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'A Diary or Jottings' by Fr James F. Murphy SJ

  • IE IJA J/15/1
  • Item
  • 25 December 1889 - 1 November 1892
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

'A Diary or Jottings, from day to day of events, especially 1 Nov. 1892 regarding the Society and, in particular, this (Irish) Province, which may prove interesting &, perhaps, even useful when The Writer shall be many years dead and gone.’ Found enclosed is a typed note (n.d., 2pp) by an unknown Jesuit (possibly Fr Fergal McGrath SJ, Irish Province Archivist 1975-1986) giving brief biographical details of Fr Murphy. Also comments on the contents of the diary, ‘Some interesting things recorded are: the initial history of all the houses of the province: the story of the setting up of Milltown as a Coll. Max.: the dispute with the Bishop of Meath (Dr Nulty) over faculties for fathers at Tullabeg: the biographies of various S.J.s (and, e.g., reference to W. Coyne, later father of Fr Eddie Coyne and to Charles Kennedy a benefactor of the province): the account of the great storm of 1890/1 and of the influenza epidemic which swept over Europe from Russia. Minutiae of the day-to-day life, customs, studies and so on, and the final account of the Provincial Congregation (June 1892) after Fr General’s (Anderledy) death are also of interest and some historical value.’ Enclosures includes extracts from diary kept in Tullabeg, 1856 (9pp).

Copy of Browne’s Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to Arthur C.J. Cox

Copy of Browne’s Whole Page Diary for 1913 belonging to ‘Arthur C.J. Cox, B.A. Sch. R.U.I & U.C.D.; Fr. Delany Scholar; 1st class Exhibitioner Arts & Law Schools, N.U.I.; Gold silver & bronze medalist etc., etc.. Auditor L. & H. Society. Auditor Solrs. App. Debating Society. M.A.’ Includes:

  • photographs;
  • references to :Home Rule for Ireland and current affairs; various Jesuits especially Aubrey Gwynn SJ; his work and university career; books he is reading and works he has had published; his finances; the activities of the Literary and Society and the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ debating Society; notes on various debates and papers;
  • entrance ticket to ‘an Interdebate To be held between the Representatives of the Law Students’ Debating Society…and of the Literary and Historical Society’ (including Arthur Cox) on 6 February 1913 in the Library, University College, Dublin and report of the debate in cutting from the Freeman’s Journal;
  • memorial card of his Aunt Frances who died on 22 August 1913;
  • newspaper cuttings on his Inaugural Address on ‘The Lawyer in Literature’ at the Solicitors’ Apprentices’ Debating Society on 29 October (2 items);
  • cuttings on the death of his friend Thomas Arkins (29 Nov., 2 Dec., 4 items);
  • list of family birthdays and rough family tree.

Diary of Fr William A Sutton SJ

  • IE IJA J/18/11
  • Item
  • 7 April 1895 - 6 May 1896; 16 December 1902
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Diary includes entry dated 16 December 1902, following his one of his periodic reading of past diaries, which reflects ‘It has been a great help to me to have hit upon a subject of writing and study which is interest(in)g & useful. I have written & studied much about Bacon being Shakespeare. This has done more good than anything in the way of cheering etc., but it is not everything. I can do much for religious truth through this subject too.…This is my seventh year here…(Milltown Park)…as Superior. Present Prov(incia)l has often told me I do excellent work here & that no one else would suit so well. Wonderful. I am not an atom conceited about it. I see well that any good in me or done by me is by God’s help & that my not having any conceit is sole way of continuing’