Eitem 9 - ‘Account of the preservation & actual state of the Society of Jesus in the Russian dominion’

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‘Account of the preservation & actual state of the Society of Jesus in the Russian dominion’


  • c.1815 (Creadigaeth)

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(26 February 1789-12 March 1835)

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Born: 26 February 1789, Scotland
Entered: 07 September 1810, Hodder, Stonyhurst, England (ANG)
Ordained; 1820
Died 12 March 1835, Aberdeen, Scotland

J 707 - change to ADMN/7

Left 1830

in Clongowes 1817;
in Friburg Switzerland 1826

Fr Edmund Hogan SJ “Catalogica Chronologica” :
Father Murphy says that at the age of 10, he entered the Scotch College at Ratisbonne, at 16 he went to Stonyhurst. His inscription is “Carolus Fraser, Miss : Ap : in Planis Scotiae ob : Aberd. xii Mar 1835, aet xlvii”. (cf FD Murphy’s “Collections”

He belonged to HIB and was very much esteemed by all his brethren in Ireland.
He was a Professor and Prefect at Clongowes and a most distinguished Preacher, as well as the author of a History of the Suppression, which is in the Milltown Park Archives.

Although he left the Society, he kept up a correspondence with the Irish Jesuits.
Loose leaf note in CatChrn : Entitled “Left Stonyhurst for Castle Brown” :

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‘Account of the preservation & actual state of the Society of Jesus in the Russian dominion’ from 1772 to 1780. ‘In Fr. Cha(rle)s Frazer’s Writing.’ With note on front [in Fr John Grene’s handwriting (Province Archivist, late nineteenth century)], ‘Fr Plowden Aug 3 1815 in a letter to Fr Peter Kenney SJ ask(ed) for the German title of a work on the Russian Society, translated into English by Mr. Fraser (sic).’ In four sections.

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