School, Mungret 1884 - 1885. The contents include:

  • Sketch of the organisation of the Apostolic School;
  • Various extracts from the diary of the school during the years 1884 & 1885;
  • Letters from Fr William Ronan SJ to the Fathers and students of Mungret College including Fr Jean-Baptist René SJ.

Includes ground floor plan for Mungret College.

Printed by Bernard Kirby, Printer, Rutland Street, Limerick

Application for sub-diaconate

Application by Joseph Hurley SJ for sub-diaconate.

Hurley, Joseph, 1905-1984, Jesuit priest and Irish language editor

Appointment of Fr Frank Browne SJ as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class

  • IE IJA J/7/8
  • File
  • 14 March & 25 August 1919; 14 September 1921
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Documents found among the papers of Fr Willie Doyle SJ (with whom Fr Browne briefly served as chaplain), collated by Fr Charles Doyle SJ, concerning Fr Frank Browne SJ. Includes telegrams to Robert Browne, Bishop of Cloyne (14 March & 25 August 1919) concerning Fr Browne & circular letter from the War Office to Fr Browne, St Francis Xavier’s, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, informing him of his appointment as an Honorary Chaplain to the Forces 3rd Class ‘as from 1st Sept. 1921 on which date your commission as a temporary Chaplain to the Forces ceased to have effect.’ (14 September 1921).

British Army, 1660-

Appointment of Spiritual Directors for 'An Ríoghacht' study circles

Correspondence concerning the appointment of Spiritual Directors for 'An Ríoghacht' study circles. Includes circulars explaining the foundation and objectives of 'An Ríoghacht'. Also includes circulars seeking donations to raise a Fr Edward Cahill SJ memorial fund which will be used to establish a burse in Mungret Apostolic College for the education of future missionary priests (n.d., 2 items).

Appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ

Original and copies of appreciations of Fr Willie Doyle SJ including letters from General Sir William Bernard Hickie, 16th Division, Hugh Doyle Esq., Melrose, Dalkey, Dublin (15 December 1917) and to Fr Charles Doyle SJ (14 October 1924); Private M. Murphy, France, (Fr Willie Doyle’s orderly) (22 August 1917).

Hickie, Sir, William Bernard, 1865-1950, Major General in the British Army

Archbishop Christopher Butler manuscript book entitled ‘Instructions on Catechizing , & preaching also on The Sacraments of Marriage & Penance’

Manuscript book entitled ‘Instructions on Catechizing , & preaching also on The Sacraments of Marriage & Penance’ by ‘the Right Revd. in God Christopher Lord Arch-Bishop of Cashel & Primate of all Munster’ ‘To the Secular, & Regular Clergy of both his Dioceses, having care of Souls’. With notes in unknown hand on front cover: ‘Found or got by E. Hogan, S.J. circ. 1858’ and ‘15th Aug. 1737 E. Hogan, S.J.’. Also includes note stuck on to back cover ‘Christopher Butler A(rch)B(ishop) of Cashel for 45 y(ea)rs died in 1757 aged 84 y(ea)rs’.

Butler, Christopher, 1673-1757, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel

Architectural plans for ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’

Includes: ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’ which details plan for Ground floor,1st Floor Plan, 2nd Floor Plan, Side Elevation and Front Elevation; ‘Design for Proposed College of St Ignatius, Galway’ which details Ground Plan, Plan of First Floor, Plan of Second Floor and Front Elevation; J. J. McCarthy R.H.A Arch[itec]t. Scale: 1 inch to 15 feet. Size: Colour washes on paper.

Article by Fr Arthur Little SJ rejected by the censors

A file relating to an article by Fr Arthur Little SJ rejected by the censors. Includes a letter from Fr Arthur Little SJ, St Stanislaus College, Tullamore, County Offaly to Irish Fr Provincial stating that he wishes the article to be sent for censorship to Rome ‘I have no desire to get anyone into trouble so I shall only communicate with the English Assistant. If he upholds the censors having read their remarks I can only apologise for taking badly what turns out to be a fair verdict.’ (4 September 1938, 3pp).

Article by Fr Gerald Kennedy SJ on China

A file relating to an article by Fr Gerald Kennedy SJ on China. Includes the MS of the article (92pp) and censor's reports on the article - relates to Fr Kennesy's voyage to Hong Kong,and travelogue about Rotterdam, Germany, Colombo and Manila.

Kennedy, Gerald L, 1889-1949, Jesuit priest and medical doctor

Article by Terence P. McCaughey: ‘Andrew Sall (1624-82) Textual Editor and Facilitator of the Irish Translation of the Old Testament’

Article by Terence P. McCaughey: ‘Andrew Sall (1624-82) Textual Editor and Facilitator of the Irish Translation of the Old Testament’. Delivered as an O’Donnell Lecture in Trinity College Dublin in 1995, and published in its present form in an unknown publication. (McCaughey (Terence): Andrew Sall (1624–82): textual editor and facilitator of the Irish translation of the Old Testament. In Unity in diversity (2004), pp. 153–171.

McCaughey, Terence Patrick, 1933-2016, Presbyterian minister, academic and social justice advocate

Article containing references to ‘Fr Prout’ by ‘Oliver Yorke’

Article (containing references to ‘Fr. Prout’) by ‘Oliver Yorke’ sent to ‘James Frazer publisher, 215 Regent St.’ London with note on first page ‘Send this to printers. I will be in town Monday evening.’ Includes note by ‘Francis Mahony’ stating ‘I will be in London on Monday in time to finish this – Send it to the printers. I sent a proof yesterday…I leave Paris this evening with Wright.’

Mahony, Francis Sylvester, 1804-1866, priest and humorist

Article entitled ‘Father and Son’

Photocopied extract from Trinity: A College Record, of an article entitled ‘Father and Son’ which reproduces extracts from the Rev. Stephen Gwynne’s Dublin Journal, on the occasion of visiting Dublin for the purpose of entering his son John at Trinity College.

Trinity College Dublin, 1592-

Article in 'The Commonweal'

Article from The Commonweal entitled ‘Father William Doyle, S.J.’ by Henry Longan Stuart.

Society of Jesus, 1540-

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