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Non-Irish Jesuit material
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Copy of Browne’s Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to Arthur C.J. Cox

Copy of Browne’s Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to ‘Arthur C.J. Cox, B.A. Sch. R.U.I & U.C.D.; Fr. Delany Scholar; 1st class Exhibitioner Arts & Law Schools, N.U.I.; Gold silver & bronze medalist etc., etc.. Auditor L. & H. Society. Auditor Solrs. App. Debating Society. M.A.’ Includes:

  • photographs;
  • references to :Home Rule for Ireland and current affairs; various Jesuits especially Aubrey Gwynn SJ; his work and university career; books he is reading and works he has had published; his finances; the activities of the Literary and Society and the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ debating Society; notes on various debates and papers;
  • entrance ticket to ‘an Interdebate To be held between the Representatives of the Law Students’ Debating Society…and of the Literary and Historical Society’ (including Arthur Cox) on 6 February 1913 in the Library, University College, Dublin and report of the debate in cutting from the Freeman’s Journal;
  • memorial card of his Aunt Frances who died on 22 August 1913;
  • newspaper cuttings on his Inaugural Address on ‘The Lawyer in Literature’ at the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ Debating Society on 29 October (2 items);
  • cuttings on the death of his friend Thomas Arkins (29 Nov., 2 Dec., 4 items);
  • list of family birthdays and rough family tree.