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County Waterford

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County Waterford

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Fr James A. Cullen’s “Exeat” - leave from the diocese

A file relating to Fr James A. Cullen’s “Exeat”. Includes a letter from Fr Cullen, Tramore, County Waterford to Rev James Tuite SJ, Irish Provincial, Milltown Park, Dublin. Remarks ‘I enclose my “Exeat” which Doctor Warren...sent me this week with seal and signature...It severs the last link which officially bound me to a diocese...’ (24 July 1881, 4pp). Includes Fr Cullen’s “Exeat”.

Fr Michael McGrath SJ

Irish manuscripts
Material relating to the lives of saints and scholars
Material relating to the Life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Lecture notes and articles
Miscellaneous prose

McGrath, Michael P, 1872-1946, Jesuit priest and Irish language scholar

Glass plate negatives taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ

Glass plate negatives taken by Fr Frank Browne SJ which includes:
Mungret College Third Club, 1925;
Mungret College Third Club snaps - Official’s excursion 1925 - 12 negatives;
Mungret College hurling team, 1925;
Luke Wadding, June 1925;
Lismore Castle, July 1925;
Interior of St Mary’s Church, Youghal, Cork, July 1925;
Philosophers at Mungret College, July 1925;
Tomb in St Mary’s Church, Youghal, Cork, taken under the impression that it was of the Countess of Desmond.
Retreat group taken about 9 August 1925 (Mungret?);
Lady Emly (deathbed), September 1925;
Celtic cross (numbered 90);

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Irish mission office material on Fr Thomas FitzGerald SJ

  • IE IJA J/149/2
  • File
  • 28 September 1954 - 1967 (-1970)
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

File of Irish mission office material relating to Fr Thomas FitzGerald SJ. Includes passport photographs; announcement of death; personal record; correspondence between Miss Eva Fitzgerald, Patient, Waterford County and City Infirmary, Waterford (sister of Fr Thomas) and Fr Provincial regarding her application for assistance from the Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association; and correspondence between Fr Fitzgerald and Fr Thomas J. Martin SJ, Mission Office, Dublin.

Letters from Fr Francis Browne SJ to the Irish Provincial on various matters

  • IE IJA J/7/10
  • File
  • 24 July 1942-14 July 1947
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters from Fr Francis Browne SJ, many written from St Mary’s, Emo, Portarlington, County Laois, to the Irish Provincial on various matters (mostly seeking permission to travel to different locations for the purposes of giving retreats, lectures, visiting friends and family), including his health and his photographic work. Includes letters:
– referring to his securing photos of ‘the ruins on Inniscaltra in Lough Derg…(and)…Castletown at Celbridge’ (29 June 1944, 2pp);
– referring to his eldest sister, Mother Josephine in the Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, County Dublin (17 and 20 September 1944, 2 items);
– concerning his travelling expenses (28 October and 2 November 1944, 2 items);
– his making ‘a set of photographs in Curraghmore House … because I am collecting a set of Georgian Houses & Curraghmore was on the list given me by the Georgian Society’ (9 April 1945, 3pp);
– regarding his ‘camera work’. ‘As you know, I am supplying a series of pictures of “Historic Mansions” each month to ‘Irish Tatler & Sketch’. The first of the series were photos of Shelton Abbey for which the present Lord Wicklow gave his very willing approval…he proposes utilising c as a kind of Hotel or “Country Club” He asked me whether it would be possible for me to go there again to take further photos before the necessary alterations are made’ (8 April 1947, 3pp);
– stating ‘…the editor of ‘Tatler & Sketch’ is pressing me for a further series of “Historic Mansions” to be published in the Autumn. Apparently he found that the first series – Jan. to May – was very popular. Would you permit me to do some journeys for this purpose & to debit them to a “Villa” account: not, as usual, to my Camera account?’ (23 June 1947, 3pp) and
– stating ‘I enclose a list of places I wish to photograph for my next series of “Historic Mansions” – which is due to begin in October. The last set – January – May, brought me £25, & the next will be even more profitable, because the Editor told me that he is so satisfied with the results, that he will print more pictures of each house in the next series’ (14 July 1947, 2pp).

Browne, Francis M, 1880-1960, Jesuit priest, photographer and chaplain

Letters from Mr T. Cain and from Michael Harteny

  • IE IJA J/2/96
  • File
  • 26 October 1945 - 21 March 1946
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Letters from Mr T. Cain, Headmaster, Coleridge Street School, Hove, England (26 October 1945) and from Michael Harteny (Sergeant), Kilnagrange, Kilmacthomas, County Waterford (12 November 1945) and on behalf of Christopher Flynn, Delgany, County Wicklow (21 March 1946) to Fr Charles Doyle SJ and Professor Alfred O'Rahilly concerning their recollections of the date of death of Fr Willie Doyle SJ.

Cain, T

Material concerning the Jesuits in Waterford in the seventeenth century

Documents concerning the Jesuits in Waterford in the seventeenth century. Includes:

  • notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 73pp);
  • ‘Jesuits resident in Waterford 1660 - 1798’ notes by Fr John MacErlean SJ (n.d., 12pp);
  • typescript entitled 'Jesuits acting as Parish Priests in Waterford' (n.d., 1p.);
  • typescript article entitled 'The Jesuits in Waterford' by Fr Francis Finegan SJ. With handwritten corrections and annotations (n.d., 27pp);
  • copies of 'The Catholic Record of Waterford and Lismore', containing an article in three parts entitled 'St Patrick’s Church and Parish', by Rev. P[ower]. Patrick, M.R.I.A. (June, August, October 1916, 3 items);
  • photocopy of an article, 'St Patrick’s Church, Waterford 1750 - 1984', from 'The Pioneer' (February 1985, 2pp);
  • material relating to Jesuit records of St Peter’s Church (1646 - 1650, 8 items).
  • photocopy of an article, 'Recent Archaeological Excavations in Waterford City', by Maurice Hurley, ‘annotated with numbers to accompany photographs by M. Brennan SJ’ with references to St Peter’s Church ([post 1987], 5pp);
  • black and white prints of the excavations at St Peter’s Church, taken by the archaeologists (n.d., 3 items), colour photographs of the excavations taken by Fr Martin Brennan SJ (7 items) and their negatives (8 frames);
  • photocopies of documents (some of whose originals are also in the Irish Jesuit Archives) [sent to/by? Fr Martin Brennan SJ in 1988]: 'Spicilegium Ossoriense: Being a Collection of Original Letters and Papers Illustrative of the History of the Irish Church from the reformation to the year 1800', by Right. Rev. Patrick Francis Moran, DD, Bishop of Ossory (original in the Jesuit Library, Milltown Park) (1878, 9pp);
  • transcript dated c29 Dec 1646, beginning ‘sanctissimus D. N. Paulus felicis recordationis Papa Quintus per literas…’ (6pp);
  • photocopy of a Fr John MacErlean transcript SJ ‘Patres Missionis Hiberniae Innocentio Papae X’ (1646/7, 2pp);
  • ‘Pro Patribus S.J. Waterfordia’ (29 December 1646, 2pp);
  • ‘24 Junii 1649 Parisiis P. Mercure Verdiere to Fr General Vincent Caraffa’ (3pp);
  • ‘Catalogus Tertius Missionis Hibernicae Anno 1650’ (1p) and ‘P. Gulielmus Malonius P. Francisco Piccolomineo Waterfordia 31 Augusti 1650’ (3pp);
  • notes from Rev. Prof. Patrick Power to Fr John MacErlean SJ, on Waterford Jesuits, made in the course of Prof. Power’s research for a history of the Waterford diocese (20 May 1935 - 7 December 1947, 31pp) and
  • article by Fr Michael G Olden in the 'Furrow' entitled 'A diocese remembers: A tribute to the Jesuits' (November 1991).

MacErlean, John C, 1870-1950, Jesuit priest, historian and archivist

Material relating to Fr Piaras de Hindeberg SJ

  • IE IJA J/183/1
  • File
  • 4 July 1930 - 23 August 1980
  • Part of Irish Jesuits

Material relating to Fr Piaras de Hindeberg SJ including admission details, catalogue entry, correspondence with Irish Fr Provincial, death certificate and mortuary card,

Notes on the history of the Jesuits in Galway

Typed notes on the history of the Jesuits in Galway by [Fr Paddy O'Kelly SJ]. Includes reference to books in Waterford and Carlow College which belonged to the Jesuit residences of Galway, New Ross and Dublin and book on the Jesuit residence at Athlone in Galway. Note by Rupert Coyle SJ (17 January 1964); list of priests educated at St Ignatius College, Galway; list of furnishings of St Ignatius Church.

Coyle, Rupert F H, 1896-1978, Jesuit priest

Photographs of Fr Timothy Corcoran's family

Photographs of Fr Timothy Corcoran's family, mainly of the carte de visite type

  • Fr Rody Kennedy [1870]-[1900];
  • Fr J Meagher [Meelary] by Millard & Robinson, 39 Sackville Street Lower, Dublin, [1864]-[1887];
  • Unidentified woman by W.B Samuel, Samuel's Studio, 30 Westmoreland Street, Dublin, [1875]-[1888];
  • Mary Dwan, Lisnagonoge, Holycross, Thurles, County Tipperary by J. Pender, 5 & 6, Little George Street, Waterford, 10 August 1866;
  • Alice Mac[Namara] (Alice Dwan), Westgate, Thurles, County Tipperary, c.[1870]-[1887];
  • Unidentified woman by H. Hunter, 61 South Mall and 102 Patrick Street, Cork, c.[1860]-[1869];
  • Winifred Corcoran, aged 17-18 when photo taken on 19 September 1867. She died 1 September 1870 at Honeymount, County Tipperary. By James Simonton, 70 Grafton Street, Dublin;
  • [Honeymount House], County Tipperary c.[1870]-[1900];
  • Mary A [Tempance] by Mrs Slator Photographic Artist, [13 Harbour Row, Queenstown, Cork, c.1871];
  • Unidentified woman [Egan], by G. Elliott, Photographer, Sopwell, Shinrone, [County Offaly], c.[1870]-[1900];
  • Unidentified woman by E. & J. Lauder photographic studio, 22 Westmoreland Street, Dublin, c.[1870]-[1900];
  • Miss C. E. Evans, by Peter Collins, artist and photographer, Kilkee and Clonmel, c.[1870]-[1900];
  • cabinet photograph of unidentified woman by Studio of A. L. Lehnkering, 208 East Main Street, Rocherster, New York, c.[1889].