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County Sligo

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County Sligo

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Biographical information Fr John Ffrench SJ

  • IE IJA J/148/1
  • File
  • 6 February 1854 - 31 May 1878; 20 September 1983
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Biographical information Fr John Ffrench SJ which includes 'A few particulars relative to the Hon. and Rev. John Ffrench SJ', Dolllard, Printinghouse, Dublin (1887), 'Memoirs of Father Ffrench of the Society of Jesus', Manresa Press, Roehampton (1898) and copy of a letter from Fr Ffrench, St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, County Offaly to Mother Ursula Querk, Ursuline Convent, St Joseph's, Sligo concerning his nephew's accident and his cure due to the intercession of (6 February 1854, 4pp), with note from Sr. M. St. Dominic, Ursuline Convent, St Joseph's, Sligo (20 September 1983).

Letters addressed to Michael F. Cox

File of handwritten and typescript letters addressed to Michael F. Cox (father of Arthur Cox) from the following individuals:

  • Dr Thomas Hayden, 30, Harcourt Street, and 18, Merrion Square North, Dublin (6 items, 1873-1877);
  • D Robert Cryan, 54, Rutland Square, West, Dublin (8 September 1876);
  • Sr Ignatius Keenan, Convent of Our Lady, St Catherine’s, Baggot Street, Dublin (1 September 1876);
  • Dr Bartholomew Woodlock, Catholic University of Ireland, 86, St. Stephens Green, Dublin (22 September 1876);;
  • Bishop Laurence Gillooly, Diocese of Elphin, Sligo (6 July 1877);

Letters of thanks, ‘I beg to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of copy of your inaugural address to the Literary and Historical Society…’ (11 January 1873), of application, ‘In reference to your letter of application for a Demonstratorship in the School of Medicine…’ (16 September 1875) and of impending vacancies to which Michael Cox is deemed suitable ‘Would you think of going in for a provincial appointment? The Workhouse Dispensary in Longford is vacant… (22 September 1876) make up the bulk of the correspondence.

Cox, Michael Francis, 1852-1926, physician

Letters from Fr Patrick Duffy SJ to Sr Mary Gabriel, Carmelite Convent, Firhouse, Tallaght, Dublin

  • IE IJA J/130/2
  • File
  • 3 May 1879 - 15 August 1897
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

A file of letters from Fr Patrick Duffy SJ to his sister Sr Mary Gabriel, Carmelite Convent, Firhouse, Tallaght, Dublin concerning his life and work as a priest in Australia and elsewhere. The vast majority of the letters (over 50) are written from Australia describing in detail his work and life in this mission. Includes letters discussing his health, his sister's health, family matters, retreats and missions he gave in Australia and masses and prayers offered for the convent and community at Firhouse. Includes a letter from Fr Duffy, Ursuline Convent, St Joseph's, Sligo to Sr Mary Gabriel. Remarks 'Now that you and I are alone left of all we must, from this on, take on more than ever special interest in each other.' (6 August 1888, 4pp). Includes a letter informing his sister of his departure for Australia. Remarks 'Say God's will be done for it is the will of God. Don't fret about me, for before very long you and I will meet in a happy eternity.' (15 August 1888, 4pp). Includes a letter concerning his sister's health and the loss of sight in one of her eyes. Encourages her not to read if she finds it a strain. Refers to the noviceship in her convent. Remarks 'Put away those gloomy thoughts about the noviceship. There is nothing wrong in your convent. Just let us keep on praying and trusting and leave the future to God.' (22 August 1891, 4pp). Includes a letter concerning his move from North Shore to Hawthorn. Remarks that he has more work to do in Hawthorn and that it is 'more pressing'. Remarks 'As I write the weather is harsh and we have much sickness - the influenza - and many deaths.' (7 October 1891, 4pp). Includes a letter referring to the death of Fr General (Fr Anderledy SJ) at Fiesole. Remarks 'He and I were fellow students in the Roman College of the Society, some 44 years ago! He was about my age. A warning to look out!' Refers to his change of address and remarks that he will be working at Kew, Melbourne. (letter dated 4 December 1891, 4pp, section dated 20 January 1892). Includes a letter written from New Zealand where he was conducting retreats. Remarks 'I am in my element.' Continues 'I like New Zealand very much a fine country and climate - greatly superior to Australia. Every one is kind to me and I get on well. Wellington is a nice clean city with a fine harbour and a brisk trade.' Describes a journey to Reefton to give a retreat to the Mercy nuns. Remarks that he made the journey on top of a stage coach 'Pretty smart going! Through the bush and over the mountains! Five horses to the coach and galloping all the time for nearly 4 days! What say you to that? But young men like me don't mind these things.' (this section dated 8 January 1893) (29 December 1892, 4pp). Includes a letter referring to his duties at St. Francis Xavier's College in Kew. Remarks that he is in charge of the Sodality of the B V Mary 'Tis from the sodalities in our colleges that the noviceship is recruited.' (7 February 1892, 4pp). Includes a letter describing a visit he made to one of the Melbourne hospitals to see an old friend, Edward Grennan, '…Irish and Catholic a native of Mountrath, Queen's county. He had been in the army - a cavalry regiment - Lord Cardigan's Light Brigade - had ridden in the famous charge - 25 October 1854. He is now the remnant of a well looking man - was then a youth of 20. Well we fraternized of course - he and I old Crimean-and fellow-soldiers. We chatted of the war, and of the Charge of the Light Brigade, his brigade in particular. Step by step we got along until I stood with him and his companions 600 strong - in thought and imagination - at the end of the valley - at the other end of which was the Russian Battery of some 10 or 12 pairs of canon.' Describes how the order was given to seize the guns. Continues 'Without a moments hesitation, the 600 are in their saddles and away they go…Oh! My poor fellows, my poor brave fellows! Over 600 they commence their ride to return later on all that was left of them about 200 men! Half an hour did the whole business.' (21 November 1896, 4pp).

Notes on Dominic Kirwan SJ

Biographical notes on Fr Dominic Kirwan SJ compiled by Fr Fergal McGrath SJ. Includes extract from 'Les Monasteres d’Ursulines sous l’Ancien Régime, 1612 – 1788' by M.M. de Chantal Gueudré, O.S.M. (Paris, 1960) with reference to Fr Kirwan (Quiravan) (2pp).

McGrath, Fergal P, 1895-1988, Jesuit priest

Photographic album of St Mary’s, Emo, County Laois by Fr Frank Browne SJ

Photographs are pasted into the album and relate to the following subjects: the interior and exterior of the St Mary's, Emo, gardens, farm, lake, the winter landscape, trees, Jesuit alterations to the house, individuals playing golf and men seated on a wall. Includes group photograph of six Jesuits in the garden, Cormac Gallagher, -,-, Alan Mowbray, Dermot Murray,-. Seven photographs were loose therefore these are stored in mylar sleeves. The photographs have captions by Fr Frank Browne on the reverse. These include:

  • A philosopher of the by road - Study by "F"
  • It did not ring! - For the first time in 70 years this bell did not call the people to Mass last Sunday. When lighting struck the Church of the Sacred Heart, Courtwood, near Ballybrittas, Leix, on Saturday morning it demolished the bell tower. Falling debris seriously damaged the roof of the n. aisle.
  • 3rd Centenary of the "Annals of the Four Masters" ‘Moygara Caste, Co Roscommon [Gurteen, County Sligo]

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain