Fonds KENN - Charles Kennedy, 151 Capel Street and 17 Mountjoy Square, Dublin

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Charles Kennedy, 151 Capel Street and 17 Mountjoy Square, Dublin


  • 1871-1901 (Creadigaeth)

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5 boxes

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Charles Kennedy leased the vault space under St Francis Xavier Church, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, for a period of fifty years.


Found in the basement of St Francis Xavier Church, Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, October 2009.

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Material relates to the life and work of Charles Kennedy and to a lesser extent, James Kennedy. Includes large amount of correspondence and receipts.
Material related to Jervis Street Hospital. Includes correspondence, report wills, plans, fundraising committee meetings. 1876 – 1902.
Wills, land details on property on Capel Street, Mountjoy Square; correspondence between Charles Kennedy and business associates, friends and relations including Chief Baron Christopher Palles.
Wills and receipts related to Laurence, Richard and James Devereux, Distillers, Wexford Distillery, Kilkenny and land in Wexford. 1875-1884.
Receipts including from the Royal Yacht Club, the Smithwicks in Kilkenny.

Material relates to nephew of Charles Kennedy, Charles Doyle (sister of Lizzie and Rosetta Doyle). Charles Doyle appears to be a serial conman (at one stage changes his name to Edward Gerard) and Charles Kennedy corresponds with fellow family members in Ireland and abroad, priests in the UK and Citeaux, France and reformatories about Charles Doyle’s criminal behaviour and imprisonment in Austria, the U. S. and France.

Correspondence between Rosetta Doyle, Youghal, Fermoy, Killarney and Taunton, Somerset and her uncle, Charles Kennedy, 151 Capel Street and 17 Mountjoy Square.

Correspondence between Lizzie Doyle, Youghal, Cork and her uncle, Charles Kennedy, 151 Capel Street and 17 Mountjoy Square. Relates to her time as a student at the Loreto convent, Youghal and issues such as family matters, school fees.

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Material was catalogued in 2006.

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