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Jesuit colleges in Ireland
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St Ignatius' College, Galway, school group

School group of St Ignatius College, Galway, in seven rows with six priests, including Frs John Mallin (far left), John MacSheahan (centre position) and two lay teachers. Taken outdoors by Robert William Simmons.

Simmons, Robert William, photographer

St Ignatius' College, Galway, school group, with three Jesuit priests

School group and three Jesuit priests of St Ignatius College, Galway, taken outdoors (photographer, Clement J. Leaper, 6 Nuns' Island, Galway). One individual is looking out the window. With Vice-Rector, Fr John MacSheahan SJ (centre), Fr Richard Gallagher SJ (left) and Fr Michael Fitzgibbon SJ (right). Names of pupils are handwritten on the mounted board.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, senior rugby team

Group photograph of the St Ignatius College rugby team, Galway. In three rows, taken outdoors, with Fr Richard Gallagher SJ. In the middle is a cup. [Kit is maroon shirt with white horizontal band, white shorts and maroon and white hooped socks].

St Ignatius' College, Galway, senior rugby team

Group photograph of the St Ignatius College senior rugby team, Galway. In three rows, taken outdoors under the goalpost. Names are attached to one mounted photogrph. Two mounted photographs of the same scene include a Jesuit priest and another individual, one with the imprint of Clement J. Leaper, Nuns' Island, Galway.

St Ignatius' College, Galway, students at play

Black and white photographic album of boys at St Ignatius College, Galway. Includes brief index to the photographs at the front and rear, by way of number on reverse of photograph. Photographs include boys playing Gaelic football, hurling, swimming, physical education, playing in the snow, conker playing, group photographs, individual portraits and school sports day. Two loose photographs are in colour.

St Ignatius Parents’ Association

Copy letter from D. Nevin (St. Ignatius Parents’ Association (Reconstruction) to parents asking for contributions ‘towards defraying the very heavy cost of reconstruction of St Ignatius College, Galway’. Indicates how to contribute and explains the chance of getting a gift of £25 or £50 for every pound contributed.

St Ignatius’ College, Galway, group of several classes

Group of several classes from the school, arranged in 5 rows and taken outdoors with a statute of [St Aloysius Gonzaga] in the centre. (Accompanied by an incomplete handwritten note which identifies Gerald Keary and Fr Henry Foley SJ). Scribbled caption for Fr Henry Foley SJ.

The Connacht Tribune and The Connacht Sentinel

Newspaper clippings from the Connacht Tribune and the Connacht Sentinel relating to the Jesuits in Galway; the past pupil union and centenary ceremonies of St Ignatius Church and College in Galway; the building of an extension to Coláiste Iognáid.

The Connacht Sentinel, newspaper

The Elements of Euclid Explain’d

‘The Elements of Euclid Explain’d, in a new, but most easie method.’3rd Edition by Fr Claude Millet de Chales SJ, published in Oxford, 1700. Printed by L.L. for M. Gillyflower at the Spread-Eagle in Westminister–Hall and W. Freeman at the Bible over against the Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleet-Street, 1700.

With inscriptions, ‘1703 Dec 23 Mr Phil[bishop] E[x] lib Jno (John) Ellis’, stamp of ‘N Riordan’ and ‘Edwin Barton from his father’
Presented to Fr Fergal McGrath SJ by Frances Riordan, 23 St Clements Rd, Harrogate, England (March 1953).

Dechales, Claude François Milliet, 1621-1678, Jesuit priest and mathematician

The Ignatian

A school journal edited by the students of St Ignatius College SJ, Galway. Two copies for for Xmas 1903. Vol. 1, No. 1; Four copies for Easter, 1904. Vol. 1, No. ii. Contains news from the College, including sporting achievements, theatrical productions, academic prizes, debates, outings etc. Also includes a tongue in cheek ‘Letters to the Editor’, from students at St Ignatius College. Includes photographs of theatrical groups and sporting activities.

Coláiste Iognáid SJ, 1862-

'The Ignatian'

Photocopy of pages of the 'The Ignatian' 1929 - 30; 1979-80'; which contains an article by Fr Liam Greene SJ on the history of Coláiste Iognáid and sketches and photographs of the 'Jes' and the students of the school, circa 1910 - 1918.

Greene, Liam, 1942-2008, Jesuit priest

The use of intoxicating liquors

Note entitled ‘Customs of the Irish Province regarding the use of Intoxicating liquors to be brought to the notice of all at the beginning of each scholastic year’ which outlines the rules regarding consumption of alcohol at Coláiste Iognáid, Galway.

Typewritten newsletters entitled Scoil Iris and Scoil Iris II

Typewritten newsletters produced by pupils of Coláiste Iognáid, with the title ‘Scoil Iris’ and ‘Scoil Iris II’. Includes short pieces by members of the class, including Ivor Ó Fachtna, Liam Ó Dochartaigh on memories of the past year, class activities, sports and trip to Germany. Also contains poems, jokes and music reviews. In Irish.

Ó Fachtna, Ivor

Visiting priests at St Ignatius, Galway

Handwritten lined register of visiting priests to St Ignatius Church, Galway. Each entry has the following headings: date; name; address; position in diocese or religious institute. Includes an insert which forbids attendance by the clergy of plays in the 'Taibhdhearc', and by order of the Bishop Galway, ‘visiting priests refrain from smoking in public and from going bare headed in the streets of Galway, or on the promenade at Salthill’ (15 July 1957).

Whole school group of St Ignatius College, Galway

School group of St Ignatius College, Galway, 1911-1912, in five rows with Fr Henry Foley SJ, Fr John Egan SJ and Fr Andrew Macardle SJ, Rector, St Ignatius College, Galway. Taken outdoors by C.J. Leaper, Galway, with list of names

Leaper, C.J., photographer

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